A Good Week

May 28, 2017

Greetings!  Opening week went pretty well.  Frank was pretty tired of us and seemed happy to meet some guests, clean some fish, and get a glimpse of true Camp life.

Fishing was a bit funky.  Water temps are in the 50’s.  I figured walleye would have moved out a bit, but some folks were finding them at 4.5′!  Others were finding them a bit deeper, but 4.5′ seemed freakishly shallow.  Bruce’s group experienced the most success with a white or green jig head and a glittery blue twister tail (at least that’s when they left in their cabin).  Those guys are so nice and have such a great time.  It was particularly exciting to see Smedley;)

Big northerns were not in short supply last week!  Those who came looking for monsters were not disappointed!  I’ve added four to the Big Fish page (www.tallpinescamp.com…scroll to the bottom and click) and should be getting a few more pics.  Since I posted Scott’s on our Facebook page (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario), I’ll share it here as well.  He released this 47″ monster and is taking us up on our offer to pay the price difference to get a replica (so someone else can experience the thrill of catching the fish of a lifetime):


Wow.  That’s about all I have to say ’bout that.  Paul and Tony caught their share of big fish last week as well.  I’ve put two of Paul’s northerns and a smallie on the Big Fish page.  Here’s yet another beauty, beautifully released:



I like this pic Paul or Tony took…it just looks like the beginning of a perfect day:


Was this a big jumper or a “fish on”?  Either way, it’s fun!


Paul always find a few piggy perch during his visit.  I chuckled to myself when I saw the lower left-side of this pic.  Sushi in its truest form??  You know I’d try it!


Paul always gives me a sunset…probably the end of a perfect day knowing him:


Karl brought the whole fam damily (at least, I think it is….) this year!  He and son Keith have fished with us several times.  Last year we met Dorothy, and this year we got to meet Joel!


Walleye were tough for Karl and Keith this year but they never give up.  Karl ended up putting a 23″ and a 26″ on the Big Fish page!  Karl is very, very tall.  When he holds the fish they just don’t look very big:(  Here’s Keith–not short by any means–holding his dad’s big fish:



Nice!  It’s not like Keith didn’t catch any walleye…


We had some cold days last week.  Keith had appropriate head gear:


I LOVED this picture when I found it on Karl’s phone:)


Hope to see all of you next year!  Bring more if you have ’em, Karl!

It was no secret we missed Sandra and Eldon this year.  They’ve become opening week staples over the years.  However, Vicky and Jeff–under peer pressure from their buddy Mike–moved their annual visit to opening week:)  This was good for me!  They fish hard but they come in and enjoy a bit o’ socialization.  Vicky and I are both a bit nerdy (Bazinga!) and both enjoy copious amounts of sugar.  Oy.  Here are Vicky and Jeff:


The group of four (including Kirk, a neighbor/new guy) had good variety fishing for the week.  Vicky usually outfishes everyone, and the guys are good sports about it.  Here she is with a couple of fish:



Mike and Kirk each added big bass to the Big Fish page:)  Here’s Mike with a smaller bass:


and a walleye…


Beautiful!  Kirk is not tall like Karl and knows it;)  Here’s Jeff holding a perfect keeper northern and Kirk acting as a size reference!


Love it!

Vicky’s always good for a beaver shot; I’d be lost without this:


The group of four is not opposed to having some fun at day’s end:


I LOVE this picture, will close with this picture, and will miss all four of you until next time!






Opening Week, 2017

May 21, 2017

Greetings and “Happy New Year”!

Yesterday marked the beginning of our 14th season at Tall Pines Camp!  We have a nice-sized group for our first week, minus two “fixtures” of the past several years (we miss you, Sandra and Eldon).  Despite absolutely beautiful weather for the last week or so, the angling gods have smiled down–dropping the temperature, hiding the sun, and even bringing some rain.  Water temps are warmer than we like–50-55–but hopefully a couple of cold, drizzly days will take care of that.

Gut bucket readings indicate that our guests were able to find both walleye and northern.  I’ve had no big fish reports, but Gruper saw a nice photo op of a decent musky yesterday!  I’ll try to keep you apprised of the week’s happenings.

