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Back to Work!

July 23, 2017

Hi there.  Due to lack of blog fodder and a pretty crazy pace last week, I opted not to do an entry.  Along the way some fodder arrived:)

We had a great group of folks last week!  We had lots of newbies and a few used as well.  The walleye are coming back after the longest, latest mayfly hatch we’ve ever seen.  The best walleye numbers seemed to be coming from North Bay, but we were hearing success stories from 2nd Lake and Ruby as well.  Perch were showing up in large numbers from a variety of locations.  John released a 25″ walleye (pic, please), and Kyle and Jeremy released 18.5 and 19″ smallies, respectively.  The star of the week was Kincaid!  He is 8 years old and lives to fish!  He released this 35″ northern:


Very, very nice:)

Jr. was here by himself a few weeks back.  He sent a few photos for me to share!  When he got into the perch he said he couldn’t keep them off the hook!


He wrangled with several northern throughout the week:


and even caught a muskie!


He was here during prime hatch time, so we were thrilled that he did so well.  Hopefully we’ll see him again.

Tom and Carol returned for their annual visit, bringing both grandsons and their son-in-law.  They, too, were here during the hatch but made the best of it!  Here’s a double for Carol and Ben:


Ben close-up:


Andrew got into some big bass!


The boys shared a rainy day stringer of eaters!


Darrell and Connor were here about the same time.  Darrell had fished Wabaskang years ago and wanted to share the experience with his son (thank you)!  Well, that son of his released this beautiful 20″ walleye:


Nice fish!  They also caught a gorgeous sunset reflection!


OK…time for the blueberry report!  While Rebecca and Mackayla were here, we picked enough for pancakes.  I did my first guiding last week, taking Lowell and the guys.  We picked a couple of quarts.  The guys returned to pick Thurs. evening and did quite well:


Okay…not that well.  Those belong to my girl Vicky in Illinois!  However, I believe we are looking at yet another grand season.  So, my blueberry-picking people, come prepared!

See you next week (if I get fodder)!

Time for A Quickie

July 9, 2017

Welcome back!

This entry will be pretty short for a few reasons.  I’m running very short on blog fodder, Folks.  Lots of people owe me photos of their stay and/or big fish!!!!  I can’t just walk around taking pictures all day, especially since I killed my camera last week.

Fishing was still troublesome last week.  The mayflies continued to work their voodoo most of the week.  Toward week’s end we began seeing some northern and perch, but walleye were apparently full-bellied on that special treat.  Tony, Jack and Linda returned from fishing today with a report of five walleye!  This is a good, good sign.  Things should begin to pick up around here which would be nice for everyone.

The weather itself could not be nicer.  Temps have been mid-70’s by day, 60ish by night.  This makes for good sleeping and enjoyable lake time.  I did a preliminary blueberry check…we need more sunshine and perhaps more rain.  The berries are still small and green:(  Last year I was picking by now!

Last week I shared Mary’s photos.  This week, Wes is up!  He was here at the same time and has a killer camera (unlike my killed camera).  I’ll be using a few of his photos at sports shows.  Here are a few of his faves.

Mary and Nancy posed in front of Perrault Falls:


Those ladies fished pretty much ’round the clock!

They did well on perch during their visit.  Here’s a photo of Nancy down in Keynote (where I think they found some of their perch):


Sunsets were great during their stay, and Wes caught some great ones!

Thursday Sunset-001 (Large)


I said “wow” out loud when I opened this one!


Good job, God!

OK…so I’ve been really, really busy this week.  My seester Rebecca arrived Thursday.  She brought back-up:


It’s Mackayla’s first visit!  Talk about a shot in the arm–this did it for me:)  We have explored the lake, collecting snails, leeches, and random stuff.  She went all-in!

Mackaylaswimming 002

We’ve made very rhubarby apple sauce and this blueberry banana bundt cake:


We’ve driven and seen 8 bear, 3 moose and 1 wolf!  Our first drive produced the trifecta:  bear, moose, wolf.  That will be tough to beat!

Tomorrow we are taking a glass class:)  Last night’s sunset topped off a very good day:


Have a fantastic week, Everyone!  I know I will;)

Tough Times for Anglers

July 3, 2017

Hi there and Happy 4th of July–almost.

We are enjoying another quiet week at TPC.  We have some independent guests who are enjoying the fabulous weather and, yes, the SUNSHINE!  Temps are close to 80 for most of this week.  Water temp this morning was 70ish; it didn’t take long to warm up the water once the sun appeared.

The big problem for anglers, however, is a fairly large mayfly hatch:(  Gruper and I went out this morning for a bit and were amazed at the amount of ‘flies en route to and on North Bay.  We boated 0 fish:(  There was not a whisper of a breeze so I was thrilled with the reflections!  STUNNING rock, tree and cloud reflections.  I sure wish I could have taken some photos for you all, but I left my camera out during a storm Saturday night and believe I killed her.  Luckily the photos on the card were fine (’cause I’ve killed cards before as well) but I doubt the camera can be revived.  She is in a bag o’ rice right now and I’ll take her to a proper fixing place just in case.  (And you all wonder why I don’t have a smart phone…)

I finally added Wayne A’s two smallies to the Big Fish page.  Here he is with a nice northern, too:


Dave released a HOG of a 25.5″ walleye mid-week (picture please).  Dave and JJ were able to have several walleye dinners during the week as well.  The mayflies had just begun and we were hoping for a small hatch…no such luck apparently.

Tim and his family were first timers.  They had a ball and were able to find a variety of fish.  Ron S’s group are mainly catch and release guys (yea!!!).  They kept entertained with northerns for the majority of their time.

Vicky had great luck with bass….oh, yeah, that was in Illinois;)


She simply rocks!

OK….while things have been quieter Gruper and Mark have been busy guys!  The Eagle’s Nest and Cabin 7 each received a new lakeside door.  The Eagle’s Nest really needed some cross ventilation and now it has it!  Cabin 5 received a new hot water heater and, while the guys were digging around in there anyway, they decided to replace the bathroom floor:


I was busy planting flowers (yes, this late) so Gruper fixed me up a new planter:


Before I killed my camera I took a few more pictures of Camp’s beauty (it’s amazing how beautiful it is when you have time to look):

That rose returned from last year!  Gruper has been sprinkling lupine seeds for me again…check out the lakefront hillside:

I couldn’t very well leave out the beautiful Ms. Freya;)

My last photo taken with my rained-on camera:  this mink running in front of Cabin 3 Friday morning:


I can’t help but wonder how many of those little things it takes to make a coat.

OK…let’s do another foto fest!  Mary and Brad visited several weeks ago with their friends Wes and Nancy.  I grabbed some of Mary’s pics for this entry.  I liked this picture along the way to here:


Kind of says it all, dontcha’ think?  She and Wes did some time at the falls:

Check out this hole in the sky!


I love a heron in a tree:


Goofy things!  Speaking of goofy things, look who else was on the lake:


Yup…AG and KB!  They were fantastic helpers and neighbors for this group’s first visit (we knew they would be):


Most of our ducks were just showing off this year’s babies:


Not that Brad would notice…


Good thing Wes and Nancy were along to keep him awake!


Brad did stay alert enough to catch some fish:


Mary’s northern was somewhat larger


and everyone enjoyed perchin’!!



Mary caught a couple of beautiful sunsets during their stay:


I LOVED this whispy one:


Speaking of sunsets, remember this one from My Guys?


Well, I decided to use it as an idea for painting class last week.  I had a TV table from a cabin.  It had a funky red stain that wouldn’t come out, so I decided to paint it:)


Until next time:)