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Sunday, Monday….you know how it goes

August 25, 2014

Yes, I realize it is Monday and many of you know that I blog on Sunday.  Things have been so whack-a-do around here that I had to reprioritize in order to keep my sanity!  Thank you for being so understanding.

Bear hunting continues.  Charlie began his hunt on Saturday and took his bear Saturday night!  He’s one happy guy right now:)



I think the bear looks like he’s smiling.  Tom, I’m still waiting for more pics from you…

The trail cameras are still cooking as well.  These wolves are checking out a bait site:


and we even had a dancing bear:


Kraig’s a funny guy.  Some of his pics were too “funny” to share with the general public;)

Fishing was good last week!  Walleye began the week around 12.5′ and ended between 15-20′!  They seem to have transitioned to their fall spots. 

Mark and Donnie returned.  Mark added two, 22″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Page (  Donnie outfished Mark for numbers but not for size this year.  Here she is with a “puny” 18″er!


They both commented that they had great fishing this year!  They threw back lots of 18″ and larger fish.  Thank you both so much!  See you next year.

Terry returned after a five-year hiatus.  He added an almost 40″ northern to our Conservation Awards Page.  He was fishing with Mike and a few other guys.  Mike makes it up here almost every year.  He enjoys fishing but is also in touch with his creative side:


I have decided that real men paint silk scarves!  It turned out beautiful, and I’m certain Karen appreciated such a personal gift!  Debbie joined us as well:


and Jenny continued to wow me with her sense of color:


She will join me in less than an hour for another session, as will my good friends from home Sally and Cindy.  Today’s event will feature cucumber mojitos (thank you, Donnie), northern pike ceviche (thank you, Debbie) and loads of fun I’m sure!

Eugene returned all the way from Alabama with his new fishing partner Hal.  Eugene was here just a year ago with his cousin Allan who has since passed.  We’re glad Eugene returned even though it was a bittersweet trip for him.  He and Hal limited out on all species including perch:


I’ve seen a few HUGE perch caught from the dock this week:)  Some even come with a northern attached…

We have honeymooners here this week.  Nathan and Cassie were married a week ago Saturday.  They are, of course, staying in Cabin 4, “The Honeymooner.”  Love must be in the air:  Tim and Kat became engaged during their trip to Tall Pines Camp!


Congratulations, you two!  Not only are they lucky in love, they are lucky in nature!  Check out these pics:




Not too shabby, eh?  Kat also caught a good sunset and a quiet, TPC evening pic:



For an update, Miss Lydia started kindergarten with a pink cast:

lydias cast

and Gruper broke his left foot when a boat hit it:


We were fortunate:  the boat landed on both feet and could have easily put him 100% out of commission for the remainder of the season (and longer).  Instead, he’s in a walking cast for 6-8 weeks.  Oy.

Well, it’s almost time for scarf class.  I’ll close with some lovely pics from Donnie:)





Here Come the Bear Hunters

August 17, 2014

We have our first two hunters in Camp this week.  Each has taken at least one bear with us in the past and they want to take another!  Yesterday evening was their first “sit,” and each of them saw at least one bear.  Both decided to pass.  That is a sign of a matured hunter.  Here are a couple of trail cam photos from the past week:


Night eyes…


even a little eagle action


One of last week’s newbies, Lori, saw a little eagle action right next to Camp.


My eagle wins Best Dressed, though!


Speaking of Lori, she and Joe had a great first-time-ever-fishing Wabaskang week!  They talked of catching up to 80 walleye in one outing:)  We love hearing that!  Joe struck us as an angler right off the bat.  Apparently, he served as guide for part of the trip:



But he was not skunked–


Walleye were still shallow last week–around 12.5′.  We decided to check things out for ourselves.  Yes, that’s right, Gruper and Andrea went fishing for a bit last Tuesday.  We were well overdue.  Gruper caught first


(that’s a nice 19″er) and most, ending our couple of hours with about a dozen fish.  I was slow to start and finally caught a 12″er.  HOWEVER, my only other fist took biggest for the day at 20″!  It was a lovely, golden, fall walleye.  We caught only walleye (no variety point awarded).  We hopped around a bit and didn’t get to fish a whole lot, but it was in the name of data collection.

Mark and Donnie arrived yesterday and went out for a bit.  They reported walleye between 15-20′.  That report is consistent with one from Mike, Terry and the guys as well.  Eugene and Hal just came in today, and they found some walleye and northern in Ruby Lake.  We’re off to a good start!

Katelyn added a nice northern to our Conservation Awards page.  She caught two during their two-week stay on the island.  Troy and Natalie caught a peaceful sunset:


That well-dressed eagle above is wearing my second silk scarf creation.  We had a blast last Monday and created a variety of unique scarves.  Here are some of the workshop attendees:


I started with a blank canvas and waited for the creative juices to flow (and boy did they):


Miss Lydia created a scarf for her mama who was waiting for her in Arkansas:


Unfortunately, Miss Lydia fell from the truck while they were loading up to go home and broke her little arm!


Grammy said she was quite the trooper for the drive home.  She starts kindergarten tomorrow and will probably have a pretty pink cast for show and tell:(

I’ve been taking pictures of cool moths (again):



These hairy-headed ones are still my favorite!


Dixie got a few great pictures of our birds up here.  Here’s Mama Loon giving some kind of instruction to her little ones:


I think one of them has an attitude:


These two duck pics are great!  Can you see Mama and the babies in each one (duckouflage)????



Deep question for the week:  Will Troy ever go home?


If he had his way…nevermore!


