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Happy Sunday to You

July 27, 2014

Good grief! I loaded my pictures this morning then wandered off and almost forgot to do an entry…and it’s Sunday. I’m sure I would have heard about it from someone. Anyway, welcome back.

Tough times, they are upon us. Mayflies, no wind and continued volatile weather all combined to make for a tough week of fishing. Most folks made the best of the situation and fished hard, relaxed a bit, and fished some more. Bill had been here before and returned with his father-in-law Owen. Owen had never fished Wabaskang before. His first cast ever and he landed a PIG of a smallie! I posted it on facebook (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario) and will of course add it to our Conservation Page ( Good for you, Owen. The only problem with starting off like that is trying to replicate.

Jack and his son Andrew were here as well. Jack didn’t catch a smallie until his last day; however, they did catch some perch, northerns and walleye during the week. He said the Wacky Worm Power Bait was effective for northerns and perch. They fished weed edges also. The walleye they found were between 8.5-13′ deep. We figured shallower because of mayflies, but who knows what goes on in a walleye’s head?

Tom and Carol brought their grandsons for the first visit. Andrew caught a nice smallie, Ben caught a good northern, and they both found some berries:

I’ve been doing guided hunts since last week. It’s grueling work. I’ve begun wearing camouflage so we can sneak up on them:


Here’s a grouse who thought he was camouflaged…


Tom, Carol and the boys had something I’d never heard before: a loon came very close to their boat and begged! The boys had a blast giving it dead minnows

Speaking of loons, this seems like a good time to show you a phenomenal picture from Don and Carma who were here a few weeks ago:

Carma's baby

That one will definitely be enlarged for sports shows!

Russ in Cabin 3 has fished Wabaskang many times. He released both a 26″ and a 22″ walleye during the week! Good job, Russ! He promises to send a pic of the 26″ for our Conservation page.

Steve and Suzie were here a few weeks back for their first visit. Steve makes good wine and picks out good melons–both interesting things to learn about a person in a week. Apparently he also knows something about smallies


or maybe it’s Suzie who knows


Who knows?

They caught an eagle up high and a really nice piece of scenery


This seems like a really good time to share Marie’s rock picture from this spring. It is also a cool piece of scenery:


What’s been happening around Camp? Well, we finally got a toilet with a view


Just kidding of course. We’ve begun officially dismantling Cabin 1. Here’s where the porch and bathroom were:


and this was the living area


Here’s Murray working like a crazy man


and Gruper running the broom


I’ve made it through some more of Dixie’s pictures. Here are a few views of Perrault Falls. Some of you don’t realize it, but you drive right over it on your way to Camp:




Here’s the view you’re probably most familiar with


A familiar sight on 105


A very familiar sight on the Lake and along the roads this year


Some familiar sights around Camp




This was a familiar sight around Camp, but it left Thursday and I miss it


You get mighty used to something after 33 days, Lee and Cindy;)

Let’s close with a couple of Dixie’s sunsets. Don’t despair, though, I still have a bunch of her pics to share!




July 20, 2014

Yes, that’s right…we’re ’bout halfway through the season already. My how time flies.

The rains have finally slowed. Look–we have a beach again


OK, it’s not much of a beach but it’s more sand than we’ve seen all season!

Temps were fairly cool early last week but things heated up by Wednesday. We’re cool again yesterday and today, but the weather person promises upper 80’s this week. Feast or famine it seems!

Fishing was still slower last week. A small mayfly hatch may have accounted for part of it. Again, the volatile weather certainly doesn’t help. Folks seemed to do OK, though. Smallies have moved from their beds into deeper territory. Several slot northerns were caught last week but no monsters.

Chuck and Amy were first timers. They brought Dominik, Shannon and Devin. This family traveled as a pack and fished hard. By week’s end, they had it (I suggested they stay for two weeks…). Here’s a nice perch mess they harvested:


They promise to return next year and now have a “hot spot” where they can start.