I spent a couple of evenings just enjoying the calm before the storm



when it’s sooooo quiet around here.  ’twill be a while before that happens again!  It was so quiet I could hear the falls:


I’m still kitchening quite a bit.  This morning I made almond cookies and will frost them with, yes, almond icing later today.  Earlier in the week I made tiger bars (almost too rich for me), and prior to that had whipped up my favorite oatmeal cake.


To earn all of this kitchen time I’ve had to do a bit o’ work as well!  I’ve been painting and staining quite a bit.  I painted the ducks on Cabin 11


and the Eagle’s Nest sign as well


The guys have been muy busy!  Of course, Frank had to learn about getting the docks in

docks and our tree

(look at our tree!  she has really come into her own!).

Anyone who has stayed in the Eagle’s Nest knows that the old paneling had seen better days.  The guys reframed the window and replaced the front wall last week:



The difference is unbelievable!  We have new front doors for the Eagle’s Nest and Cabin 7 as well:)

The nice weather has pushed my rhubarb into overdrive!


Can’t wait to incorporate that into some kitchen time!  Although we probably need to get me out of the kitchen before I need sugar rehab…

On an uber-happy note, our Navy nephew Jake and his Navy wife Jessi welcomed baby boy James Sidney just minutes before Mother’s Day:)  Big brother Jack is 5 and pretty smitten from what I hear!  That brings our “greats” head count to 9 (5 boys, 4 girls) healthy, happy kiddos!

Stay tuned for fishing reports later in the week!






2017 Arrival

May 7, 2017

Greetings and Happy New Year!

We arrived in Camp on April 29.  Our trip was uneventful, but we were greeted with quite a sight:



Despite warnings about the impending snow we stuck with our departure plan.  We had to drive pretty slowly for about 50-60 miles of 502 and unloading was a bit more difficult, but we survived.  Check out the open water!

The snow lasted only a few days because of tremendous sunshine and semi-decent temps.  This fox did not care for our arrival:


Besides the fox, we’ve seen two moose just north of the driveway, a beaver, three otters


no, no, no!  Three live otters swimming in front of Camp daily!

We’ve seen a cute bunny being courted by a very friendly grouse:


great grouse pic

great grouse 3

great grouse 2

I was hoping he would drum but no such luck:(  Frank saw a mama bear with two cubs today–very cool.  Oh, how rude of me!!!  Everyone, meet Frank:


He comes to us all the way from Newfoundland!  He arrived via bus on Thursday and begins work tomorrow.  He is looking very forward to meeting our guests!  Welcome, Frank!!!!

Cabin cleaning is well under way.  I am exhausted.  I allow myself reward time each day, e.g., yesterday I had kitchen time for a reward


I broke out the Veggetti and made a nice marina.  Gruper had whole wheat rotini instead of Veggetti.  He was out of homemade cookies so I mixed up some marbled chippers

marble cookies


I fanned napkins (and Sal doesn’t think I’m paying attention when she does that);)

Today’s reward was to get to do a quick blog entry.  You’ve been very patient waiting for me to fire her up!

I’ll close wishing my father, Herman, a happy Heavenly birthday…he’d have been 95 today.  He is joined this year by my biggest brother Dan, who just passed away on April 15 from lung cancer.  He was 64 and leaves behind the love of his life, Connie, our oldest nephew Danny and his wife ‘Nessa, our niece Wendy, and our great-nieces Mya, Alysha and Emma.  Needless to say, it’s been a bit tougher transitioning this year but I’m getting there.  Thank God the sun is shining!  Here’s Dan with Connie (notice his TPC cap) at our niece Anna’s wedding:

Dan and Connie


It’s 2017 Already???

February 8, 2017

So…it’s been a while eh?  I just realized you’ve not heard from me since the newsletter in November.  Here it is February already:(  Bad me.

I’ll start with bits of Camp news.  Gruper and I are still the owners of Tall Pines Camp.  We have no active lookers at this time (thank God, ’cause that would be a long drive for us to do a showing).  As I said in the newsletter, we do not anticipate an immediate sale.  Some of you have inquired if it’s still “us” up there; rest assured it is.

