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Week 1 Report

May 25, 2019

What a first week! Lots to share…

First, many of you are curious about the current water levels. Those that were here last year will be pleased to hear that the levels have risen quite a bit since last summer’s near record lows. Ryan estimates the water is a good 20 inches higher than it was at this same time last year. Yes! Water temps currently are in the mid to upper 50’s.

The days are getting longer, which provided extra hours of daylight to fish for this week’s group. The fish cleaning house was busy until 11 P.M. numerous nights. Earl sure became a favorite around here in no time.

The “Boots” group has been around through multiple camp owners. They estimated this is their 29th year and over 200 years Wabaskang experience between all of them. Ryan enjoyed getting to know them- and even took a day to go fishing with them (this is his new definition of “work”). The Northern were hitting good- many in the upper 30’s- 40’s range. Most guys were limiting out in eater size walleye with numerous trophy sized ones caught and released as well. I think the fact they keep coming back year after year speaks volumes of our fishery. They’ve definitely got the shorelunch thing down:

Dan and Tess were new to us this year, and made the perfect Tall Pines guests- we hope they enjoyed themselves and that they come back!

Scott, who we were lucky enough to meet this spring, reeled in this nice one:

That reminded him of this one caught a couple years ago:

At camp we added these in a few places:

And found a new hangout spot:

Ryan took Earl out one afternoon to show him around, but couldn’t not cast a few:

And since no one has sent a walleye pic yet, Ryan volunteered this one:

And then had a nice fresh walleye dinner (with a much smaller keeper size than the above one he released)…

He actually did do some other work too this week- Ryan found out the hard way that everything shuts down on Victoria Day; we still have a bit to learn 🙂 We also had some people pop by camp that we met at fishing shows or have been following the blog so that was neat.

Click below to hear that one of a kind sound:

While the snow/rain has helped us outfitters up North, we are reminded that it is quite the opposite in the Midwest. I know everyone is so over the all the rain! Our thoughts are with our farmer friends (Jake/Houli) and our numerous guests that rely on weather as their way of life. We are praying that crops can still get planted and for peace of mind for all.

With it also being Memorial Day Weekend, we pause to be grateful for all the servicemen that have sacrificed themselves for our freedom. While Ryan and I are excited to have a home and camp in Canada, we are still proud Americans through and through. God Bless!

And that’s a wrap:

Start those boat motors!

May 18, 2019

And…it’s officially week 1, the much anticipated season opener! We are blessed with over 30 guests who have already arrived, or are on their way up now to be a part of history in the making at Tall Pines Camp. I guess I can take down the official countdown clock off the website now.

The beautiful Wabaskang is ready for them! Ice has been out, snow is melted, and the fish are calling.

Though walleye fishing didn’t start til the 18th, that didn’t stop us from going after the smallies and northern:

Ryan (below) was able to get out a few times to enjoy the water, scope out some fishing spots, hang out with one of his brothers and a buddy (above) and just “mess around”.

Like Ryan’s hat and sweatshirt? We have a limited supply of them in our tackle shop! (He is just a walking advertisement- I swear I didn’t tell him to wear that)

Earl and Patsy arrived this past week to get settled into camp life; we are thrilled that Earl will be our dockhand, and he comes with plenty of experience. He is eager to take care of your boat and fish cleaning needs. We also had Wanda, our cleaning specialist, doing some finishing touches in the cabins. From getting the water tested, fuel for the docks, bait order secured, ice machine going, the early quiet days Ryan enjoyed are now filled with an energy and bustle.

It wasn’t in our budget this year, but we still thought it was important, so we purchased an AED defibrillator. We are hoping that 1)we’ll never have to use it and 2) we’ll recoup the cost with a couple new bookings.

Have you checked out the website lately? As we’ve been getting more questions regarding to what to pack/border questions, I’ve added a section to the Frequently Asked Questions found under the Amenities tab. For those needing a refresher or our newbies- please take a look. And the 2019 Big Fish Gallery page is up and running, ready to add your pic of the catch of a lifetime!

Now that camp is open and guests are starting to get on the water, I’m excited to share some of the their pics starting hopefully with next week’s blog.

As always, thanks for sharing an interest in our passion. 2019 is going to be a fantastic fishing season! We hope you’ve already booked, and are excited to reward those that come twice (or more) this season- ask us about it when you’re at Tall Pines Camp!


One More Week…

May 11, 2019

Wow- we are ecstatic and so excited to get this camp going! It has been a productive week for sure. First, did you see that Tall Pines Camp has been chosen as The #7 spot for Unforgettable Camping Spots in Ontario? We just found out we made the top ten this week, and have posted the article from Camper Report on our website as well as Facebook Page. Pretty, Pretty nice as Larry David would say.

Also on our Facebook Page is a recent short panoramic video of Wabaskang and camp taken Wednesday evening. Unfortunately I cannot post video on this blog, so sorry you’ll have to go there to check it out.

The good news is that the ice is officially out in Wabaskang Lake!!!

As Ryan took a boat ride Friday, the second lake is clear as well; visually there is still some ice in the third lake, but boats can make it all the way to Wine Lake as of today!

More pics of the water… The above pic was taken Wednesday, the last day seeing any ice from Tall Pines shoreline. Below the water is now looking like glass!

And Friday, it was so calm, it provided the perfect weather to get at least one of the docks in:

I love this last picture in every way. The colors and little bit of tree landscape, as well as Ryan’s thumb or whatever that is in the top corner – these are definitely not photo-shopped.

With only a week to go til opener, current projects are underway such as getting water going to all the cabins and gettin the boats ready. Good thing our new hired dock-hand Earl will be starting this week! Safe travels to our first round of guests that will be heading up shortly.

Wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! A special shout out to Andrea who has been Tall Pines Mama Bear and has helped this little bear out with such a kind heart. And props to our moms, Karen and Joyce, who can now call Tall Pines their newest grand-baby.

It’s May!

May 5, 2019

Surreal to believe that in two weeks we’ll be open and Tall Pines Camp will be full of fishermen. Ryan had his first visitor from the states this week:

And for those waiting on the current ice-out conditions, I think you’ll be happy to see these:

There is still some thin ice as you get further from the falls, but significant melting from last week:

Grouse sightings are all over camp:

And Bridget is still teaching right now back in the states- here is her “Recreational Activities” class that she get’s to take fishing at a nearby pond. Future Wabaskang fishermen????

We are excited that Wanda and Patty, some of our cleaning staff, are set to prepare cabins and do spring cleaning. Ryan has been doing some exterior projects around camp this past week, and firing up golf carts, 4-wheeler, and camp truck- but he’s still finding moments to take it all in- like this sunset:

For our guests, this is the last month we will be taking deposits/payments at the P.O. Box 1028 address. Beginning June 1st, all mail should be sent to General Delivery Perrault Falls, ON POV 2KO. Credit card deposits/payments can also be taken over the phone (3.5% processing fee).

Thank you for choosing Tall Pines Camp, and feel free to email Bridget at with any questions about your stay.