School Days;)

September 8, 2018

Hi there!  Yes, September is here and school has begun.  My education began last Thursday when Gruper and I ventured out for a bit of fishing.  My hubby took all four points:  first, biggest, most and variety (one perch and one clam/rock).  He put four perfect 16-17″ eaters in the deadwell, two of which are in the freezer waiting to go to Iowa.  I was not skunked, however, and caught a gazillion 8-12″ walleye.  I think my last might have neared the 14″ range.  I also lost quite a few, and my coach pointed out a weakness of mine:  bringing the rod to my reeling hand after the hook-set instead of taking my reeling hand to the rod (I was allowing slack when I lowered the rod, giving the fish a chance to escape).

Gruper’s education soon followed.  We headed out again on Wednesday.  It was Windy (with a capital W).  We went no farther than Johnson’s Island for our adventure.  I caught first (a healthy 16″er for my dinner), biggest and most!  There was no variety point to be tallied.  I also caught smallest, a darling 5-6″er.  As for Gruper…skunked:(  He played the “guide” card and was rewarded with a pork chop while I enjoyed my self-caught dinner!

We decided to sneak out again today.  All of our guests are used and seasoned Wabaskang veterans, so we are taking full advantage!  We didn’t stay out long and struggled a bit, but Gruper put a fat 17″er in the deadwell for the freezer.  He took first, biggest and most (no variety point again) and I refrained from being skunked by catching one teenager.

The weather has been lovely.  Colors are not yet on, and I wonder if that’s due to our lack of rain(?)  I certainly hope the golds come out to create the contrasts we’ve grown to appreciate up here.

I apologize for not having pics from our fishing outings to share.  If you’ve followed this blog for any time at all, you know I have a bad history with cameras and water.  I’ve managed to kill two really nice cameras–one by salt water and one by rain water.  I do not need to take my i-pad or smarter-than-I phone out onto the lake.  Last year’s punishment camera was awful.  I miss having a camera but am obviously not responsible enough:(

Frank’s group had a good week!  Mike released a beautiful 36″ northern and Tim released an equally beautiful 26″ walleye!  The guys enjoyed plenty of shore lunches and took home their fish as well.  Photos to come.  Here’s a cool one, though, of Frank helping Mike’s big northern live on:


Bruce and Debbie were here for their annual visit a couple of weeks ago.  Bruce visits with the guys in June, then returns for a fun, relaxing week with Debbie.  Debbie does it all:  fishes, blueberry picks, dishes…


She is a two-handed, marginally dirty picker.  But let me tell you something:  the woman gets A LOT of berries!


She caught a cute fish!


You can really see the smoke in that pic.  We had several days of heavy smoke and red moons.  We have cleared up now, but during their visit we could smell smoke all day long. This merganser shot was taken on a smoky day:


It cleared up enough for some beautiful pics:


Check out these eagle shots:

I thought this cloud look eagle-like


and Kyle has a bird of his own…


Even though this sunset is nice,

I really loved the muted tones of this one:


For now, the moose, Bruce and I bid you adieu!




April, 2019- Camp Arrival!

April 22, 2019

Ryan is officially at camp! He left on Thursday April 18th, after a long week of packing and inventorying (not to mention a dozen friends coming by for “one last beer”). Customs and agents at border were very helpful and complimentary on our organization, and after 3.5 hours of paperwork, they sent him on his way. Arriving at the driveway, he couldn’t pull his van/boat all the way in due to the snow that still covered the ground, but within a day enough melted to finish pulling it all the way down the hill.

Ryan commemorated the arrival with a visit to Whiskey Jack Restaurant where all the locals were very welcoming, and the live music was quite symbolic of entry to this new lifestyle.

Currently there is still quite a bit of ice out there (30 inches thick a week ago), but those inches are thinning each day with the sun and warmer temperatures. Just from Saturday to Sunday, he noticed the ice push back about 250 yards from the falls, so it won’t be too long before it reaches our shoreline.

