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Quick Updates

September 30, 2011

Hidy Ho!

Things have slowed down considerably around here and we’re having a great time just enjoying fall!  The weather has been outstanding!  We’ve been fishing quite a bit.  Gruper’s been grouse hunting as well.  The colors are as good as I can remember in our eight years.  I’ve grown to love cedar trees (as long as they keep their stuff):

The photo doesn’t do them justice right now.  The orange needles that they drop later make them really pretty now.  There’s like an orange aura around them.  Here are some other good foliage shots:

Wild life has been at a premium.  Darrell and Doris saw a bull moose, a couple of buck deer and some grouse on their drive to Ear Falls earlier this week.  We had a bull moose trying to canoodle with a cow across the Lake two mornings in a row this week.  There was also a calf hanging around the cow.  We think the bull was “ready” and the cow not so much.

Here are a loon and a gull we photoed while fishing this week:

We added a fish to the Conservation Awards Program page.  Gruper released a FAT 19″ smallie!  He also had this incredible northern on line for about 15 minutes.  I messed up with the net which was all he needed to make a break for it!  The girth on this fish was awesome:

The weather was cool enough one day for me to wear perhaps the coolest footwear I’ve ever owned:

They're like insulated tennies!

A couple of days later I was fishing in a tank top and shorts!  Darrell and Doris took advantage of some of the nice days:

We’re expecting good friends in tomorrow!  That will make for a fun week of more fishing and just hanging.  I’m putting together quite the menu of good food! 

Some of you have asked about Gus.  Yes, he’s still here:

He eats like a horse!  He’s still pulling all-nighters but not as often since getting fixed.  He mouses all the time while he’s outside!  Gruper saw him with four during the course of one day!  They are kindred souls–both hunters.  This seems to give him increased value as a pet.  Just in case we keep him, I’ve been telling him about Iowa.  It’s too bad he doesn’t fit in better around here:

I still need to tell you about my scariest day in Canada.  However, for now I must head to Dryden.  There’s an art fair this weekend!  Culture!!!!  Here’s a sunset I caught this week:

Yes, I Know I’m Late (again)

September 18, 2011

Hey there.  Sorry about the delay.  We were busy there for a bit but things are beginning to wind down. 

The last couple of weeks saw pretty good fishing.  Week before last we had two groups from home here:  Chad’s new group of four and Frank’s group of three.  Chad added a 25″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Program (  His group did OK for their first time fishing here.  The weather was AWFUL for walleye fishing:  hot, windless, cloudless, etc.  We were glad they found some at all!  Frank, Bender and Sully had their usual good time.  We sure missed Gilky and hope to see him next year;)  Frank continued our annual tradition of shore lunch!  It’s a rare treat for us and we certainly enjoy the time with the guys. 

Stay out of his's his kitchen:)


Curt’s bunch was new to us as well.  They kicked butt and took names in the walleye dept.  Nibs said it was the best walleye fishing of his life!  Bob Hansen was here during their stay.  He reported one of his best days fishing on Wabaskang as well.  We love hearing that!

Last week’s weather was all over the board!  We went from high 80’s to frost within a few days’ time.  We had fierce winds for a couple of days that–accompanied by the very cool air–made it downright cold up here! 

Ron, Karna, Bob and Ann were still hanging out last week.  Ron and Bob continued their unbelievable fishing.  We gals picked the last of the blueberries.  Ann and I collaborated on a baby shower gift for a friend of mine up here:

Hanging out with Ann is like hanging out with Martha Stewart!  I get a lot of good food, etc., ideas from her.

The guys have been VERY busy when the wind isn’t blowing.  Cabin 6 got its new roof last week.  Cabin 5 should get one this week.

The plan is to do 3 & 7’s roofs in the spring. 

Eldon and Sandra were here last week.  Sandra brought me a great gift (as usual):

Hawkeye flip-flop socks!


She also brought a beautiful quilt to memorialize My Girl, Stinky LaRue:

The quilt features pictures of many of the creatures Stinky experienced in her Canadian life.  It refers to the Rainbow Bridge poem as well:)  Thank you.

Eldon had asked if he could make a marker for Shasta’s site behind the campground.  We conducted a brief commitment Friday evening:

When next I write, I’ll tell you about getting lost in the bush with Jenny:)  Take care.

Fishing, Love, Etc.

September 6, 2011

I feel like it’s been AGES since I’ve done an entry!  Forgive me.  I know I did a quickie last week, but there’s a lot to tell you.


