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Hard Work!

June 26, 2018

Oh, summer, she is upon us!  Last week’s mayfly sightings and hot, humid temps were our first signs.  We began this week with a 40-degree drop in temps overnight and a huge electrical storm.  Add to that the continued mayfly hatch and you have your work cut out for you if you are an angler this week!

Last week’s guests were the most diligent we’ve seen!  They got out there and worked it!  I posted big walleye from Jeanine, Ryan C., Johnny and a late one from Jim Q., northerns from Johnny; and bass from Johnny and John.  I think I’m doing pretty well at keeping up with the photos–if not, please forgive me!  The hatch had walleye anywhere from 2-10′.  Johnny left a great report:  he was using a #18 floating Rapala jerk bait.  Smallies were on topwaters (one specific product was a Whopper Popper).  Johnny’s 47″ northern was caught while fly fishing!  Again, everyone was out there hustling.

Tony decided to fish off the dock a few times.  This was nice!


Wayne and Shirley returned for their annual adventure.  They saw the North Bay Moose


and THREE of these on their way home


On the lake they saw a few things as well:



That might be a sport show pic;)  Thanks for bringing friends, too!  We’ll see you next year!


John and Tony brought wives and friends!  Rich was new to us and has a nice bass:


John found a bigger perch than Wayne’s…


He got to hold his wife Jeanine’s 25″ walleye too!


What a beautiful fish!  Thanks for putting her back, Jeanine!

Ryan R. and his boys returned for another great year!  Laura stayed home, leaving Ryan to tend to his sons’ angling needs.  I guess I should mention that Brayden and Parker are 7 and 5; bear in mind that this isn’t their first trip to Tall Pines Camp…which means this isn’t their first rodeo AT ALL…





They can’t all be giants (but it’s bigger than Wayne’s)…


Sometimes Dad gets to fish…

but what to do with the boys????


or you can just let them be boys…



and that’s a big part of the secret to making them want to fish forever!  Thanks for sharing them again–they are certainly something!  Hopefully Laura will join you guys again next year:)

OK…time to go.  I loved this pic John took last week so it’s my closer!


Life is Beautiful

June 19, 2018

Hi there!  I realize I’m incredibly late but things have been very, very busy around here.  I’m embarrassed to say that I have precious little blog fodder due to the craziness.  I forgot to ask my guys (AG/KB) for their camera card, which usually provides us with at least one entire entry.  I’ll bet Mary had some nice fish pics, but she blew out of here with a swollen appendix.  Several folks owe me big fish pics, and my excuses go on and on:)

Last week was an incredible week fishing-wise, weather-wise and guest-wise.  Nearly everyone was a used guest, with the occasional newbie thrown in for good measure.  Walleye and perch were plentiful!  Our Perchmaster Mark was here.  Good grief, even fishing for bass they found piggy perch!  I know that Ann, Jim, Mark and Kobie all released walleye at least 24″!  It was just a very good week all around!  Most angers reported walleye around 10′.

This week is going to be warm (again).  The mornings are great but give way to some heat in the afternoon.  Bass are coming out to play big time (Whopper Popper was a particular favorite of one guest).  We are seeing some pesky mayflies on Keynote and North Bay; however, we’re still seeing walleye, perch, bass and northern as well.  Cross your fingers for a small, quick hatch!

Steve B. was here a couple of weeks ago.  He’s been coming to Tall Pines Camp for longer than we’ve been here!  He left me with some beautiful scenery shots:


Check out these reflections!


My personal fave:


Thanks, Steve!  See you next year!

Wes and Nancy returned this year with Brad and Mary (appendix woman).  I believe Wes told me that he and Nancy were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary–Congratulations!  They decided to add bodies to their original four and brought Abigail and Hiram along!  Rumor has it that Hiram may need a fishing intervention!  Here are some of Wes’s photos (btw:  he does more than just dabble in photography)!

Both sets of falls caught his (and Abigail’s) eye this year:



I loved these views from above…

It may have been Wes and Nancy’s anniversary, but love was in the air everywhere (nice shirt, Nancy)!


I really liked this pic of Brad and Mary (pre-appendix attack):


Something about this photo struck me as Herculean…


As much as we dislike pelicans around here, these pics were pretty cool:



Wes didn’t disappoint when it came to sunsets!

I liked these pink clouds…


I was able to grab a few photos this week.  We’ve been quite turtle-y this year, and this guy was cruising the driveway by Cabin 5.  I chased him into the grass so he didn’t get squished by an unsuspecting motorist:


Darlene and I have been staining the house.  While I was trimming a basement window, this toad jumped up to get my attention!


I’ve also been squeezing in time to plant flowers (finally)!  I didn’t need to plant these lupines; Gruper keeps spreading seeds every fall and it seems to be working!


We’re light almost ’round-the-clock these days.  I awoke around 11:00 a couple of nights ago and could tell the sky was worth a look.  Here’s what I saw:


Nice, eh?

Until next time!


Whirlwind (or is it a landslide?)

June 10, 2018

UPDATE:  Mary left Friday morning for the hospital.  Her appendix was giving her fits.  She spent the night in Dryden, and Brad picked her up on his way home Saturday.  I received a call this morning FROM MARY.  They drove straight home yesterday.  Her appendix was ready to pop, so she had surgery at 9:00 last night and will be home tomorrow.  Wow…what a way to end a vacation, eh???  Heal quickly and God bless, Mary!

