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Friends and Family Week

July 28, 2019

Week 10 was a rare opportunity where Tall Pines Camp was full of entirely our friends and family from back home. Though exhausted like never before, it has been a tremendously fulfilling week. The thing is, we used to spend our entire summers with these guys. So we tried to cram an entire summer’s worth of activities, laughs, and of course fishing into one week. Kids ran around until late in the night with flashlights catching frogs and playing hide and seek while adults played bean bags until the last touch of sunset disappeared into the darkness. The guys drank beer and whiskey while telling priceless fish and life stories in the fish cleaning house.

This group was up for doing it all: Smores, ice-cream, fish fries, bean bags, cards, byomeat nights, kayaking and swimming, blueberry picking, hanging with Earl, and lounging in the hammock filled the gaps where we weren’t fishing.

Earl has become officially part of the Taylor clan. He fit right in and was immediately embraced by all of us. From helping Dad into the boat, to his patience with Max and Sam as they were SUPER excited for their perch loot to fillet, golf cart rides when he had a minute, and everything in between, Earl’s mastery of his craft allowed Ryan and me to also enjoy moments this week .

Here Earl and “Uncle Opie” give educational entertainment to some of the nieces and nephews on fish filleting:

It will take months to sort through all the pics taken from this week, but here’s just a few:

Some of the fish caught this week:

Perfect weather for yoga on the dock:

Fish fries replaced traditional potluck a couple afternoons:

This is Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the Week (he says this is what Ryan looks like in the morning):

The nieces and nephews exploring islands, our shoreline, and enjoying boat rides:

We unintentionally had a serenity type dock and a more lively dock this week:

Everyone is exhausted as they pack up (as well as us) but the memories of times spent together are so worth it. I get now why so many families that have moved away from each other choose Tall Pines as a place to re-connect, a reunion of sorts. Whether blood related or not, this group here we consider all family, and is one of a kind, and we are touched by their support of our dream and whirlwind of a life.

To wrap up, some great moment’s that Bridget’s mom captured from last week:

A few more pics from week 9 where these three collectively caught fish in the triple digits:

For those coming up soon, know that fishing has been great for most, water levels still normal to high, weather has been fantastic (70’s-80’s has been a relief to those with heat wave back home), skeeters and ankle biter flies are definitely out and about, and there are still tons of fish to be caught, even with warmer water temps. Ryan personally got into some nice walleye and all the others this week so he will have some specific hot spots to share with you at welcome-checkin if you like

Week 9 Wrap Up

July 21, 2019

Is July going too fast for anyone else out there? This is a time for pause- to just take a deep breath and relish the moment. Good size smallies were the standout catch this week for numerous guests.

Lots of keeper size pike and some walleye. Some perch in there too. Some previous honey hole spots were disappointing, while some others produced quite well. Winds were tough on the 3rd lake, so first and second lake and North Bay area were more popular.

Jim caught this gorgeous northern:

This beauty of a Northern was caught on a 6lb testline- took some clever reeling, patience, and net skills to get him in but they got-er-done:

We had numerous couples in camp this week, most with more history here than Ryan and me, and all were a joy to have with us. Jim, Candy, Connie, Pete, Paul and Karen shared some good stories over campfire and just hanging out. We thank each and every guest for the conversations, positive feedback, and giving camp such a happy vibe.

Dennis boated a 38″ Northern on his last day all on his own as he was driving solo that outing and still managed to snap these:

Drew, his dad Pete, and 3 adorable daughters had a great family vacation. Captured this one of him having some father-daughter time fishing til dark:

My brother Brad, flew in from Tennessee and got addicted to the Wabby in no time. My Dad – infamously competitive- tried to outfish Brad the entire week, and the outcome is controversial of course.

It definitely isn’t dry anymore. We’ve had some significant rain this past week- usually a couple hours and then rest of day was fine. So thank you to all those praying for rain to put out forest fires up this way- it worked!

We listened to guest feedback, and found time this week to give the Eagle’s Nest kitchen a little face-lift:

Meatloaf at Potluck with some delicious sides and desserts. Root beer float pie anyone? It was decided I may start including some recipes shared by guests that are a hit (hint-hint Candy)

These two made fast friends as well as winning partners playing Pitch (a Eucre type card game). A true testament of how those with opposing views can still come together despite their differences :

I appreciated my Dad wearing Sox attire the entire vacation as we had a few Cubs fans this week also representing

Blueberry picking has officially started! My mom was a trooper in re-con as well as the first pick-

These three used their loot for ice-cream topping when they got back to camp:

Even got some swivel bucket seats at a sports show specially for blueberry picking- they work!