Last I talked with you, I had added April and Tim’s big perch to our Conservation Awards page.  April and her dad Steve fished a few weeks back.  April estimated that they had caught about 100 northerns one day!  They were using red spinner baits.  They also caught some nice perch using crawlers.  Here’s a photo of Steve with a nice slot northern, followed by a photo of Karna (Ron’s wife) with a nice one as well:

I don’t remember where I got this photo but I LOVE it:

Mike’s group was here a few weeks back.  They were first-timers and had a BLAST!  Tim released a big perch and here’s a look at some that weren’t so lucky:

Speaking of not-so-lucky, here’s a photo of Randy’s bear shortly before he was hunted:

OK, back to fishing!  Walleye fishing’s been quite good for a couple of weeks now.  The fall bite is on–so soft I’ve missed a few–as are the fall spots.  Gruper and I have hit 2nd Lake twice in two weeks (!).  We’ve done well both times.  I released a 20.5″ walleye last Friday:)  He caught first and most, but I caught biggest.  His best was 17″, and we had several in the 14-16″ range.  19′ continues to be our magic depth.  We’re still using 1/4 oz. jigs and will probably stay with that through the season.  Minnows and leeches worked for us.

3rd Lake is “on” like crazy right now!  We’re hearing everything from 19-30′.  Bob who just arrived Saturday said he released a ton of walleye yesterday.  He said he fished around 19′ in the a.m., then found them around 30′ in the p.m.  Ron’s been here about a month.  He and his Bob have been releasing biguns regularly.  They use minnows.  I added Bob’s 24″ and Ron’s 26″ to the Conservation Awards Program page (  They released four over 24″ yesterday!  Those two guys sure have a blast fishing together. 

Speaking of having a blast fishing together, our Red Hat Guys were back last week.  It’s always a pleasure to have them in Camp.  They fish hard, play hard, and have a very good time.  Can you pick me out in this photo:

I’ll help you out a bit:

Dawn and I asked to see the backs of their shirts:

Dawn's a pervert...

Their tight little fishing club bears the name of a good friend:

I wonder what they’ll do if he ever joins them?  Change their name?  Anyway, I added Jim big bass and Rich’s big northern to our Conservation Awards Program page as well:)  Good job, guys!

Neal, Marji, Dick, and Linda returned as a foursome this year.  These folks also have a better-than-good time together.  They fish pretty darned hard, then come in and just have fun.  They initiated more than one “social hour” down by the fish-cleaning house last week.  Here’s a nice photo of a mixed bag they brought in from the Doe Island area:


We are now a honeymoon destination!  Bob and Barb have been visiting us for several years.  This year they decided to get married in the middle of their two-week stay!  They headed to Kenora last Friday and tied the knot!  It was very exciting around here.  At Wednesday’s potluck, everyone had a swig of sparkling wine and we toasted the couple-t0-be. 

Ergo, the heart shoes…

These make me smile for a lot of reasons.

Many in Camp discussed trashing the newlywed cabin while they were in Kenora.  I then realized that I’d be the one cleaning up our mess in another week!  Scratch that idea.  I went for a classier, less messy look:

The happy couple returned Friday afternoon all smiles and looking extremely dapper:



This boy of ours is a mouser!  He’s caught at least one outside and one inside that I didn’t even know lived here!  Marji saw him with one last week and gave me the heads up.  Stinky LaRue never was one for having to chase her food.  I still haven’t decided if he can stay but had him fixed today just in case.  Here’s a photo from last week, happier times for my all-night party boy:

I’ll close with a rainbow shot from a couple of days ago.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, though.  The colors were vivid.

A Quickie

September 1, 2011

Hi!  I know it’s Thursday already but I did give you an extra entry last week.  Let’s just get kind of caught up on the action around here.

Steve continued bear baiting through this week.  He came up with the title for this series:

The Good

The Bad

and The Ugly

I call this one X-ray Bear

and this one Possessed Bear

We’ll call this one Randy’s bear:)  He got it Saturday evening.  It was my birthday so for kicks I accompanied the guys on a recovery–my first ever.

Randy's son Blake was impressed!

Check out his paw:

and his smile

I was decked out in the finest bear recovery footwear available

I know I owe you a bigger blog but I must go for now.  I have lots of fishing and fun stuff to share and will make an honest effort to blog again no later than Sunday.  I did add two new perch photos to our Conservation Awards Program this week and have heard rumor of a northern, a smallie and a walleye to be added yet! 

Max decorated my golf cart for my bday.  It made me smile…