Wow!  That week flew by quickly!  We had a lot going on around Camp–as we always do this time of year–and just when we hit our stride, it’s time to start all over!  Fishing was good, and Mark got a workout cleaning fish for our guests.  We saw lots of great eater walleye and perch, as well as some just right northerns.  I’ve caught up on the Big Fish page (I think): (scroll down and click when you see the Big Fish icon).  William released 24 and 26″ walleyes; Skip released a fat 39.5″ northern; Dave and William each added 19″ish smallies; and I’m waiting for some additional photos.  Thanks in advance…

Our first potluck was a carnivore’s paradise!  I did venison loaf and rhubarb upside-down cake.  We had meatballs, chicken, ribs, sausage bread, a meaty pasta dish, etc.  Chris made a yummy bean salad and a made coleslaw–that was ’bout it for veggies!  Suffice it to say we had a batch of happy anglers!

Last week’s guests pretty much all know each other due to annual roll-over.  It’s so funny when they see each other!  They’re also very helpful with fishing spots and techniques.  Skip and William helped out Chris and his son Finn.  I was delighted when Finn reported releasing a 23″ walleye!  I know that pic will be coming, and I’ll certainly share it!  That was one proud young man!  Stay tuned for more pics from last week in the near future.

This is Paul


He was part of a group of four who visited two weeks ago.  These guys can fish!  Paul added a 24″ walleye to the Big Fish page.  He caught a few more fish as well…

Here’s Paul with his dad Bob


Those fellas had a meal that night!


Bob added a 36″ northern to the big fish page!  He, too, caught some nice fish during their stay



Paul and Bob were hanging out with Terry


and Brian (who caught a cute northern)


Brian’s catches improved along the way; he added a 19″ smallie and a 25″ walleye to the Big Fish page!  Here are a couple more of his fishes…


Terry was the man to beat, though!  He added 3, 25″ walleye, a 26″ walleye and a 36″ northern to the Big Fish page!


I think I spied a key to their success and a possible angling aid in this photo…


They liked whistler jigs and/or roadrunners with twister tails attached. They were going light (1/8 oz.) ’cause the fish are still shallow.

These guys are here for more than the angling though.  They enjoy their time together and they truly enjoy God’s country!  Here are some nice photos:


I think sunbeams find these guys



But it wasn’t all sunshine–rain’s a comin’!


I loved this hole in the sky and the great clouds


A familiar sight around Camp;)


I’m guessing they saw humor in this…do your laundry, buy some tackle…you can also buy water dispenser refills in there!


The guys enjoyed some very nice sunsets during their stay…

My personal favorite….


I’ll close with my favorite pic of theirs:)  Have a good week!


Winter’s Back!

June 3, 2018

Wow!  It is cold and rainy here!  Things started going south mid-week and just continued to increase in nastiness!  Add to that a midnight power outage Friday–making for Camp turnover without power yesterday–and I think I’ll hibernate for a while!  The forecast assures me that things will be better as the week progresses.  I sure hope so….brrrr!  Honestly, Gruper has built a fire in the house for two days now:(

Fishing, on the other hand, was fantastic last week!  We had a super group of people who also happened to be super good anglers!  Many large fish were released.  Reports were 6-10′ for walleye.  Greg’s group were here on a short stay and had a super time.  They shared hot spots that have not disappointed!

Tom and Carol estimated that they released more than 20 fish greater than 20″ long:)  Here are a couple of their walleye releases:



That one was one of many Carol caught that day!  She proclaimed that it was one of her best angling days EVER!  We love hearing that!  Not only that, they roadtripped to Red Lake on a rainy day and saw THREE moose!  Tom usually finds a good northern or two


and they always find plenty to eat!


Another thing we love to hear is when guests can’t find walleye small enough to keep!  We heard that a couple of times last week.  Bob and his group had incredible fishing nearly every day.  His group are true men of God who come for the fellowship, the fishing and the chance to spend a week in God’s country!  Terry is a super angler.  He reported boating 60 walleye one morning.  Their group was over 100 walleye one day, and on their last day they released four, 25″ walleye!  Terry released a beautiful 26″ as well.  I’ll go through their (many) photos and devote next week’s entry to their group:)

Kevin first visited us YEARS ago.  He returned last year, bringing his wife, daughter and parents.  They returned last week and had a BLAST!  Their fishing was off the charts for size!  Sherry, his mom, caught (and released) per personal best:  a 25″ walleye!


Beautiful!  Kevin, Ruth and Dave all released big, healthy fish as well:




They were not short of eaters either




These eagles found something as well!


Emma did not have any big fish photos; however, she did have a very lovely vacation with her parents and grandparents.  She found time for a manicure,




and crafting with Andrea!  Here is her salted silk scarf:


She is a great kid who is truly high on life!  We thought we needed a selfie so we wouldn’t forget each other until next year:


Yes, that’s right:  they’re coming back next year!  We’re happy about that ’cause these are great people


who know the road to happiness and great memories!left turn

While Emma pedalboated, I tried out my new toy (it’s a paddleboard/kayak combo)


The pollen on the lake before this cold snap was remarkably beautiful!


Then winter returned (kind of)!  I’ve been spending time indoors with Ms. Freya who has a gentle reminder during these crazy busy weeks:



Thanks for respecting our wishes and waiting until noon!  We truly appreciate it!

Until next time!