Between all his projects and moving in, Ryan is taking in the surroundings that so few get to see with their own eyes. A moose walking on the ice out front our cabin, two bald eagles “playing” off the deck, and coming within 8 feet from a grouse as he explored camp yesterday. 60’s and sunny yesterday, and we’re just so grateful the weather has cooperated so he could get a head start prepping and settling in.

He’s also had a few visitors already stopping by to welcome us to the neighborhood. I’m a little jealous to say the least (probably as you are too), but know in good time I’ll get to join him. Anyone watch the Last Alaskans?i am reminded of that show as i look at these pictures- the late spring that can be brutal yet majestic:

This may become a tradition to end blogs with a sunset pic- here the first one of 2019. As always, please visit for booking/contact info. I’ll keep everyone posted on the ice-out, and we thank everyone for all the well wishes. God Bless!


Spring 2019- Welcome

March 25, 2019

Hello There! Welcome Tall Pines guests/visitors/family. This is not only the first blog of the year, but also Bridget’s first blog entry as Andrea has handed over her reins! Most of you know by now that Steve and Andrea sold camp- Ryan and Bridget Taylor are it’s proud new owners (Read our bio under “Contact” icon on the web-site). We officially took ownership a few weeks ago, but have been transitioning for quite awhile now. While there were of course a few road bumps along the way (i.e. dealing with Canadian property transfer and transferring accounts/email issues) the four of us worked together to get-er-done.

Ryan and I just finished the fishing show season. We quickly learned that it is fun, yet exhausting. Thank you to everyone who lived close enough to one of the locations to stop by and introduce yourselves. We met so many current, former, and future guests, each with their own unique experiences to share. We haven’t 100% decided which ones we’ll do for next year, but are thinking we’ll do the same ones and possibly add another one (we’re open to your suggestions!) We also were eager to soak in endless information and advice from other Canadian outfitters, and also networked with other vendors of fishing merchandise that we think will add to your experience.


You probably noticed the new web-site ( Hopefully it is easy for you to navigate. We are excited to add to the big fish gallery this year, and display some pics in the fish cleaning house as well (If you had one not shown, feel free to email it to me and I’ll update the page). We’ve added an Instagram account for all you young-ins, as well as added ourselves on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. We would be humbled and grateful to anyone who has had a good Tall Pines experience to share it in any of those forums, and “Like”/share our Facebook page.

While many things will remain the same at Tall Pines (like this year’s rates!), there are some changes you can look forward to as well. Steve and Andrea initiated a new septic system- so that process is being finished this spring. The cabins will each get a little attention/decor, as we are grateful for friends, family, and parents who are all donating and making things for us to take up. There will also be adirondack chairs placed throughout camp for you to kick back after some fishing, or enjoy those amazing sunsets. We’re also bringing up a ton of books, board games, and yard games. Probably the biggest change will be the office. It will now be stocked with some tackle that is specific to Wabaskang and its species. We also have a brand new line of clothing merchandise – I don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so that’s all I’m gonna say on that.

I know the million dollar question is coming “when is ice-out?”. Well Ryan will be in camp in the next few weeks God-allowing, and we’ll be sure to update you all regularly. We’re counting down the days now, and we know you are too.

Haven’t booked yet?

We get that this felt like the longest winter ever. But the fishing season will be here before you know it- if you are on the fence, please give us a call. We really want our loyal guests to get their first pick in terms of cabin and week. However, we now have several weeks with no availability, and certain cabins go very quickly, so don’t wait til the last minute. You can also email us at . And to those that have booked- we thank you and are anticipating your future Tall Pines memories.



November 22, 2018

Greetings!  Long time, no blog!  We hope this message finds you all healthy, happy and ready to spend some time with loved ones.

