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We’ve Been A Bit Busy

June 27, 2012

At least I gave you a bonus entry last week!  There was a lot going on then as well, but I wasn’t ready to share any information.  Everybody meet Michael:


He’s our new guy.  We already like him lots and feel we can count on him!  He’s originally from Timmons, Ontario, but most recently has been living in Dryden.  Now, he lives at Tall Pines Camp and appears to be an asset.

If I could choose one face from my readers that I’d like to see right now, it’d be that of Bruce D. from Illinois.  He was here a few weeks ago and all was fine.  He’ll be back in a couple of weeks with his wife, and I’m sure I’ll visit with a glass of wine and to have a laugh or two.  It’s not that he’s surprised to find that we’ve changed employees, it’s that he’s truly curious.

The rain continues to stay away!  This week has been quite warm during the day (80’s) and cools off nicely for sleeping (50-60).  We saw a big splash off the dock yesterday


Was it a northern?  A piggy perch?  No, it was Eric.  I think his buddies Bowie and Mitch were giving him scores:


Perch fishing is the way to go this week.  The days have been so bright and sunny that folks are having to low-light the walleye.  Gruper went out yesterday afternoon and was able to find a couple of walleye for Rebecca and I to have for breakfast today. 

I added three big fish from last week to our Conservation Awards page.  The whole “D” thing continues, with Dan D. releasing two nice northern larger than 36″.  His buddy Pete released the beautiful 24″ walleye.  I think it’s bigger than that by the way…

With all the drama around Camp, you know where I went…to the kitchen.  We had Bob and Barb in for dinner.  I made a cool strawberry shortcake for dessert



I know this is a short entry.  I still have photos from Kevin/Aaron/Dave, Sonny and Kathy, and new ones from Mary’s visit last week.  I will share them…when there’s time enough to do them justice and my blood pressure returns to normal (serenity now, serenity now). 

Take care and be patient;)

A Friday Quickie

June 22, 2012

Guess what…the sun is shining!  It is a splendid, lovely day!!!  AND, my seester Rebecca has arrived for her annual visit!  I thought we should celebrate with a bonus blog entry.

I added Dave B.’s big perch release to our website.  His buddy John was quick to point out that Dave’s was only 12.25″, while John’s was 12.5″.  Thought I’d better point that out:)

Dave and John sent me some other photos as well.  Here are some pesky pelicans…we don’t like them:

John caught a good walleye:

Here’s a piggy perch:

and a couple of nice stringers:

Dan and Kari had a great time last week.  You may recall that Dan put a big northern on the Conservation Awards page.  Here are some photos I took from their camera:

They got good pics of a beaver hut,

pelicans in flight,

a moose,

and some lovely scenery with reflections.

Check out this view from Cabin 4.  It must have been the one nice day in the week;)  I’ll add this to my sports show photo album:

Dan’s not the only one who caught fish.  Check out some of Kari’s catches:

I’m guessing the counter is for how many fish they’ve caught(?)

Here’s a nice sunset to end our bonus session.  I hope to see you Sunday. 

No More Rain Dances, Please

June 19, 2012

Rain.  That’s what has been going on since my last entry.  Holy buckets!  It just keeps raining.  Last week’s folks had plenty, but this week’s folks are giving them a run for their money!

Speaking of last week’s folks, what a bunch of good sports!  The women-folk were troopers (except for yours truly) and went out every single day in rain or almost-rain or, in Dan and Kari’s case, hail.  Yes, they were hailed on for the first time in their recollection AND THEY DIDN’T LET IT STOP THEM!  They are hilarious.  I’ll share some of their photos in a minute.

Despite horrible weather for humans, fishing was very good last week.  We saw lots of perch and eater walleye.  Some of our guests enjoyed playing with smallies as well–theyfound them right here at the falls.  Mud Lake had been impassable prior to our many downpours; now folks can get in and find some perch and walleye.  2nd Lake was pretty good for the walleye, as were North Bay (again) and Ruby Lake.  I’m not sure where Mark and Sandy were perching, but it ROCKED!  They seem to know what they’re doing.  John caught a 12.5″ perch off the dock one morning and promptly disappeared into his cabin with it–I’m guessing it was breakfast.