P.S. to Mackenzie: Tuesday will make it four years since you left us.  I still think about you and miss you every day. 

smiling down

Duties of the Camp Director

August 10, 2014

We have a guest who fondly refers to me as the Camp Director. Last week I think I honestly earned the title. We had a lot going on, and it was all good! Let’s start with a fishing report, though.

5th Lake was the place to be for guaranteed walleye. Folks were catching them elsewhere, but 5th Lake proved consistently productive. By week’s end folks were catching nice eaters, and we’d even had several 20+”ers released. Big northerns seemed to be the order for the week! I added Duane’s 42″er, Vicky’s 38″er, and Will’s 37″er to the Conservation Page of our website ( Duane and Will added a 13″ and 12.5″ perch, respectively, as well! Poor Will! All he wanted was a northern outside the slot (35.5″ or bigger). That seemed such a small request for such a nice guy! He kept getting close…here are two of his slot sized:



He even caught a musky


Finally he broke the spell! Good for him. His Uncle Duane had had a great two weeks; not many folks release a 41″ and 42″ in such a short time. Heck, he even caught a nice 37″ but no one was there to net it for him


Where was his faithful sidekick Will???


Yes, that’s right: picking blueberries with Andrea:) Will is a born gatherer!!!

I mentioned that Vicky released a beautiful northern as well. She and her crew were new to us and had a fantastic week! They got into some nice smallies



Folks were catching them right here at the falls using topwaters and along the west shore of this lake.

Her friend Mike was quite the northern slayer as well

ceranskis northern seed

This group was so complimentary of our camp! I believe we’ll see them again, and we’d love to! Vicky commented that they didn’t have a bad day:) I don’t think they’d have a bad day anywhere; attitude is a lovely thing.

If one of my camp activities was a puzzle solving bee, I know who’d be on my team


Will, Kaitlyn, Natalie and Emma solved the bear puzzle! It’s a bear, folks, and any of you is welcome to borrow it while visiting Camp. If you plan to do so, skip this solved photo:


I rewarded each team member with a t-shirt:) It honestly didn’t take them long either. Good job, brainiacs.

In between guided berry hunts, I hosted the first-ever Salted Silk Scarf workshop last Monday! It was very, very cool. We turned it into a wine and cheese event and had 10 attendees. Here are some pics





Here’s mine, all de-salted and ironed:


The class was so successful that we’re doing another one tomorrow:)

Of course, I continue to direct the two men around here. Cabin 1 is steadily becoming less


This round of Dixie’s photos reminds me of that “Behold the fisherman…” saying. He leaves in the morning…


fishes all day…


returns in the evening…


but instead of smelling of booze and telling great lies, Diane made them yummy dinner


The only question that remains is…


what do you think Randy is showing Diane???

Looking Up

August 3, 2014

Welcome back. I am happy to report that things are starting to look up around here! We continued to see mayflies throughout last week, but by week’s end folks were getting into nice eater-sized walleyes, finding piggy perch, and wrestling northerns with abandon. Hip, hip, hurray! The weather has been lovely. Temps are in the 70’s by day; 60’s by night. We’ve had some rain but not as much as earlier in the season. The lake has dropped a bit but is still in good shape for depths.

I added a nice pic of Duane with a 41″ northern to our Conservation Page ( He released a 42″er yesterday but I’ve not yet received the pic. Keep an eye out for it. I added Russ’s 24.5″ walleye from two weeks ago as well. It’s a very nice photo.

Bob and Joyce brought grandson Matthew for a stay in the campground. Matthew was last here in 2006. Boy, have things changed:

Matthew then


Here’s grandpa Bob looking short in comparison!


While we’re talking about changes, I posted this pic on facebook this week. Lorne and his son Troy brought in the first crappie we’ve seen from Wabaskang:



It’s a good one, too! That wasn’t a small perch next to it:)

Gruper continues his bear baiting. I found this moose pic from last year and wanted to re-post it:


I liked this bear from last week’s trail cams. He has a whole “you lookin’ at me???” attitude with the camera:


This one’s Indian name is “Running Bear”


These two seemed to be discussing what to do with the barrel. Finally, the supervisor takes a break while the other guy carries out the task:



Since I’m personifying, this gull decided to take a boat ride (at least it wasn’t driving)


and still Miss Freya sleeps on the job.


Guided blueberry hunting has hit full stride. I conducted several hunts last week–even taking 8 pickers on one trip! I’m confident enough in this year’s crop to begin naming my take-home bags:


I made a fun new chicken dish for potluck–it had a lemon sage sauce that was pretty darned good if I do say so myself–and topped off the night with a blueberry zucchini cake!


I’ve not seen any bears while out picking, but Bob and Matthew saw this youngster on an island

bobs bear cropped

and this eagle was caught fishing


and Gruper caught this guy on the dock


I caught a much cuter guy on the dock–Brayton!


He loved his first trip to Canada with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! I do believe he’ll be back.

Let’s tackle some more of Dixie’s pics (not to be confused with Dixie Chicks). Her hubby Randy (actually, I think Dixie caught it) has a nice walleye here and measures it:



They threw that one back! Here he is with a smaller, nice-eating-size walleye:



That’s a keeper! See: it’s that simple:)

I’m hosting a Salted Silk Scarf workshop tomorrow and can’t wait to see what it entails! Hopefully I’ll have some lovely creations to post for you.

Here’s yet another of Dixie’s sunsets to close this week’s session:


Birthday wishes to my seester Rebecca tomorrow and oldest brother Dan on Wednesday. I love and miss you both!