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A Great Start to a New Year!

May 27, 2013

Hi! I’ll bet some of you were looking for me yesterday. There just wasn’t enough time to do a worthy entry. I have a lot of good photos to share and needed extra time to get them ready. Thanks for your patience.

Fishing ended on a GREAT note last week! I’ve put all of Week 1’s Conservation Award winners on our website: (scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the link). I’ll try to put some on our newly-created Facebook page as well (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario). Bear with me as I get used to that whole gig! Justin W. is now the sole leader of consecutive conservation awards; we’ve been doing the program for nine years and he has received awards for seven of them! John and Marie would have had their 9th this year–I’m certain–but they were unable to be with us. Hopefully we’ll see them again next year and they can start on a new string of big fish releases!

Walleye are being found shallow (5-6′), so Keynote, Gawley’s and the narrows are popular spots. The water temp is cooler than usual so everything is going to be a bit behind schedule.

Sandra and I went moose stomping a couple of times last week. She needed some moose poop and I needed to get away. She spotted this grouse perched in a tree–something I don’t see often at all:


We saw many tracks. This one is awfully big–wolf or large cat?


Our best find was actually Sandra’s: what we think is a wolf den. We were pretty darned excited! Its location and everything about it screams wolf. If you look carefully you can see both the main entrance and what we think is the back door off to the right:


Gruper and I went to Ear Falls last Tues. We finally saw our first moose of the season. What a beauty:


Kevin and Justin gave me their camera cards for great pics. I’ve taken my faves from Kevin and will share them now. Justin’s…maybe later yet this week. We’ll see. This is a large group who’ve been coming far longer than we’ve been here. It’s cool that they still see the beauty all around them while they’re here. I enjoyed some of Kevin’s perspective shots using his panoramic setting. I hope they work well in this format.

Kevins blue perspective

kevins blue perspective2

kevins falls out perspective

Kevins shiny panoramic

Kevins morning perspective

Here’s the channel going into Keynote (I think):

Kevins keynote channel

I called this one Sunset Wake:

Kevins sunset wake

The rock on the left reminds me of a snail or a beckoning finger:

Kevins finger or snail rock

You’ve heard of the fork in the road, but a fork in the lake????

Kevins fork in the road

Now these guys are real fishermen as well. Reports of 100+ walleye per day per boat are not uncommon. From our Conservation Awards page you can see that they love to hunt big northerns as well. They said they released a ton of smallies between 16-18″. Here’s the best part: they have a good time all week with each other. Here’s some evidence:

Justin and John

I’m guessing if you are close enough to take a photo of that shirt…

If you can read

Alex took a pic:

Kevins alex photoing

then a nap:

Alex napping

These guys fish regardless of conditions. Here’s a bit of foggy fishing:

foggy fishing

Today hit 70 with bright, bluebird skies–not the best day for walleye fishing. Alex and Tanner were ready for some water sports! I saw one of them jump into the lake–then climb right back out;) It’s a bit cold yet. Grant promises he’ll jump in by week’s end in honor of Aaron who couldn’t join his usual group this year. We’ll see if Grant’s a man of his word:) Alex and Tanner settled for a trip in the pedal boat:


That’s it for now. Please remember–if life hands you lemons…


MAKE LEMON BARS! Until next time.

Mike Ewoldt Rocks!

May 23, 2013

Mike Ewoldt Rocks!

And so it begins…

May 20, 2013


Already with the goose poop! Can you believe it? They’re trying to invade–we will prevail! A family or two would be fine but they keep inviting more friends.

Here we are, Day 2 of our 2013 adventure! There are already THREE Conservation Awards!!! Dawn got one for a Piggy Perch yesterday; this piggy was 12.5″:

Dawn's 12.5 perch

Mike and Dawn had an awesome day yesterday overall! Here are a few fishing pics from them:

nice stringer

two walleyes

Northern on!!!

northern on

This one was a nice slot-size of 31″:

Mike's northern

Sandra and Wilma went to Ear Falls a couple of days ago. They saw two moose (I haven’t even seen one this year)! Sandra got a couple of nice shots of this button bull:



I mentioned that we’ve had a few Conservation Awards so far, didn’t I??? Well, Sandra released a 24″ walleye today and Eldon released a 25″ walleye today! You guys rock:)



I’ve also heard talk of a nice lake trout caught today. Hopefully, they got a pic or two. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again this week! Until then…

Ice??? What ice?

May 16, 2013

Happy Thursday-before-opener!  We trust everyone is fine.  Gruper, Murray and I have been busy gearing up for our first week of action.  We’re expecting our first arrivals this afternoon–Sandra, Eldon and Wilma:)  Mike and Dawn could be here tonight or tomorrow, depending on Mike’s “drive.”  Everyone else is due tomorrow night or Sat. morning. 