Newsletters went out within the last week.  If you haven’t received one, check your spam or junk folders; sometimes they end up there.  If you have received one, you have heard the news:  Steve and Andrea’s 15th year at Tall Pines Camp was their last.  We hadn’t kept it a secret that we were “for sale,” so this probably isn’t too much of a surprise.  Ryan and Bridget will transition during the winter and be ready to take the reins in May.  You will love them!  You’ll be hearing from them sooner than later.  Also, this blog site will remain the official Tall Pines Camp site.

Our transition is beginning.  I’ve been home since mid-October.  I’ve taught a few days and have begun volunteering at our local Blood Center.  Gruper arrived home a week or so after I, and he has been fishing, hanging out at the Y, and helping me condense the belongings from two homes into one (the smaller of the two no less).

Before Gruper made it to Iowa, he hosted Kraig for a moose hunt!  Within the first hour of opening day Kraig had gotten his cow!


No doubt the snow helped with locating, tracking, etc.  There was about 7″ on the ground when I headed home.  Since Kraig had plenty of time left on his stay, he decided to put his wolf tag to use.  This is a tough hunt since wolves tend to be nocturnal and are quite clever.  Well….


These two critters more than compensated for Kraig’s lack of a bear this year!  Besides, he has, like, six bears through Camp anyway;)

Our bird feeders in Iowa have been emptying awfully fast.  Gruper decided to put up a trail cam to see what is going on…


They turn that feeder sideways and swipe their tongue right through the trough!

Eric finally sent some long-overdue pics from LAST MAY!  He and his parents truly enjoy Wabaskang Lake.  What I noticed about these photos was the extreme weather changes.  Check it out!

Eric and Gary always find their walleye and northern:

simon stringer

They get out there every day and give it 110%!

And thoroughly enjoy the results!

Chris and Finn returned for their second year in JUNE (I received their photos just this week).  Finn outfishes and dad which is just fine by Chris!  Here are a couple of great shots:

Chris caught a super sunset!

TallPines sunset

On the family front things are OK.  Niece Anna who had her second set of twins in September lost her home to Hurricane Michael.  She and her husband Benny (and the four babies) are awaiting orders from the Air Force.  Anywhere away from big water probably sounds very, very good.  I’m trying to catch up with the other younguns’ before Gruper and I head to Florida for some decompressing.

Until you hear otherwise, feel free to communicate with us as in the past.  We will keep our e-mail address for a year or so.  Deposits can be mailed to our Iowa address and we’ll forward them to Ryan and Bridget.  Camp’s “888” phone number for the messaging service will remain intact as well.

So many of you mean a lot to us.  We have so many great stories and memories.  We’ll be around:  I plan to get some blueberries, Gruper wants some grouse, and we both want to fish.  Perhaps we’ll bump into you along the way.

God bless you all.  Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!



October 6, 2018

Hi there.  We awoke to some snow this morning–not the first time this year.  I wondered why Freya didn’t opt to go outside last night; she must have known it was coming.


It’s been very chilly and gray up here for the most part.  My cabin work is done (smiling big-time), and Gruper’s nearly got all of his chores done.  This will likely be my last blog entry for the season–unless I do a “welcome home” entry of family and friends–so I’d better make it a good one, eh?

Bob, Steve and Terry


joined us a couple of weeks ago.  These nice guys come up and truly enjoy themselves in God’s country.  We were treated to one of His promises one morning!


What a great way to start a day!

The guys enjoy angling and sight-seeing.  They found an eagle hanging out on a rock


They enjoyed the early fall contrasts


I spy a marker buoy in this shot–do you?


These guys arrived after the docks had been conjoined


It didn’t slow them down one bit!  Check out this batch of crappie:


Beautiful!  Of course Terry worked his magic out on the lake!  He released several Big Fish in the spring and didn’t disappoint in the fall!