And Maggie and her sisters made some drawings- here is her picture of the falls:

And this re-enactment drawing of the girls’ watching a mama northern bite into a smaller northern they hooked became Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the Week:

Keep using to send us your fish fodder or contact us. We have a few new openings still left this season, grouse hunting season in September/early October, and don’t forget second trip special 25% off your return trip this year. Til next time…

Family Time

July 14, 2019

Fishing was still strong this week with those going out getting into lots of keeper Northern, walleye, perch, and smallmouth especially. Ryan encouraged guests to try some new spots he pointed out based on some windy conditions a couple of times. The tackle from our store also proved successful. With the July month comes a common theme of family. While we had lots of guys groups in June, we now see more families.

Jamie brought his grown son Cody up for some father son bonding. They took advantage of fishing long days and brought in some nice catches (all different species) for Earl to fillet. These two are good people (from the same small town my parents were from!) and we sure hope they can come back.

Greg and Jeanine brought their two boys to Tall Pine for the first time and Greg got into some nice fish. We also had some campers- Song and his family- that made Tall Pines a stop on their RV road trip for a couple days.

Tyler shared some quality pics from his trip earlier this season:

And, my parents joined us, driving all the way from Florida, to see Tall Pines for the first time and make a 2-week vacation out of it. It sure is nice to have family up here:

And while they enjoyed catching some dinner, my Mom also gave the nicest housewarming gifts (all hand-made with love and with perfect lodgy-warmth)

Some of us this week went to the local Whiskey Jack for some live entertainment. What a fun vibe it is there- Laura and Graham sure go out of their way to be such friendly restaurant hosts:

Dar sent this one of Janet and this nice smallmouth she reeled in:

Enjoyed some stromboli and reuben sandwiches for Potluck this week with some card playing after- perfect weather this week to have outdoors!

The guys took advantage of a lighter week by tackling some camp projects. From splitting wood, to laying brick, powerwashing, installing some railings, cleaning up the beach area, and landscaping, camp is looking pretty darn good.

This is also Earl’s Inspriational Pic of the Week- Ryan standing there while Earl seems to be the only one being productive 🙂

Relaxing Friday night- boats were in, guests checked out a little early, and another great sunset with a bottle or two of wine…Life is Good

Celebration Week- Canada Day and 4th of July!

July 7, 2019

We kicked off July with Canada Day and and the 4th falling into Week 7 at Tall Pines.

Jeff and Pat celebrated their 12 year anniversary here. They had honeymooned on the Wabaskang, so came back to reminisce as well as create some new memories- this time with their dogs.

Jeff’s farmer crew were such a pleasure to have in camp for the first time. Dave said he estimates he’s taken about 75 Canadian fishing trips! We enjoyed campfire with them, a 4th of July bear searching excursion, and they followed us one morning as we made a 5 boat caravan in search of some fishing spots. Fishing was tougher than usual, but they still managed to do shorelunch everyday and still do some filleting:

With a few hours to spare on turnover day, Captain Earl, Ryan, and I got out to check mayfly action and scout some spots:

Mayflies are finished now in the 2nd lake and North Bay area. A few around camp, but not covering water.

And Ryan took on Earl’s walleye challenge one morning:

Here is Ryan going over the map with some guests; while he cannot guarantee one will catch fish, he is happy to learn from old-timers as well as educate newbies on our waters:

Hayden, Phil, and Tom’s perch loot one day:

Last week’s Yarger crew shared a few more. Here’s Zach’s 38″ northern:

And here’s Ron’s 18.5″ fat smallie:

Don’t mess with Zach and his pike:

Caught this of one our couples enjoying a breezy evening sunset:

We had an indoor appetizer night for potluck this week and we sure do love it when our Wisconsin guests share some Wisconsin Cheese- yum!

Every day is a gift, and when this view awaits us each morning- which it did almost every day for the past month- we don’t take it for granted:

Unfortunately Friday the smoke from Red Lake forest fire slowly filled our airs as the wind had shifted. Please pray that Northwest Ontario gets some rain to put out fires. We are in no danger at this point, but there are some outfitters in Red Lake (about 100 km from us) that have had to evacuate:

On a brighter note, Earl and Patsy had their daughter Gina and her family visiting this week. Love this one of Nanny, Poppy, giving their grandbabies Faith and Tyler a little ride:

And to wrap up, Earl’s Inspirational Pic of the Week:

We hope everyone back home had a wonderful 4th of July week and enjoyed their own celebrations. Happy summertime!