When we awoke Tues. we still had a couple of large “icebergs” on 1st Lake. Fortunately, the day brought lots of wind and even some thunderstorms. Here’s what we started with:


The smoky look is above ice:


As the windy day progressed the ice started moving toward shore:



The storms were dark, noisy and rainy. It would get very nice between them, and the sky was gorgeous more than once that day:


Once the ice began hitting the shore and stacking up it became very apparent why Gruper can’t put the docks in until all the ice is gone:


Wednesday morning was much calmer. All that remained of the icebergs was LOTS of broken black ice:


The sun’s been out ever since. We’re patiently (?) waiting for the last of the chunks to melt. As soon as they do, Gruper can focus on putting the docks in place. Of course we need a perfectly calm day for that to happen. Today would have been PERFECT if not for the ice in the way of the dock stations. I’ll close with what I awoke to this morning. I call it “reflection perfection”


Thank You, Patty Morgan

May 12, 2013

Holy cow! It’s been a bit chilly up here for a couple of days. Yesterday was probably mid-20’s after windchill. We still have to get work done around here ‘though I’d like to just curl up by the woodburner and read a good book. Anyway, Murray and I had some work to do under the Bear’s Den–organizing, unpacking, etc. I was snug and toasty thanks to the warm, super-soft leggings I got for Christmas from our very good friend Patty Morgan. Thanks again and Happy Mother’s Day to you:) Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who qualify as well.

Yesterday was truly miserable. It was brutally cold and very, very windy. Add to that a dismal, gray sky and you get one blah Andrea! The wind is good for ice breaking and removal, though, so I considered it a blessing…kind of. Here’s a look toward the boat ramp from the deck of the outside office:



We drove down Sleepy Dog Road and took a look at some of 2nd Lake:


We also drove down Jim and Julie’s Road for a peek at the south end of things. They have a big hole but not as big as we thought.

We awoke today to bountiful sunshine, a little less wind, and warmer temps. Gruper is feeling quite a big better–thanks to mega antibiotics–so he decided to put in a boat and push some ice. Both Gawleys and Peffleys have been doing the same thing from time to time.



Gruper was pretty successful as breaking some of the ice. It floated to our shoreline:


Suffice it to say that waiting for ice to melt is a bit like waiting for water to boil. Given the forecast, we are confident that most of the lake will be ready for opener on Saturday. We figure it will be 100% clear during opening week. We’ve heard from most of our incoming guests, and they are planning to stick to the schedule. We are glad to hear it!

Tonight is the Survivor finale. I think I’m rooting for Cochran. Steve cannot stand him, so I’m not sure who he’s for. Perhaps we’ll have delicious leftover stirfry?


I’m also planning to cut-out curtains. Thanks to everyone who has offered their sewing abilities, especially my Mountain of a Woman Sandra who says she can sew like crazy (the things you never know about a person). Perhaps she’s a real “sewing machine.” Sorry…


May 10, 2013

Hi there.

I had a little time this evening and thought I’d do a quick post. Many of you have made contact regarding the ice situation. We’ve had good temps and a nice breeze which have helped tremendously. Gruper could see open water at the narrows today. There’s still a big piece of ice between that water and our “big hole,” but the ice is black, soft and honeycomb-y which means it won’t last long. We’re supposed to continue with warm temps, hitting 70 again in the next few days. We remain optimistic. I’ll continue to share pics now and again either here or on our Facebook page.

Murray started work today. He’s from Dryden and has tourist camp experience (a plus). He seems pretty handy. Be sure to make him feel welcome when you visit:


We have a ton of loon, duck, and goose activity in and around the big hole. I looked out today and saw this blue heron right outside our window! I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to one before:


Gruper’s been sick since before we left Iowa. He saw the dr. up here this week and has a nasty upper respiratory infection (shades of my pneumonia last year). I thought some good food would help him out! I made chicken a la king from scratch. It was delicious if I do say so myself!


Just in case it didn’t turn out I had a back-up plan: mint chocolate chip and walnut cookies


Other than that we’ve been spring cleaning the cabins. All of them besides loggers 1 and 2 should be done by day’s end tomorrow. I’m washing curtains and have discovered that I may need to sew some new ones (ugh). Sewing is not my forte. Gruper and Murray got out the golf carts today as well as some other motorish stuff. I saw a boat heading toward our ramp which means they’ve begun preparing the fleet for when we get the docks in. Stay tuned.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who qualify in case I don’t do a post prior to Sunday:)

April 30, 2013

May 2, 2013

Greetings, Everyone!

We have arrived safely in Camp for the 2013 season. Our trip was uneventful. Here’s what greeted us:



Can you see the temp (look next to the good-looking fellow in the mirror)?


Besides being cold, it is quite beautiful. I took this pic along 105:


You’ll need to know we’ve started a Facebook page. I’m not sure how things will play out yet. I’ll still post here and do an abridged version on Facebook; however, if one proves easier than the other, I’ll eventually just make it easier on myself. Each forum certainly has its strong points. Stay tuned.

We finally met our first great-nephew Jack this spring. He is already a year old. Here he is with our three great-nieces (we’re expecting another in August):


Kayla is loving kindergarten. She’s a great reader! She took this pic of her gram and me:


Gruper and I sneaked away for a week in Marco Island, Florida, with Pat and Patty. It’s nice to see we’re not the only folks with this problem:


We dined at the Turtle Club which is known for it’s great sunsets. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I think we can challenge this:


I know this entry is short but at least it’s an entry!!!! We’ll get things up to speed around here in no time:) Talk to you soon!