If your name began with a D last week, chances were good that you released a northern 36″ or greater!  You’ll find Dan, Dave, and Dennis’s catches on the Conservation Awards Program of our website (  All three of those guys released nice northerns!  Dave, who is holding his over his head, caught one with a freakishly large head–something I can relate to.  No normal hat would ever fit that fish.  Also added to the page are Gary and Don’s walleyes of 24″ and 23.5″, respectively.  Technically, Don’s fish did not qualify; however, it’s a great photo and Don could have lied to me if he were into extrinsic motivation.  As administrator of the program, I decided his fish qualified.  I’m expecting a photo of David from Cabin 3 with a piggy perch for the page as well.

I dumped several cameras onto my computer and have lots of good photos to share.  I think I’ll do some today and some later this week (yes, that’s a promise).  Gary and Ellie were new to us, choosing us over a trip to Rome:)  The pressure was on for them to have a great experience.  They made it easy!  Ellie strikes me as someone who embraces new experiences and has a good time just about anywhere. 

She ran the boat,


caught a variety of fish,





and stayed very positive in the inclimate weather.  By the way, if you want to see her man Gary, you’ll have to check out his big walleye release on the web page.

Gary and Ellie were able to see some wildlife as well–no, not the crazy goings on at Camp…the real stuff.  On Wed. following potluck they followed Kevin, Aaron, Dave and I to the dump where we saw triplet bear cubs.  On the way back we saw a nice moose.  I also showed them my favorite beaver dam–it’s round:



They had a super experience near Ruby Lake on Thursday.  They saw a cow and calf moose.  Check out this photo of the calf:

 Our Eagle’s Nest guys saw the calf all alone the following day.  They then saw a wolf spring out of the bush to get the calf.  THEN they saw mama moose chase off the wolf!  That’s a once-in-a-lifetime, right place at the right time events.

I’m beginning to have problems with the internet–storms are coming.  I’ll have to close here and get to the rest of our photo fest later this week.  Until then, here’s a photo Ellie took.  It’s always good for me to see camp life through a new guest’s eyes.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose

June 12, 2012



The above photo is from May 29…I finally found it.  I was prompted to continue my search because they were calling for flurries last night (honest to God) and I was going to compare photos if it happened.

I know I’m late but the weather has been AWFUL and certainly does not bode well for posting.  We have had rain, wind, COLD temps and combinations of all three for several days.  When I say rain, I mean torrential downpours–days when boats needed to be pumped 4-5 times!  The driveway developed huge ruts from the hard rain; the lake rose visibly (which is good); and guests were forced to shore wherever they were.  We had a couple of huge thunderstorms with big lightning that made everyone nervous.  Of course, none of this could happen on a slow week–it’s the busiest week of the season.

Last week was warm and wonderful!  I spent a lot of time outside, and our guests were happy campers!  Here’s Nancy and granddaughter Marissa after a canoe trip to the island and back:


Last week was honestly about picture perfect.  Fishing was great, with repeat guests commenting that the walleye fishing was the best they’d ever had!  Most folks found perch schooled up nicely.  John and Rachel caught 40some in the same spot.  North Bay seemed to be a great spot for walleye.  1st Lake–right here where we are–was producing walleye and perch as well as nice smallies near the falls.  Brett and his buddies each caught a smallie for our Conservation Awards Program (at least 18″ each).  I’ve posted their photos as well as John and Marie’s perch releases (at least 12″ each) on our website: 

Speaking of John and Marie, they kept the streak alive!  They are the only guests to release a qualifying fish for all seven years of our program!  Congratulations, you two!  Marie’s perch was a hair longer than John’s, but both were fat little piggies!  I’ll share more of their photos in a bit.

Despite this week’s weather, fishing has been very good.  I’m hearing good things about 5th Lake, North Bay (again), 2nd Lake just through the narrows, and Keynote.  The walleye are shallow–15′ maximum–probably even more so after this cold snap, i.e., they’ll stay shallow since the water has cooled. 

