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Looking up!

July 31, 2016

Hi all!

As we near July’s close things are definitely looking up at TPC!  Fishing has improved markedly with each passing day.  Let’s hope some warm temps don’t scare the fish off this week.

Rumor has it that a 32″ walleye was released yesterday.  Stay alert for that addition to our Conservation Awards page.  A beautiful 27.25″er was released by Patti last week!  I’ve added her pic and also put her on our fb page (tallpinescamp, ontario).  She hadn’t fished Wabaskang for 30+ years.  What a way to come back!  Her husband Jason released a 38.5″ northern as well!  Her cousin Steve released a 25″ walleye, too!  I’ll get their  pics added yet today (bandwidth permitting).

Well, it’s that time of year again:


We have another incredible crop!  I have three gallons in the freezer already!  I’ve been guiding A LOT…exhausting!  Last week I guided Jen and Ellie three times:)  They are seasoned raspberry pickers who took quickly to the blueberries.  I’m guiding twice today, stopping long enough to do a blog entry and take nourishment.  I still have a few pieces of Wednesday’s rhubarb-blueberry upside-down cake.  Maybe that will strengthen me:


I did a double recipe–good thing, too!  Speaking of potluck, we had just fewer than 50 people last week.  It was a two-turkey kind of week!


It was a perfectly lovely feed!  We had many new guests, many used guests, and good friends to enjoy the evening with us.

New guests Jim/Jean, Joe/Vicky and Joey had a blast!  They had kind words for Camp and their experience:)  We like it when that happens!  The were quite successful in the angling scheme of things due in part to a neat app from  Jim had a cool topo-like map of Wabaskang on his phone.  He and Joe used that tool to scope out fishing spots, not get lost, etc.  Stay tuned for more info.

Our guys in Cabin 3 took a few days to find their footing.  Terry’s coming back in a few weeks and was hoping for a head start;)  As the week progressed so did their catches!



Nice!  They had some PIGGIES for perch–fatties!  I wish I could give you a consistent depth for walleye but we are getting mixed reports…anywhere from 9′ to 20′.  Oy, so it goes.  Anyway, we were just thrilled to see the fishing getting back to normal.

My seester Becky headed home last Sunday.  I don’t think I shared our button art pieces:


I have blueberries on the brain in case you couldn’t tell!  Three guests visited Helen’s on the Lake and created beautiful work this week.  It’s a great mid-week diversion for those not wanting to fish 24/7!

Dengot, brother of Dongot, finally sent me his fish pics from a few weeks ago.  He made a nice collage!  His walleye was 24″ and his smallie was 18″:


Tom and Carol returned and brought Carol’s brother Chris for his first visit.  Tom finds fish no matter when he is here.  He’ll be back in Sept. with our home boys as well.  Here he is with a walleye:


and his bride Carol with one as well


and her brother Chris with a fat bass!


Speaking of bass, I mailed Doc M’s phone back to him and he found a couple of non-bass photos on it!



I think it looks like the one on top is singing:)

I received a ton of blog fodder yesterday!  Plus, I need to show you Cabin 2 with its pretty new roof.  Plus, plus weather permitting, Gruper and I are fishing this week:)  I think all of that adds up to regularly-scheduled blog entries again!  I think I can, I think I can…

Time to hit the fields…again!


Just Checking In

July 21, 2016

I know, I know…it’s been a while.  This is typically our “r & r” time of the season and this year is no different.  We’ve had fewer people in Camp, I made a quick trip home (Iowa, that is), and fishing has been very tough!  Add all that up and we get fewer pictures and/or blog fodder, ergo the increased gap between entries.  I’m sure you understand:)

I’ve always been bewildered by the misnomer “may”flies.  I have yet to see one in May.  When we see them it tends to be mid to late-June.  This year, however, we could easily call them Julyflies.  We have seen small amounts of them for over three weeks now.  I would much rather awake to a giant hatch covering the entire 15,000 acres of Wabaskang than to a handful every day for weeks!

We continue to experience one big electrical storm per week.  This week’s was last night (thank goodness, though, because we could cut the humidity with a knife yesterday).  We believe that these storms do not help the fishing situation.  The fronts seem to stir up and/or confuse the fish in my opinion.

Our Arkansas guys in the Bear’s Den last week actually did pretty well on eater walleye.  They were fishing super shallow for this time of year (8’ish) and pitching their crawler and bouncing it back among rocks.  It worked for them.  Gruper and I gave it a go Tuesday (yes, our 2nd time out together this year!).  We picked up a couple of walleye.  Mine was a good 15-16” eater; Gruper’s was smaller.  He will be quick to point out, though, that he had first, most and variety.  I caught one of the world’s smallest northern:


I think this moth was bigger:


I enjoyed the walleye for breakfast the following morning.  I’ve also been enjoying my other favorite breakfast meat:  salmon!



This week’s group have all fished Wabaskang in the past.  Everyone has picked up a few walleye but they are working for them.  Rod and family have been playing with northern and doing well!  He liked yesterday’s horrid humidity and south wind, so he headed to a favorite bay on 2nd Lake.  Son Corey caught a nice 28″er:


Big sister Melanie was not about to be outdone!  She beat him by a hair with this 28.5″er:


but then really kicked it in with this fat 33″er!