We have offered a dockhand position to Frank from Newfoundland.  He has accepted and seems excited to try his hand at Camp life.  Murray was a great find for us: staying four seasons, digging in and taking ownership of some big projects.  We appreciated his loyalty and dependability.  Toward season’s end it became apparent that our relationship was winding down.  Four years was longer than Murray had stayed with any camp, and he was growing restless.  Also, we knew we wanted someone more guest oriented, e.g., available to clean fish, chatting with guests in the evening, etc.  We wish Murray the best and greet Frank with open arms!  We hope you will do the same:)

Hmmmm.  That’s about all I know regarding Camp right now.  You can stop reading here unless you’d like some Gruper and Andrea updates.

Gruper returned home in time to have two surgeries:  an umbilical hernia repair and a more aggressive decompression laminectomy on his lower back.  Both procedures went very well and he is pretty much recovered!  He had been experiencing nearly constant numbness in his left leg, often requiring him to have to sit down quickly (or fall down).  He was in no pain–for which we were both grateful–but the numbness had been happening for a couple of years.  He survived our first sports show with flying colors and has been walking regularly.  The doc has been impressed with his recovery and released him nearly two weeks ago. I was impressed with what an easy patient he was!


I’ve been substitute teaching a bit.  I continue to have the same complaints:  too many students per class, very little “teaching” and more babysitting, poor pay, etc.  I’ve gone full circle:  I used to enjoy younger students, then preferred older elementary for a while, and have returned to primary grades!  My preference is still special education.

There’s been a bit o’ travel already;)  Me, my gal Sal, Jenny and Karen spent a perfectly perfect week in Cancun in late October.  We had a ball (I figured we would)!  Gruper and I just returned from a week in the Sarasota area–Lido Beach to be exact.  We had a couple of shaky days weather-wise but quickly warmed up and rested up!


Best bed-art EVER:


Crashing surf at Isla Mujeres:


Isla’s gorgeous coastline:


Please pardon the sideways and upside-down nature of some of these photos.  It shows them loading correctly, then skews them(?)  I “edit” and unskew/skew them hoping a change will “stick,” but alas.

A great find on a morning walk in Florida:


A pretty night:


Bird of Paradise:


Reflective sunset (not as good as you-know-where, though):


Happy couple trying to recharge their solar batteries:


Enjoying my view:


Great-baby #9 (boy #5) is in the hopper out in Washington state.  He will join our Navy nephew and niece and big brother Jack in April!  I’ve still not held #’s 7 & 8 who will be 1 soon; however, I plan to fly down to Florida just to meet them before heading back to Camp.

Kay turned 10 in January.  She and Gavin (almost 3) enjoyed pizza and cake at her party:


On our annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch we were able to get five greats in one chair.  Alysha (left) and Mya (right) are both six and in 1st grade!  Emma is 3.


Jack (almost 5) visited his grandparents in Springfield, IL, so Rebeccca and I went to visit him.  He is excited about a baby brother because there won’t be a lot of girl toys in the way.


Michael and Joshua (almost 1) are rumored to be amazing!


Ms. Freya continues to hang around.  I took an old sofa cushion’s guts and carved a hole in it for her.  She knew what to do when it got cold…poor thing.


Catch ya’ later!




October Already

October 7, 2016

Welcome back!

Our close-down efforts are in full swing.  I’ve washed and bagged all the beds.  Gruper has drained all the cabins and is shining floors with gym floor sealer.  I’ve got our quarterly paperwork in order.  All boats but ours are drained and stored.  Our boat will help Gruper get the docks to their winter storage bay down the lake.  We still need to do some work in “command central” (aka under the Bear’s Den) but we are looking pretty good.  The weather had been unseasonably beautiful until a couple of days ago when it turned windy, rainy and cold all at the same time!  It even snowed a bit yesterday…just a warning shot though.

Our 22nd wedding anniversary was last Saturday.  We fished and Gruper hunted.  We fished again on Sunday and AGAIN on Monday!  Gruper won Saturday (first, biggest and most); I took Sunday (first, biggest, most and variety); I took Monday but it wasn’t much to brag about!  Here are a few pics.  If you follow us on fb you’ve seen some of these but not all of them:)


The one on the left represents my average fish last Saturday, and I caught a gazillion of them!  The one on the right was more my norm on Sunday!  Here’s my variety point from Sunday–a perfect breakfast perch:



Such a lovely sunset to end a lovely day!

