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August Adventures

August 25, 2019

While I transitioned into life back in the states, Tall Pines guests were crushing it on the Wabaskang this week. Water temps are dropping- now between 66-68 degrees. The weather has been comfortable- hovering around 70ish. The walleye were biting solid this week! Cabins 3 and 5 did really well with walleye and perch. The signs of a fall bite are there, so Ryan is getting pumped!

Colton and Andrea, Tall Pines veterans were nailing over 30 walleye a day consistently.

Chrissy sent in a few pics- here’s Jim’s 33″ northern:

Cabin 3 walleyes one day:

A basket full of sunshine:

Ryan had his first attempt the blueberry picking duties this week. Not too bad…

The previous week’s Sharon was generous enough to take a group last week. She was a two-weeker, and brought canning supplies to camp. She made 42 pints of jam on a picnic table with a hotplate:

Some pics that came in the last month:

Gabe sent this one of a 23″ walleye he caught and released last week:

And here Brayton posed with his first fish caught in Canada (we hope his first of many more to come). Love that grin:

Those that were at camp this year undoubtedly saw numerous ducks around our shoreline. The little babies have grown (and as Ryan is quick to observe there are a few missing):

Another gorgeous reflection sunset, sent by Wayne:

I attempted at what was a great idea- I thought- but probably started drinking wine too early- that darn “2” just would not cooperate:

Thanks again Dad for helping clean up this beach area; many adults and kids alike have enjoyed this thanks to you.

Carlson family-time on a rainy afternoon (and getting good use out of our new hand-crafted coffee tables):

Does our niece realize how stinkin adorable she is:

And these fine women didn’t know if they’d like “roughin it” but look at those smiles:

Ryan’s Dad and brother having a moment:

Earl, in Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the Week, breaking it down for nephew Kyle:

Jason, one of Ryan’s fishing buddies from back home, in his element:

Wayne captured this week’s featured sunset on the evening of August 8th, which had been a very windy day:

In my moment of reflection here, I just can’t help but be amazed at what a small world it can be. Just the other night, I had a fantastic conversation with someone coming up the Red Lake Road for years, but finally decided to call Tall Pines, and turns out he farms in a small nearby town of where Ryan used to help farm with his buddies. Today, I just got a booking from someone who works with one of Ryan’s college roommates, but didn’t know that before finding us. My former (and favorite) principal I’ve worked for in my 20 years, who has been retired for a few years now, heard about our venture and booked for next year. I can’t wait to see what other connections we find because of Tall Pines. God Bless everyone.

The fish are calling, and I must go…

August 18, 2019

This week’s blog is short and sweet. Camp was busy, Earl and Patsy celebrated their anniversary, Bridget said good-bye (for now), and fishing has continued to hold strong.

Cameron killed it with these walleye he caught:

Our thoughts go out to Jim, one of our guests this week, who had a sudden illness and had to cut his trip short. We heard he’s doing well, but will continue prayers. Thanks Tom and Don for being such troopers.

A few pics from earlier in the summer that may not have made it to the blog page yet:

John’s 25.5″ walleye:

I hope everyone can be as happy as Skip is here:

Some Stobb beauties:

I can relate to the rest of you now when you say the pics are hard to look at right after you leave cause you wish you were still there. Here, Ryan takes a sunset pic solo, right after I left.

It’s never too late to send pictures/video of your trip. And, it’s back to school time. Wishing all the Tall Pines kiddos a good school year- maybe if you get to pick a topic for some project, you’ll choose Tall Pines- and if you do, share it with us. Let’s keep those memories alive!

Heat Wave hits the Wabby

August 11, 2019

Saturday and Sunday brought the hottest days of the year up here in these parts. Ryan and I had chuckled over talk of the humidity back home, and this was our payback- 86 feeling like in the 90s isn’t what Earl and Patsy are used to; luckily a cold front came in on Monday to give some relief and stir up those fish. Windy conditions most of the week created some challenges for getting into the big lake, but still plenty of fishable spots to tuck up in. Walleye fishermen were pretty pleased this week as one regular guest said this has been their best year fishing for walleye. The fish cleaning house was busy with lots of eater walleye, northern, and perch being brought back. We have still been on the summer bite, but the transition is starting with those cooler nights. Can I just say, the best sleeping weather…

Beginner’s luck? This is Jenny’s first time on the Wabaskang and she caught this 25.5 inch walleye!    Caught in first 15 minutes of fishing! Congrats Jenny.