Nice!  Thanks for sharing this sunset as well:)

Our friend Ryan returned for a fall visit.  He caught a few nice sunsets himself:

I suppose what amazes me most is that it can be SO gray all day, then the sky clears and we get beautiful sunsets most evenings???  Ryan caught one of the (rare) morning-sun-across-the-lake shots

They really are that brilliant when they occur.  Beautiful!

Ryan was able to hunt grouse with Gruper several times during his stay.  He took a couple of “where’s Waldo” shots just for the blog!



He stumbled upon a moose track (they need to start being careful…)


I searched these pics for hidden grouse and decided they were of the nice colors on our driveway and the pipeline (although we have some FAT grouse along the driveway who know they are safe):


Thanks, Ryan!  See you again soon:)

OK…remember when Addison and Tricia created a time capsule back in August?


Well, I knew that Brayton was visiting the following week and decided he was just the guy to search for and add to the capsule:

Thanks, Jeff and Jenn, for helping!  I have just the right little one in mind for early next year.  Adorable!

Speaking of adorable, Brett shared this pic of him and his sister Adrienne during their first trip to Tall Pines Camp!  I believe he said it was the mid-70’s:


Brian and his son Alex were here in August as well.  They contributed a couple of nice photos:

I love this deer in the grass…


Jeff and Sue each released a great walleye this season.  However, I don’t think I told you about Sue’s other accomplishment:  she caught her first smallie:


I don’t think I shared Mike’s nice fish from when I was out in Colorado(?)


Who is that masked man?  He caught a good sunset too:


Mark (the perchman) got a tremendous 500+ lb. bear in Wisconsin this year!


But nothing top’s Dennis’s 49″er that he used to mess with me big-time…”kept it”;)



I need to get serious with you all for a minute.  Today our sister-in-law Connie is being laid to rest in Iowa. I love this photo of her!  Their whole family was in Hawaii, one of Connie’s goals/dreams.


It is tough being up here but our family understands that we have a lot going on up here right now.  Also, our niece Anna who had her twin girls last Friday is in the ICU in Florida right now with pulmonary embolisms bilaterally.  Please, please pray for her to recover fully and get home to her husband Benny and their four babies.

Thank you for listening and for your prayers.  God bless you.

24 Years

October 1, 2018

Yes, that’s how long we’ve been married as of today:)  Happy Anniversary to us!


It certainly doesn’t feel like October around here; it feels like December!  We’ve been cold and windy for days.  The sun hasn’t shone much either:(  Today it is calm enough for Gruper to get the docks moved.  It looks like it’s going well.  I am sitting in the warmth of Frey’s room as I blog.  We’ve had a couple of hard frosts–making the dock ramp an interesting venture–and several brief episodes of flurries.  Iowa is looking and sounding pretty darned good to me these days.  I did manage to catch the sun shining very brightly on the trees a couple of days ago:


I know it’s cloudy–which is how it ended up the rest of the day–but the rising sun was behind me and hitting the trees perfectly!  I also stumbled across some shaggy manes,


some toad stools,


and this…


We received word a few days ago that Brad D. passed away during heart surgery.  Brad, Mary, Wes and Nancy found us in 2017.  They returned this year with three newbies.  Poor Mary’s appendix attacked her near the end of their week, and she barely made it home in time for surgery.  We want her to know that she and their family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our family had an emotionally-charged Friday.  Our sister-in-law Connie passed away after more than a month in the hospital.  She had been battling interstitial lung disease for years.  She lost our biggest brother Dan in April of 2017, and her health had been questionable ever since.  Please keep our nephew, nieces and three great-nieces in your prayers.  Connie was such a huge part of their lives.

On the same day, niece Anna in Florida had her second set of twins!  Elizabeth and Chloe join brother twins Joshua and Michael (age 2 1/2).  The babies and Mama are doing great!  Saint Benny will have his hands full for a bit but he’s up to the challenge!