Our friends joined us for dinner last week.  I invited them for surf and turf a la Andrea (ostrich medallions in a cranberry reduction and halibut cheeks).  I made a cherry pie from Wayne & Shirley’s cherries for dessert–just in case everything else was inedible.

While Mike and Dawn were here, six of the guys took a one-day fly-out!  Gruper released three very nice 24″ walleye and everyone did well.  Here are a couple of Mike’s pics:


Mike and Dawn did just fine on Wabaskang as well!  They always do:)

They saw the merganser phenomenon we see very fall–a whole herd of them together.  It’s like dead flies when we arrive in the spring.


I loved their gold trees and red moss as well:

Bruce and Debbie were here in August.  They are busy people who just got around to sending me their pics;)  I like this one from a busy berry-picking day:


That’s Jenny on the far right (see you VERY soon, Senora)!

They saw a pair of loons and an awesome rainbow as well!



I think you can see all seven colors if you look closely.  I caught a rainbow in our wake last week:


While Buck was bear hunting, Chris and Lance were fishing and on-call for bear retrieval.  They took a very nice pic of Buck and his bear:


and his bear’s paw:


They had a hard time with walleye but found some nice northern right in front of Camp!



They did mix it up a bit!



We believe they accomplished their missions!  We know they had a good time!


I also stumbled upon an 18″ bass released by Steve O. during their September visit and added it to our Conservation Awards page (www.tallpinescamp.com).  I also (finally) updated a few pics of cabins, etc.

That’s about it for now, Folks.  You may get another post before Iowa becomes Home again…you may not.  I’ll be in touch though:)  Take care!


September 28, 2016

It happens every year:  suddenly we are done.  The work changes.  We go from day-to-day and week-to-week to we’ll be back in six months.  I’m bagging laundry and doing cabin inventories, Steve is pulling and servicing boats, and we’re sealing floors and locking doors.  Just like that…it’s done for another year.

We have a few bodies still in Camp.  Mike and Scott came back with a perfectly beautiful stringer of eight walleyes today.  Bless them for sticking it out!  Since Saturday the weather has been AWFUL.  Monday marked the fifth day in 13 years that we would say was unfishable.  High winds, 4+” of rain and cold nastiness made for a bad day to be a Camp owner!  Betty Ann and George gave up and went home Tuesday:(  The others stayed and were rewarded with a decent day today.  The rest of the week looks promising as well.

I phoned sister Rebecca Sunday night, warning her that we thought I’d broken my foot or ankle. It wasn’t anything romantic or poetic–I’d done it shampooing the carpets in our house!  Gruper iced and Aleved me.  He picked up dinner (you’d have to live here to understand).  I elevated it and prayed a lot that night.  Monday morning brought lots of improvement, and each day has been better.  I am walking like a normal person (I could not bear any weight Sunday evening)!  I’d say I’m 90% or better as I type:)

Our guys were here last week:)  We enjoyed their company immensely and received the shot in the arm to get us through until we are home again.  Jerry takes great pictures.  Here are a few:





I had an eagle shot of my own right outside our window one morning:


and a frog in our window well:


and a cat in a hiding place:


Back to Jerry, though!  Check out this sunset:


I think this bass qualified him for a Conservation Award!  I added Mac’s bass, Bender’s walleye and Jeff’s walleye to our page…I think I was remiss regarding Jerry’s bass:


What a pig, Jerry!  Beautiful.

Jeff and Jeff shared their pics (thank you)!  They were here for only four days and figured it out!  Jeff released a beautiful 25″ walleye (see Conservation page).  Here he is with a northern:


The guys understood the importance of conservation fishing!  They kept perfect eaters and let LOTS o’ fish go!





That’s a great mixed bag, guys!