I wasn’t Jenny lucky, but was quite content reeling in this healthy eater size that made quite the dinner that evening:

Laura also did quite well catching a 31″ northern (her personal biggest fish ever). Love that the ladies were representing this week:

The Instagram pic of the week was Ryan’s 27″ walleye; he loves sharing fish stories with guests, so ask him about this one next time you’re up:

Ryan has a special relationship with fish; here a private moment saying good-bye to his walleye friend:

Clayton and Scott enjoyed bringing this nice stringer of pike:

As I returned from a minnow run one morning, I had to stop and just appreciate how Ryan and Earl take pride in making the entrance to Tall Pines Camp so inviting and clean looking. We always welcome those in the area or driving through to pop in to meet us and see what we’re about:

Camp life had a nice rhythm to it this week- I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed the group of women this week! From some deep conversations while blueberry picking, to yoga on the dock with an encore session later in the week, self-care sessions, and one of the best potluck spreads we’ve had all summer, thank you girls!

The Johnson family, another group of Midwest farmers, was such a pleasure to have with us. Kiddos Brayton and Bentley had fun changing Bigfoot’s outfits:

Thanks Brandy for this fun gift!

And here is Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the week (Bridget’s version of “dock duty”):

This week has me full of emotion as it was my last full week at camp. It was a glorious way to wrap up for me, embracing all the nature and time with guests as well as my hubby. Ryan and I were able to celebrate our 17th year wedding anniversary. Here, Earl and Patsy showered us with this adorable moose and bottle opener. Where to put them…

We celebrated on the Wabby. We used to do this same celebration on Green Lake, Kankakee River, or wherever we were camping for our anniversary, so it is a nice tradition to continue, just in another country now 🙂

Lastly, last week’s guests sent some great fodder:

A recent guest Mike was thinking of Tall Pines while he golfed:

Brent caught and released this phenomenal northern:

Tricia was determined to catch a northern:

And Addison reeled in this 12″ jumbo perch:

The girls who met last year were reunited – time capsule still there, and matching clogs to keep in tradition:

And Karen’s family got some incredible wildlife pics:

I know what you must be thinking, but this is not fake- this is actually real. Sigh…

Though my summer here at Tall Pines is coming to a close, there is still much fishing and hunting to be had this season- any guest that comes back a second time this season will enjoy 25% off! Inquire on some last-minute openings at Take care everyone!

August- here we go!

August 4, 2019

Well Week 11 was a fantastic wrap up to July. We had a great mix of newbies and those that have been coming for years. Guests got along great, birthdays young and not-so-young were celebrated, and all the kids became fast friends. Water temps are in the mid-70’s; with cooler temps early in the week and warmer temps later in the week, those that adjusted fishing tactics were more successful. We had gorgeous calm evenings and mornings most days.

Some nice fish pics from this fine group. Here Jim’s smallie:

And Mark with another smallie and nice walleye he released:

Bruce, whose been coming up to Tall Pines for years and has fished the Wabaskang since he was a kid, caught this beauty of a walleye:

And this pic of Bruce’s would have been the best pic of the week if it wasn’t for the hat 🙂

Trooper KT reels in this nice walleye in extreme weather for July:

Camp was full of activity this week. The kayaks were in the water within the first hour of check-ins on Saturday. Brennan and Aiden started a game of wiffle-ball a couple afternoons that other campers joined in on

I love how Fred and Bonnie brought lawn chairs to cheer everyone on!

A nice turnout for campfire-n-marshmellows night:

We changed things up this week with grilling burgers-n-dogs for potluck; thanks to Steve Meyers for help manning the grills:

Shorelunch islands are great for picnics too; we got out a few times this week- here we lunched at Keynote on the perfect weather day:

KT and Austin did private watercolor and acrylic art classes with local artist Helen from Broadberry Divisions- their talents were impressive (happy birthday to KT’s mom):

We took multiple blueberry picking trips, and it was wonderful having Andrea back this week to lead caravans as she is the blueberry picking queen!

Tricia and Addison used their creativity to design and set up a scavenger hunt/amazing race type treasure hunt for the kiddos. So far the Carlson kids have the shortest time of 9min. and 15 seconds. We celebrated with ice-cream afterwards!

The Carlsons, a great addition to our Tall Pines Family, appreciated all the little things up here like this view they shared with us:

A special thank you to the Moser and Meyers families for their kindness in leaving so many goodies for us (we’ll be eating good all week!)

And some more pics from last week:

And lovin all our fishermen and women of the next generation:

Here, Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the week with our nephew Sam:

Usually I’ve been wrapping up with a sunset pic, but this week decided to do an early morning pic- nature at its best:

Until next time…