Obviously things have slowed down considerably ’round here.  We had two cabins of anglers last week, one of which was also grouse hunting.  Most of the cabins are closed up and ready for spring already (this weather makes it easier for me to do indoor activities).  Joe and Bill had no problem getting their walleye limits, so they spent quite a bit of time looking for grouse.  Mike and Scott were their usual (very) laid back selves.  These guys just completely enjoy their time here.  They fish, they roadtrip, they go out for dinner, etc.  Scott got a kick out of this whitefish:


The grouse did not find it a bit funny…


Frank and the guys were here a few weeks back.  They are fall regulars and know what they’re doing.  Mike caught that beautiful northern I posted and  Tim released an incredibly healthy walleye as well!


Tim 26 A

Looks like Frank caught a good one, too!


As I combed through their photos, I saw many I entitled “should I get the net?”


or “yes, get the net!”


Good netting 101:


Maybe if we sneak up on them we’ll catch more (think about it):


Hey, there’s Bob!


These guys fish hard, regardless of weather.  They choose the nicer days for a huge Frank tradition:  shore lunch!  They have this down to a science as well:


There are always a few moochers just in case…


Check out this eagle.  It posed for them!  I think it looks like a totem pole:



Glitter fishing!


These guys don’t spend much time in the cabin, but when they do it’s having fun or catching sunsets!










Love this red one!




I didn’t get to Bob/Terry/Steve’s pics as well as some random ones from e-mails.  That guarantees at least one more entry this season!

Another Foto Fest!

September 23, 2018

Hey there:)

I don’t know if you saw, but we awoke to actual snow yesterday morning (Sept. 22).



It was gone by day’s end–something I had actually considered as well–but it was still SNOW, one of many four-letter words I uttered yesterday.  I hope it’s not a sign of things to come…


We are entering our last official week of the 2018 season.  The lake appeared to turn over mid-week, keeping things interesting for our anglers.  Bob, Terry and Steve worked hard, and with Terry as their guide I think they ended up OK:)  They had a nice batch of crappie(!), but as they pointed out they can catch all of them they want in Missouri.  Terry had a lovely northern, and both he and Bob had nice walleye releases.  I’ll try to share their pics next week.  Tony’s guys had a more difficult time with angling but they seemed to enjoy themselves nonetheless.

We have a mix of angling and hunting going on this week.  Gruper and I went hunting (I just look and hang out).  There seem to be quite a few birds this year.  Once this nasty weather hits and wipes out the foliage, birds should be much easier to see.  I think we have 5 or 6 in the freezer thus far.

Jim and Mary returned for their annual trip and brought a more manly Omar.  He certainly grew and matured in a year!  I ‘spoke that’s a seven-year gain, isn’t it?  He thoroughly enjoyed himself this year.

I have to say it…doggone rock;)

He owned this “stick”!

He supervised fishing…

He retrieved…


Someone’s gonna’ need a nap;)

Jim caught some nice fish this trip!

Mary caught some fish but she likes to mix it up.  She picks berries (at her own pace)


This year she studied birch bark before our glass class

I think I have Mary figured out:  she is all about texture!  She captures it well in her photos:)


She loves the big rock covered with moose antlers at our glass class place (it really is something)!


She caught a great moose track and trail while exploring/fishing one day:

These scenery pics show just how low the lake was by mid to late August:

These gulls discovered new rocks as the lake dropped


Recent rains have helped a bit.  We’ve received more rain in two weeks than we had in two months!

Mary is a nature lover, too!  She sees beauty in everything:)  Check out her eagle pics:


She even finds beauty in eagles and vultures communing over someone’s guts!

She marveled over the size of this merganser clutch!  I always wonder how they carry all those eggs myself!


I LOVED this photo of a heron (I think it’s contest-worthy, Mary):


Mary always takes this photo.  I don’t know why, but it reminds me of Wile E. Coyote.


Check out the contrast between one of our smoky/hazy days and a perfect day:

She always manages to treat me to a reflection or three;)






Good job as always, Mary!  You’ll outdo yourself again next year, I’m sure.  You simply rock!