Holes in the sky:


Harvest moon:


The guys caught great sunsets:



They played with special effects as well:



Speaking of suns, check out this incredible pic of last week’s sun dog!  Frank did a great job:


Neal and Marji shared two weeks with us again this year (thank you)!  They seem to truly enjoy their time up here.  Marji caught a nice slot northern:


Obviously that’s not Marji.  She’s a bit like me when it comes to big fish with teeth:  let the guy hold it!  She was not afraid of this perch, however:


I would have been nervous about these white caps!


Even if the clouds had silver linings…


Marji always gets good moss pics:







If you don’t love this red moss, there’s something wrong with you!


Here are just some nice scenic pics:




I LOVE this water abstract!


Here’s a nice representation of our “Big 4”:


A splashing duck


and a happy Buck


One thing’s for certain, though:  they may have been fishing here but it’s not their jig caught in the tree!


Thanks, Nemar!  We hope to see you next fall…or sooner!

I entitled this pic from my camera “Beer Can Sunset.”


The only thing prettier on a Canadian fall day…


Gruper the grouse hunter;)  Until next time…




Special Guest Blogger

September 18, 2016

Greetings from Andrea first.  Gruper and I just returned from a lovely half-day of fishing!  We did very well, catching perfect 16-17″ fish at each of our stops.  We kept four (our limit) and released many!  I took the variety point with one perch; otherwise everything was walleye!


The fall fish have started (finally)!  Last week we had a 25.5″ and at least two 23.5″ fish released!  Good friends from home are here this week and I expect great things from them (as well as more fishing for me)!

Funny note:  last week we had 3 Bobs, 2 Neals (Neil), 2 Eddies (Ed), 2 Rons (Ronnie), and 2 Jeffs in Camp.  I like it when they make it easy for us!  Please read on and enjoy an entry from our special guest!

Guess who????  Yes, it’s me Hanna for the third year in a row!


I still hold honors as the only guest blogger Andrea has had–I think she likes me a lot!  I visited Tall Pines Camp again with Jim, Mary and Nick.  We had a good time (as always).  Mary was disappointed that the blueberries are all done–as is Andrea–but she found lots of mushrooms to photograph instead:






Sometimes while she wandered around looking for fungi I took a nap:


Jim and Nick caught some walleye:



Nice one, Nick;)  I suppose this was your perch too???


On the days Mary fishes, she tends to outdo the guys–even when they name her pole “Guppy Getter”:


Fishing makes me so tired I sometimes take a nap when we get back to the cabin:


Is it my imagination, or does it look like a fish is jumping out of the cloud on the right???


These dark clouds made me so scared I hid in Nick’s coat:


I don’t like storms one bit:(

No one shot a bear while we were at Tall Pines Camp, but I saw on Facebook (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario) that Buck shot one last week:


Wow…I’m not sure I want to be around when a bear comes in!  I’m not afraid of eagles, though:



or loony loons–even when their feathers are ruffled:


While Mary takes naturey photos, I sometimes stretch my legs by doing retrieves.  Andrea loves this picture:



Talk about exhausting…even Jim needs a nap after we play:


Mary found some great stuff in the bush this year besides fungi:



Doesn’t this moss look like a spider’s web???





beaver wood!



This stump looks hairy!


Is it my imagination or does this stump look like Wile E. Coyote??


We always visit some tried-and-true spots:



Mary always takes time to enjoy the beauty around us!










This is one of Andrea’s favorites:


Mary is a quilter and has a dry sense of humor:


Here’s a nice sunset:


This hole in the sky reminded Andrea of when the Red Hats were here last month:


which reminded her that she hadn’t posted their pictures yet!

All seven guys returned this year (Rich, #8, has apparently abandoned the group…):


The original three (because the 4th has gone AWOL):


Andrea was trying to scrunch down in this pic…like she’s so tall she would have blocked anyone…


The sky was great that evening:



with an incredible hole from those we love and miss:)


Andrea’s friend Dawn is here this week!  This one’s for her:


So, I was in noooo hurry to go home this year and even left my leash in our cabin.  I needed all the rest I could get at Camp because when we got home, we got this…


It’s name is Omar and I don’t know if I like it yet:(  Until next year, this is Hanna signing off.