Lee and Cindy are still here:) I’m not sure if they’re ever leaving. That’s fine by us, though, as they’re pretty low maintenance. They got a great picture of two cormorants visiting a gull rock:

cormorants and gulls

We’re not fond of gulls but we’re waaaaay less fond of cormorants. Hopefully the gulls ran them off! Here’s a nice merganser–they’re totally fine.


Halftime is usually about when another favorite activity at Tall Pines Camp begins: bear baiting. Gruper’s checking his camera cards and getting his master-baiter schedule put together. Here are a couple of great pics from last year’s baiting escapades:



Bear baiting time means even more teamwork than usual. By halftime, though, we usually have a pretty solid routine in place. Dixie caught Gruper and I both working on a Sunday morning (Murray’s day off). Gruper worked one dock while I worked the other:



Dixie took lots of pictures during her virgin voyage to Tall Pines Camp. I’ll share them over the course of a few entries:) This is Dixie


That is the only pic I have of her because she was so busy taking pics of everyone and everything else! She got some great photos! This is her hubby Randy

Dixies randy

They were visiting with Dan and Diane. You may recall that Diane added a nice 23″ walleye to our Conservation Page ( Here’s Diane having Dan net another fish for her


OK. Maybe it was Dan’s fish…


Dixie took some great nature shots! Here’s a great eagle


Check out this bee pollinating a beautiful lupine


That baby flicker I shared last week made it at least as far as the driveway


I love this gooseneck reflection


During their stay it rained a ton. Here’s a great shot of the curtain of rain coming toward Camp


All that rain made for random pieces of trees and land floating by all day long


That week’s group was rewarded for putting up with so much rain by witnessing incredible sunsets every evening. Dixie got ’em all I think! I’ll close with one beauty


I’ve Nearly Finished My Ark

July 13, 2014

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping an eye on what’s going on up here, but the rains continue to come in the form of big, loud, dark storms! We’ve had big winds with the last couple of storms. It was ugly here last evening and again this morning. All of our new guests headed out today, though! I hear some electric knives in the fish house, so their efforts must have paid off.

Fishing was a bit tougher last week. I’ve posted two nice walleyes on our Conservation Awards Page ( Dennis’s 26.5″er and Diane’s 23″er. Many fish in the 20-22″ range were released as well! I’ll strip Lee and Cindy’s camera some time this week. Lee released a second 25″ walleye (I may have already told you that).

Look what Gruper found


That 38″ northern (aka pig) choked to death on a whitefish! The whitefish was still alive. It was really kind of gross.

Dennis and Diana returned. They had a nice time in spite of the weather. Dennis always seems to find a big fish for the page. Here he is with a variety of others:



Diana found a northern or two


She likes to take pictures of the sky…maybe she has good weed(?)


Anyway, here’s an endless blue sky


and what I think is a frog cloud (for you, Rebecca)


They saw a loon family in their travels


and just a pretty piece of scenery


Zach contacted me a while back and said his family needed to get away. Four generations of them showed up! It was nice meeting all of them:) They traveled as a pack, whether it was their arrival or their fishing trips. The third generation took a break after potluck to work off some food:


Joe’s vehicle required a little less work


I’ll try to do a bonus entry this week. Dixie left me 700+ photos:) Have a good week!

Weather you like it or not…

July 6, 2014

it’s Canada (yes, pun intended). Holy cow! We continue to experience weather extremes–from fire-building cold in Cabin 4 to blow-you-off-the-lake wind. Today is very, very windy. Everyone went out for a bit, but many returned once the gale force winds started. Crazy!

We had another great group of people last week. It was a nice mix of new and used guests, all of whom were just plain nice. The weather extremes didn’t seem to freak anyone out too much. Fishing wasn’t as phenomenal as previous weeks, but folks were able to find good eaters and take some home as well.

Tony brought the folks back for a week of quality family time. His dad Jack visibly enjoys being here. They fish pretty hard for all of our species. Here’s some evidence…



Those pics are of Tony. Here’s another with a bass, but if you want to see his big bass you’ll have to check out the Conservation Page of our website ( He’s on there with a 19″er!