Almost There

September 17, 2018

Hi there:)  I was looking at the calendar and realized we are almost finished with our 15th season.  Where does the time go?  The strangest phenomenon is that I’ll think, “When such-and-such gets here” or “I can’t wait to show this to…” and then I realize they’ve already been and gone for the season.  Socially, it all happens so quickly for me.

I’ve been so busy with cabin closings that I needed to remind myself what else I’ve been doing for the last month or so!  Well…I certainly picked A LOT of berries this season!  Debbie, Diane, Mary (taking photo) and I enjoyed a GREAT pick one day:


I joined my Canadian galpals in Ear Falls for a LOVELY luncheon:


Jenny and Kraig had a bit shorter visit than usual, so she and I had to cram A LOT into, like, 9 days!  We took an acrylic paint pour class with Kathy and Susie (awesome fun);


she and Kraig came for dinner for my birthday (I made yet another cake roll);


and we experienced this year’s final potluck, featuring an out-of-this-world sunset!


See what I did there?

While they visited, Kraig caught a fantastic SUNRISE and a huge northern!




Then, to wrap up this past whirlwind month, I headed to Evergreen, Colorado!


That’s a view taken from a hike to a glacier!  BEAUTIFUL!  I hiked there with my gal Sal, our buddy JoAnne and her hubby Joe.


Why Evergreen, you may or may not be asking.  ‘Cause Sal’s daughter Beth had a destination wedding there!  I was Sal’s “plus one”!  Here are Beth and Justin:


It was an INCREDIBLE wedding:)


I returned Saturday night to discover that it had finally rained (and rained, and rained) while I was gone.  Sunday morning we had a very hard rain accompanied by hail


There was bigger hail for a bit, but I chose to stay inside and not drown my i-pad or get pelted by ice.

Sandy and Eldon returned to TPC this year!  They had a wonderful time.  Sandy caught and released this 23″ walleye.  I think it looks bigger!


Eldon served as guide and therefore was rewarded with quality Gruper time;)


Bob released a 25″er as well.  He was fishing alone and had no camera, but if you knew Bob like we know Bob you’d believe him too!

We are at two cabins this week.  I’ve seen plenty of eater walleye and big, fat crappie so far in the buckets.

It’s time for a photo fest!  I’ll continue to share pics as I get through them.  I have some from you all on e-mail yet, as well as a couple of bigger folders, so be patient please!

Mitchell, Bob, Rob and Janelle were new to us a few weeks back.  They had a great time and caught plenty o’ fish!  They struck us as experienced anglers right off the bat, and we were correct.  ‘Twas Bob who caught the 42″ musky right in front of Camp!  Here are some of their trip’s highlights:

Bob and Mitchell found nice northerns!

Janelle found her fair share of fish, too!

Rob was in charge of boat operations, inuk-shuk creation and trying his darndest not to smile!


They group certainly enjoys themselves


and works as a team


They enjoyed a week of beautiful scenery as well:


Red “sun”day due to tons of smoke


Hang on a minute…what’s that along the shore???


I think it’s a moose.  Can we get a bit closer???

Cool!  Can we get even closer?



and just like that, where’s Waldo?


Perhaps this inspired Rob’s sudden animation?

Check out that smile!  Winner, winner


Take care!

Time for a Foto Fest!

August 29, 2018


Well, my birthday was Monday and I received the best present EVER–RAIN!!!  We had the most rain we’ve seen all season.  It was enough to perhaps make moving the docks a bit easier on Gruper.  We still need more but at least we got some:)  It had been a good month since we’d had more than a tiny sprinkle.  Thank you, God!