Catching Up

September 11, 2016

Greetings!  I’ve been able to go through some photos and put together a nice photo fest for us this week.  I’ve also got new blog fodder thanks to Mary and Brenda, and I know I’ll get some from Nemar this week as well.  All things considered, you’re stuck with me for at least a few more entries this season!

Last week brought a few more walleye:)  Many in the 20-22″ range were released (thanks!).  Here’s a pic from Robb:


Bob H. (one of the two in Camp for a couple of weeks) reported that walleye are deep and scattered.  He’s working at about 28-32′.

I added an incredible pic of Brenda with a 26″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Page.  That’s an inch or two shorter than last year’s release from her!  They come for the lake trout but seem to do OK on huge walleye in my opinion!

Brad and Devin were here a month or so ago.  They had a tough start but picked up speed as the week progressed!  Here are some nice fish pics from them:







This pic still cracks me up!  The bass on the right is nothing short of a freak!


These guys were also able to score a nice sunset progression:



Tom and Carrie were here several years ago.  They said they’d be back, and by golly they even brought kin!  Diane and Kurt joined them for a week of fishing and relaxation.  Here’s a good mixed bag:


They were able to enjoy a good shore lunch during their visit:


They caught one of the few moose pics for this season:


Here’s a great eagle’s nest.  We were unable to determine if that’s another adult or an eaglet in the nest…you be the judge:


Thanks, Guys!  We hope to see you again (and again, and again…)!

We (finally) received a pic of Mark’s 13.75″ perch.  It’s been added to the Conservation Awards Page (www.tallpinescamp.com).  I liked this “proof” picture though:


We received our drone photos!  The quality is incredible.  I preferred the aerial shots over the frontal ones.  I’ll probably use one of my own shots for a frontal view and this one from the drone for an overhead view of the entire camp:


Beautiful (if I do say so myself)!

I’ve had a couple of tomato harvests off my scrawny plant this year:


Rhubarb AND cherry tomatoes–a banner year for my crops!

There’s a lovely family of toads living in our window well this year.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had them in there.  I saw a mama and seven babies!  This baby crawled onto its mama when I took their picture:


It honestly doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Remember when an otter crawled into Skip’s fish basket to steal fish…and it drowned?  We finally got it back:


Freya liked it a little too much and I had to put it out of her reach.  I think it was the fur.

Speaking of Skip, his buddy Mike’s dad Dean sent us a cool photo from earlier this season.  We think it could be a Lac Wabaskang Monster:



I attended glass class again this week!  I decided to make a trivet to match my Iowa back splash:


It will look good in my kitchen…trust me!

Tony and Jack returned last month and brought Matthew.  Tony usually sends me big fish pics.  This trip, however, he sent me wake photos:



and my favorite will be my closer this week:


See you next week!  I think we’ll have a guest blogger….


And Suddenly…September (& Troy’s turn)

September 4, 2016

It’s so hard to believe that September has arrived!  It seems like just yesterday we were arriving for our 13th season.  Wow…time really does fly when you live in six-month increments.

Gruper and I were able to get our for my belated birthday fishing last Monday.  It was a good day to see what we could find.  We ended up doing well on walleye but it took a while to find them.  When we hit 26.5’…BAM!  We did really well from 26.5-30′.  I caught first (it was dinky, but it was first); I’d say we were tied for most (8ish each); Gruper took variety due to this:


So, as he was reeling it in I’m all like, “It’s a perfect ceviche size!!!” and he’s like, cringing because he HATES putting them in the net, the boat, etc.  Anyway, it was 28″, 1/2″ too long to keep:(  RATS!  Not only does he get to live, but his presence scared off our walleye.  Drat.

Anyway, I digress.  Gruper also took the point for biggest, releasing this beautiful 21″ walleye:


You’d think the least he could do for my birthday is let me catch the biggest walleye!  I’m hoping we can sneak out this week again.  Cross your fingers for us.

Our guests had to work hard for their fish again last week.  Adam and Nick win the award for perseverance.  Those two guys fished HARD, and their cabin ended up taking home their walleye limits as well as a bunch o’ perch.  The guys were dismayed, though, because them come for the perch and had to work so hard for the walleye that they didn’t fill their limits.  Mark (our June perch master) might have to share, eh Adam?