Dad did a good job of showing proper release method as well:)




Gruper caught a small smallie the other day–part of his “variety” win.  The Matzen brothers from a few weeks ago added four nice pics to our Conservation Awards page.  Their largest smallie;) was 19.5″!  They had several 18″ or greater and had a great time together.  Here are a couple of extra photos from them (thank you!):



Scott was here nearly a month ago!  He released this beautiful 23.5″ walleye.  I told him he should have squeezed the tail!  Apparently the extrinsic motivation of a Master Angler pin could not persuade him to lie!


I mentioned that I ran home for a few days.  Everything is fine.  It was an errand-running trip.  I returned to Camp exhausted!!  But, boy, did I get a good dose of love while I was there!  Jamie and Gavin were very happy to see me!


Mya and Mackayla played at the park


with Alysha and Emma



Kay and I had a breakfast (and she had some slime)


Sal and I got in a couple of good walks!  Rudy, Patty and I enjoyed a phenomenal shrimp boil


hosted by a most lovely matriarch:)


Some of you totally understand the value of good friends and family:


Until next time…




Short but Sweet

July 7, 2016

Aloha!  That’s me giving a shout out to one of this week’s guests, Frank!  He and Dave are here after a couple-year hiatus.  It’s good to have them back.  At potluck last night, Dave reported returning a 21″ walleye.  Thank you!

I’ve not reported on potlucks much, have I?  We had venison loaf last night with a well-rounded assortment of good food.  I made a key lime dessert.  I’ve been in dessert mode this year.  Here’s a pic of a rhubarb-blueberry upside down cake from last week:

upside down cake

It was a hit!  The previous week I made a fresh cherry and blueberry cobbler.  That baby was delicious if I do say so myself!  The cherries were compliments of Wayne and Shirley.  There were here celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary:)  That’s a long time!  Wayne added a bass and a perch to our Conservation Awards page (  I love this bass angle:


The found a few reflections for me as well (thanks!):

great reflection 3

great reflection


Lovely!  I liked this sky shot as well–inspirational:

great sky

There were, of course, some rains during their stay…leading to this:


There’s the slightest hint of a double there…do you see it?

They saw a loon on a nest and a merganser swimming near a funky den-ish thing:



I finally received a couple of nice bass pics from Brian and Judy!  They were new to us this year and have decided to return in 2017!  One for the money,


two for the show!


Last week Addie and Bennett got busy inuk-shuking during Social Hour:


I love the one on the left.  It’s a big rock with two small inuk-shuks atop.  I believe I saw a very cool inuk-shuk on my deck yesterday.  I’ll take its picture and share in a later post (thank you, Evan).

This week’s fishing has been a bit tough.  Mayflies are still here and there which doesn’t help.  Duane, Jan and Will have released some decent walleye (23″ and 20″ for sure).  We’re seeing some eater-sized fish in the buckets daily (all species).  We figured we’d have a tough couple of days given the storm we had Monday night…holy cow.  It was one of the biggest we’ve seen in our 12+ seasons.  I have promised a couple of nice boys a slightly embellished version.  Here goes:

It was a lovely Monday afternoon.  I invited Erika of Cabin 3 to go on a blueberry-scouting hike with me.  Since  her hubby Doug and his nephew Austin had not returned from fishing we took Evan and Warren (ages 11 and 9) along on the journey.  We took a bumpy, dusty road to the base of one of my favorite early-season blueberry spots.  We parked the Envoy and embarked on our hiking adventure.  Along the way, young Warren spotted actual blueberries on our path.  I explained that a bear had probably been scouting there as well.  We saw many wonderful pieces of my Canadian world:  a garter snake, bear poop, moose poop and wolf poop to name a few.

We had hiked quite a ways and I decided we should also check a raspberry patch not much farther ahead.  Indeed, both raspberries and blueberries are promising a super season, probably due to the steady rainfalls we’ve experienced this season:


When we turned to begin our descent, we were greeted by a very ominous-looking sky.  It was BLACK and foreboding.  It wasn’t long before thunder and lightning greeted us.  We hastened our pace toward the still-not-in-sight Envoy.  Suddenly the wind picked up drastically, causing the temperature to drop about 10 degrees and removing all humidity from the air.  Warren suggested we jog; Erika and I increased our walking pace and kept chatting about random subjects.

We were still a good distance from the vehicle when the first raindrops found us.  Warren once again suggested a jog and we agreed.  As the Envoy came into sight the rain turned to sleet, pelting us painfully!  I had slowed back to a rapid walk but the punishing sleet had turned to hail and I fell into a trot again.  By the time we reached our chariot, hail the size of peas (and then marbles) was bouncing off all sides of the Envoy!  A curtain of rain prohibited easy navigation–as, again, we were a bit off the beaten path.  Slowly, steadily we worked our way back to Camp.  After I delivered the sweet family back to their cabin I joined Gruper in the shed and watched as the torrential downpour pounded everything in its wake.  The driveway was a big pond.  We couldn’t see but a few feet in front of our faces for some time.  I took these pics in between downpours and boat-pumping:




It will go down in my memory as one of the worst storms I’ve experienced up here.

I was reminded of a poem written by a young lady, Alex S., whose entire week one season was filled with powerful rains.  She entitled it “Storms in Canada.”  I’ll have to see if I can locate that to share.

Until next time…