That’s Linda with a northern. You wouldn’t know it, the way she’s buried in those clothes! Here are a couple of good pics of her:




This is Jack. He dearly loves his family:)


He loves it here, too! That makes us very lucky. Here are some nice scenery photos he took. I’ll start with an eagle in honor of our great country’s Independence Day:






Here’s an awesome sky that kind of sums up last week’s weather: the light and the dark of it!


A little glitter for my gal Sal whose birthday was Wednesday:


Jack’s loon looks like he cut it out of a Terry Redlin painting:


I don’t know if this pic is a hint or what, but this lure is very realistic looking:


Lee and Cindy have been here a while. Each has released a NICE walleye. I posted them on Facebook today and on our Conservation Awards Page. Here’s Lee perching it up:

Lees perch

Lees little perch

I just mentioned I hadn’t seen any baby loons yet…look what Cindy saw:

loon family

I heard a peeping yesterday. It was a baby flicker who’d fallen from the next. I tried to feed him a worm–he wanted no part of it.


A huge storm rolled up yesterday. I found it funny that the ducks left the water and huddled in the yard:


We went fishing on Thursday! We were horrible:( I caught the first fish–a northern–and first walleye! We did not catch another walleye:( We got into some perch–something we don’t do often. I asked Gruper to keep one 12″er for my dinner:


We caught a bunch of northern, none quite big enough for me to beg to bring in.

Such a pairadux


I’ll close with three of my scenery pics. The first is a not-very-good reflection:


I decided to channel Picasso with my water lily pics:



We’d like to give a bit shout-out to Dongot this week. Hope your ankle replacement was a success. Follow the doc’s orders!!! P.S. Your bro released a 26.5″ walleye today…xoxo

Phyllis Photo Phest!

July 2, 2014

Hi there from the very cold, rainy north! Holy cow…the weather’s been downright crappy for a couple of days. Yesterday felt like a bad day in late September: high in the 40’s, super windy, rainy, and gray. I found things to do inside alllllll day. Today is better, with temps around 60 and a bit of sunshine. There’s a good chop on the water which is always good.

Fishing continues to be dandy! We have a mix of new and used guests this week, and everyone is finding fish. A fourth week of happy campers would be grand, I say.

Phyllis let me dump her card before they headed back to Arkansas. They’re coming back up in August, so I’d better do a good job with her pictures.

Prepare for landing…
prepare for landing

Phyllis decided that pelicans are cool and photo-worthy. Here’s a nice bunch flying…let’s hope they keep going (you see, pelicans like to eat baby fish…)…
pelicans flying



when they drop out of the sky like this,

pelicans dropping

it means they’re landing

pelican pair

See the knob on the right one’s bill? That’s the male. He keeps that knob during courting and mating, then loses it. Personally, I think he looks better without it but apparently it’s a lady magnet(?)

On to birds we like as long as they stay on the water


We have two goose families around here and a few duck families. We prefer the geese just swim around and poop where they drink:) We like loons all the time

loon nest

and butterflies are pretty darned harmless


Phyllis and Wayne fished with Victoria and Alan in the mornings. This is Phyllis,

phyllis walleye

here’s Wayne,
wayne walleye

and here’s Victoria

victoria northern

I have no idea where Alan is. Maybe he caught this mixed bag though


My, what vicious teeth you have

walleye teeth

That’s the mouth of a mount in the Bear’s Den!!!

Phyllis and Victoria are two of many sisters. All (or most) of the sisters are way into quilting. Phyllis and Victoria spent their afternoons working on a variety of quilts. Here’s one for a wedding…


Phyllis got some lovely scenery pics. This hole in the sky was beautiful. We admired it from Camp. I told them that I like to think people we love are shining down on us…

hole in the sky

Here are a couple of beautiful, colorful reflections:

lupine reflection

beautiful reflection

I chose this reflection as a closer…I plan to return Sunday!