I enjoyed a little away time with two lovely ladies.  We attended an acrylic class.  I decided great-nephew Jack needed something for his walls.  He’s a Seahawks fan so I tried to do their colors:


It was fun and relaxing.  Debbie and Anita rock:)

Our island friends were here, like, weeks ago.  We always enjoy our time with them though it goes too quickly.  They come here to relax, fish, and get away from it all.  They shared some great fishing pics this year.  Here’s Natalie with a sampler platter:




Katelyn does her share as well:




Nice photo bomb, Emma!  Speaking of whom, here’s Emma with some catches:



I wonder what Jennifer can do with these perfect eaters?


Perhaps stuff them…


Those girls don’t, like, totally unplug for the two weeks.  While at potluck they check in with the home front:


and spend some time with the Camp hostess:


We are always invited out (and sometimes even show up uninvited) for a quiet evening at the cabin.  Family dog Rudy DOES NOT like men.  Most men, that is:


He was even sporting Steve’s Best Bud apparel!  Hilarious friendship there!

So, Troy does a bit o’ fishing himself:




but mostly I think he and Jennifer just truly enjoy two weeks of awayness.  Here are their takes on some local scenery:









Here are some reflection-y shots:






Nice segue for terrific sunset shots.  This was that week of unlimited colors!






I’ll close with, hands down, my favorite shot that Troy sent.  It kind of messes with you!  Have a great week!





A Belated Birthday Post…

August 28, 2016

from me!  Camp owners should never have to celebrate their birthday on a Saturday!  There’s entirely too much going on and we’re extremely too tired to call it a birthday.  Luckily I celebrated a couple of times throughout the week with Kraig-the-bear-hunter, his wife Jenny, the Red Hats and the Other Hats!

Perch fishing continued to be very good.  Folks were catching their walleye but still having to work harder than expected for this time of year.  Tim released a 38″ northern and I think we had a couple of other big fish (pictures, please) to add to our Conservation Awards Page.  Cross your fingers for this week’s group.  We have mostly new guests who need to have a great week.

Kraig, Kraig, Kraig.  He got himself a dandy bear again (his 5th with us; 2nd largest of the five).


He looks a little crazed there…Kraig that is.  Here’s a morning-after pic:

Guys and Bear

It was a nice bear:  310 lbs. dressed out!





That pic wouldn’t stay rotated but it looked like the bear was standing on his head!

Good job, Kraig.  Jenny, good luck finding a spot in your new house…

We have another hunter in Camp this week.  We’ve been collecting some fun trail cam shots from our camera as well as Kraig’s.  There’s a party going on out there every night!




Wolf eye and bear eye…


Angry bear…


Curious bear…


Beautiful bear!




Brett and Karen returned with the kids a few weeks ago.  Karen always takes nice pictures.  Picking berries is a definite tradition!


The family usually enjoys a shore lunch day with a little exploring as well:


Fishing is their primary purpose, though!






Tricia talked Dad into a pedal boat ride!


She also became a duck momma’!  She had a few of them following her around Camp…even waiting for her to come out of her cabin!



The sunsets were great during their stay:



This one came after a particularly violent storm–the calm after perhaps?


My fave pic from Karen this year is because she knows my tastes well…look for the reflection;)  What a cool interpretation!


We had some guests a few weeks back who were here, like, 30 years ago!  They brought some fun pics and I scanned a few.  Cabin 2 is still standing.  The docks, however, have changed significantly!


The scenery was a hot photo topic even back then!


Very cool!  Thanks for sharing!

Guess what???  All of our roofs are done!  Murray finished Cabin 2 and the Bear’s Den hot tub gazebo:



Our contractor did the Eagle’s Nest and, last but not least, our house!



Lots of hard work…


A guy with a drone is coming today!  We want all new photos for sports shows, Camp sale, etc.  I’ll share the good ones!

The Browns were here a couple of weeks ago.  Jim added, like, three big fish to our Conservation Page (I still would love a pic of Mark’s perch…).  I loved this panoramic photo:


Check out the silhouette on the wake:


They, too, caught a great sunset:


This seems like a good stopping point for this entry.  Stay tuned and have a great week!