Last week was a good one at Tall Pines Camp!  We had a nearly mirror image of last year’s group.  We love it when all of our guests know each other.  We had one new group, and everyone else was well used.  Fishing was good and continues to improve.  1st and 2nd Lakes were producing walleye in their typical “fall” spots.  Depths started at 13ish’ and began deepening to about 18′ as the week progressed.  I added Jim and Bruce’s nice walleye to our Big Fish page.  I think I’ll put them here too (publisher’s prerogative):

Kraig is here bear hunting…cross your fingers for him.  We have one new batch this week (again), and everyone else is used.  Bucket reports indicate a lot of success on both eater walleye and keeper northern!

Curtis and Maggie returned a few weeks ago with their married Katrina in tow.  It scares me to think of Katrina married (and Sean engaged), as we first met these kiddos when they were pre-teens!  Katrina was a bit loon-y on this trip;)


They enjoyed watching the mergansers as well.  They’re doing that gathering thing they do…

This family always gets off to a slow start fishing.  Then they gather steam and end up just fine!



Thanks for the berry picking, reminiscing, and promise of another trip!

Fred and Bonnie were here several weeks ago with a large chunk of Fred’s tribe!


Bonnie gets crazy with the camera and knows it takes we a few weeks to sort the fodder:)  We’ll start with the kids and grandkids.  Miss Addison does it all in the boat!


Nice catch;)

That poor girl is the only female in a sea of males…brothers and cousins.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave are responsible for THREE of the boys…


All of the kiddos were looking forward to tubing!


Uh oh…where’s Rylan????


In a tree with Declan, of course…

Or hanging on the dock with Dad while Uncle Dave does an Irish jig…


They did see some rain during their visit…



Fred and Bonnie stayed two weeks this year.  That gave them ample time to enjoy the family and a second week to be retired!



I LOVE this picture:


Rain often brings rainbows!

Bonnie caught the merganser gathering too


It took me a while to figure out this one…duck butts!


Is it my imagination, or do these clouds look like kissing fish???


Just like this rock always looks like a fish (or a big nose)


They had their share of beautiful days:


Check out this glitter before and after the smoky hazes we’ve been getting:

More good scenery shots:

Check out these reflections!

Personal fave…


We’ve got sunset shots–going, going, gone!

And my favorite shot of all;)


Until next time…

The Adventures of Keegan & Declan

August 19, 2018

Hi there!  It’s beginning to feel a bit like fall here.  We’ve still had not one drop of rain but the ditches and fishing are looking more fallish every day.  I’ve added two walleye–Jeff’s 23″ and his wife Sue’s 25″–and one northern–Clark’s 36″–to our Big Fish page!  There were plenty of eaters as well last week.  Walleye were holding at 13-18′, with most being caught in 2nd and 3rd Lakes.  Our guests are still able to get everywhere they want to go, but the lake is about the lowest we’ve ever seen.

Potluck was small but delicious last week!  I whipped up some venison and wild rice stuffed peppers:


and another one of these evil blueberry zucchini cakes with lemon buttercream icing:


We had a very social group who enjoyed each other’s company.  They gathered for another “social hour” on Thursday!

This week’s group is all used except for newbie Brian’s threesome.  We think they’re off to a good start!

A few weeks ago, Keegan and Declan brought their mum and dad to Tall Pines Camp!  They are busy little anglers who found lots to do at Camp!  Of course they caught fish:



Sometimes they let their folks in on the fun:




They enjoyed all things boy!





They made friends (kids always find other kids)!  Hi, Rylan!


One morning the boys found a mysterious bottle washed ashore!


Its contents were odd:  a map and a key…


The grabbed their parents and headed to the island!  Using the map, they located the “X.”

Time to dig!

The found a treasure chest LOADED with loot!  They couldn’t wait to show their new friends!


We think if they play their cards right, the boys’ parents might get to come back…


and bring friends of their own!


Maybe Ryan will clean their fish…


and they’ll all sit on the grass and watch beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset!





Today marks the 8th anniversary of when we lost Mackenzie.  Special thoughts to my seester Rebecca, niece Jamie, and everyone else who still feels this loss like it happened yesterday.

Until next time…