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October 6, 2018

Hi there.  We awoke to some snow this morning–not the first time this year.  I wondered why Freya didn’t opt to go outside last night; she must have known it was coming.


It’s been very chilly and gray up here for the most part.  My cabin work is done (smiling big-time), and Gruper’s nearly got all of his chores done.  This will likely be my last blog entry for the season–unless I do a “welcome home” entry of family and friends–so I’d better make it a good one, eh?

Bob, Steve and Terry


joined us a couple of weeks ago.  These nice guys come up and truly enjoy themselves in God’s country.  We were treated to one of His promises one morning!


What a great way to start a day!

The guys enjoy angling and sight-seeing.  They found an eagle hanging out on a rock


They enjoyed the early fall contrasts


I spy a marker buoy in this shot–do you?


These guys arrived after the docks had been conjoined


It didn’t slow them down one bit!  Check out this batch of crappie:


Beautiful!  Of course Terry worked his magic out on the lake!  He released several Big Fish in the spring and didn’t disappoint in the fall!

Nice!  Thanks for sharing this sunset as well:)

Our friend Ryan returned for a fall visit.  He caught a few nice sunsets himself:

I suppose what amazes me most is that it can be SO gray all day, then the sky clears and we get beautiful sunsets most evenings???  Ryan caught one of the (rare) morning-sun-across-the-lake shots

They really are that brilliant when they occur.  Beautiful!

Ryan was able to hunt grouse with Gruper several times during his stay.  He took a couple of “where’s Waldo” shots just for the blog!



He stumbled upon a moose track (they need to start being careful…)


I searched these pics for hidden grouse and decided they were of the nice colors on our driveway and the pipeline (although we have some FAT grouse along the driveway who know they are safe):


Thanks, Ryan!  See you again soon:)

OK…remember when Addison and Tricia created a time capsule back in August?


Well, I knew that Brayton was visiting the following week and decided he was just the guy to search for and add to the capsule:

Thanks, Jeff and Jenn, for helping!  I have just the right little one in mind for early next year.  Adorable!

Speaking of adorable, Brett shared this pic of him and his sister Adrienne during their first trip to Tall Pines Camp!  I believe he said it was the mid-70’s:


Brian and his son Alex were here in August as well.  They contributed a couple of nice photos:

I love this deer in the grass…


Jeff and Sue each released a great walleye this season.  However, I don’t think I told you about Sue’s other accomplishment:  she caught her first smallie:


I don’t think I shared Mike’s nice fish from when I was out in Colorado(?)


Who is that masked man?  He caught a good sunset too:


Mark (the perchman) got a tremendous 500+ lb. bear in Wisconsin this year!


But nothing top’s Dennis’s 49″er that he used to mess with me big-time…”kept it”;)



I need to get serious with you all for a minute.  Today our sister-in-law Connie is being laid to rest in Iowa. I love this photo of her!  Their whole family was in Hawaii, one of Connie’s goals/dreams.


It is tough being up here but our family understands that we have a lot going on up here right now.  Also, our niece Anna who had her twin girls last Friday is in the ICU in Florida right now with pulmonary embolisms bilaterally.  Please, please pray for her to recover fully and get home to her husband Benny and their four babies.

Thank you for listening and for your prayers.  God bless you.

24 Years

October 1, 2018

Yes, that’s how long we’ve been married as of today:)  Happy Anniversary to us!


It certainly doesn’t feel like October around here; it feels like December!  We’ve been cold and windy for days.  The sun hasn’t shone much either:(  Today it is calm enough for Gruper to get the docks moved.  It looks like it’s going well.  I am sitting in the warmth of Frey’s room as I blog.  We’ve had a couple of hard frosts–making the dock ramp an interesting venture–and several brief episodes of flurries.  Iowa is looking and sounding pretty darned good to me these days.  I did manage to catch the sun shining very brightly on the trees a couple of days ago:


I know it’s cloudy–which is how it ended up the rest of the day–but the rising sun was behind me and hitting the trees perfectly!  I also stumbled across some shaggy manes,


some toad stools,


and this…


We received word a few days ago that Brad D. passed away during heart surgery.  Brad, Mary, Wes and Nancy found us in 2017.  They returned this year with three newbies.  Poor Mary’s appendix attacked her near the end of their week, and she barely made it home in time for surgery.  We want her to know that she and their family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our family had an emotionally-charged Friday.  Our sister-in-law Connie passed away after more than a month in the hospital.  She had been battling interstitial lung disease for years.  She lost our biggest brother Dan in April of 2017, and her health had been questionable ever since.  Please keep our nephew, nieces and three great-nieces in your prayers.  Connie was such a huge part of their lives.

On the same day, niece Anna in Florida had her second set of twins!  Elizabeth and Chloe join brother twins Joshua and Michael (age 2 1/2).  The babies and Mama are doing great!  Saint Benny will have his hands full for a bit but he’s up to the challenge!

Obviously things have slowed down considerably ’round here.  We had two cabins of anglers last week, one of which was also grouse hunting.  Most of the cabins are closed up and ready for spring already (this weather makes it easier for me to do indoor activities).  Joe and Bill had no problem getting their walleye limits, so they spent quite a bit of time looking for grouse.  Mike and Scott were their usual (very) laid back selves.  These guys just completely enjoy their time here.  They fish, they roadtrip, they go out for dinner, etc.  Scott got a kick out of this whitefish:


The grouse did not find it a bit funny…


Frank and the guys were here a few weeks back.  They are fall regulars and know what they’re doing.  Mike caught that beautiful northern I posted and  Tim released an incredibly healthy walleye as well!


Tim 26 A

Looks like Frank caught a good one, too!


As I combed through their photos, I saw many I entitled “should I get the net?”


or “yes, get the net!”


Good netting 101:


Maybe if we sneak up on them we’ll catch more (think about it):


Hey, there’s Bob!


These guys fish hard, regardless of weather.  They choose the nicer days for a huge Frank tradition:  shore lunch!  They have this down to a science as well:


There are always a few moochers just in case…


Check out this eagle.  It posed for them!  I think it looks like a totem pole:



Glitter fishing!


These guys don’t spend much time in the cabin, but when they do it’s having fun or catching sunsets!










Love this red one!




I didn’t get to Bob/Terry/Steve’s pics as well as some random ones from e-mails.  That guarantees at least one more entry this season!