A common thread last week was grief and healing.  We welcome back Brett and his family…their first trip since losing Lee, Brett’s dad and a long-time angler of Wabaskang.  I can tell that this visit was exactly what Brett needed and am so glad he decided to return.  Apparently Brett is also an amateur seamstress (don’t know the male version of that word):


Our Cabin 6ers of last week were also dealing with very fresh grief, losing a son/brother in their foursome.  By week’s end they knew they were where they belonged and reserved for next year as well.  During the week, one of my three Bob H’s lost his mother.  Bob, Roger and David have all visited Tall Pines Camp–Bob and Roger pretty much annually–and we were sad to see their group have to go mid-week. 

Given all this rain, the laundry room has been a Godsend!  People love having a dryer at their disposal.  We’re still trying to clean the place up after such a major project.  Sonny and Kathy got stuck pulling into their RV spot.  Good thing they stay a while:)


I’m sure all this rain won’t help that situation.  Only time will heal that wound, and the happiness of guests having a laundry room more than makes up for it!

Let’s do some Marie pics!  We’ll start with incredible turtle action:




They have their own names for some of the scenery…like weeping wall.


Here’s a twisted tree:


Their beloved pictographs have begun growing lichens:


Marie said this water line looked like someone had shot a laser across the rocks:


The water has raised a bunch since that photo was taken a week or two ago.  Here’s a look at rocks in North Bay:


Here’s a great reflection:


They managed to get a glimpse of some feathered friends as well:



You may be wondering how much fishing these two actually do!  Well, they find plenty of time to do that as well:





John caught not 1, but 2, red horses–something I’d not heard of until now.  Leave it to him to further my fishing knowledge:




That’s Dora sneaking into John’s bass photo.  She a fish-licker from way back:


Honestly, it thrills her more than MilkBones.  Marie did report, though, that Dora refused to lick a whitefish they caught(?)  What’s up with that, Dora?


And, yes, John and Marie even keep a few fish to eat from time to time:


Unfortunately, they headed back to Indiana yesterday.  Good folks who I always hate to see leave:( 

Bye-bye until next year…


or next week, if you’re a blog follower.


A Week of Craziness…

June 3, 2012

Greetings and Happy Sunday to You!

Let me start by saying we had a week of crazy weather.  After three days of rain last Sat., Sun., and Mon., I thought I was going to go stark-raving mad.  Gray days are tough on me; three gray days are really tough on me.  I knew the lake needed the rain–which helped my psyche a bit–but I was still struggling.  I swore that one more day of rain would put me over the edge.  Then came Tuesday morning:

(I had put a cool photo of snow here, but it got lost in the blog somehow and I had already deleted the file.)  Not happy.

Yes, that’s snow on May 29.  It didn’t stick but it lasted for a while.  I did what I do best–took to the kitchen:

That’s rhubarb baklava.  It was my first time making baklava of any kind.  It was delicious but needed more rhubarb.  It sure turned out pretty, though!

Wednesday brought nicer weather which has continued since.  Today hit 75ish–sunny and beautiful.  Last week’s fishing was terrific for most!  I hear tell of young William releasing a bit bass and a big walleye!  Once I get the photos I’ll put them on our website.  William and his dad fished from the boat ramp…I think that’s where the big bass was caught:

Aaron fished from the dock after taking his annual Polar Bear Club plunge into Wabaskang!

That group did well–but they always do.  One morning Skip said they’d caught their limits within the first hour, then just caught and released.  That is music to our ears around here.

Doc’s group did very well, as usual.  Sonny and Kathy have had a blast tooling around for walleye and perch!  They found a great perch hole and Kathy was downright giddy!  She does love to fish.  John and Marie and Sonny and Kathy fished Aerobus Bay yesterday and returned with reports of awesome fishing.  I hear that John released a killer perch today in hopes of keeping his Conservation Award streak alive.  I have faith that Marie will rally round yet this week.

We keep trying to find me a pet.  I checked out this lovely moth

and Gruper found me a cute, tiny turtle

with an even cuter belly

but neither seemed very practical.  Rachel and Bentley brought me a Button Fish.

It’s adorable and very low-maintenance.  I still think God will send me a cat when the time is right.  Sandra wanted to steal one for me…I don’t think God would have someone do that(?)

This week’s group is mostly used people (as opposed to new); however, we have some newbies that have joined some of the used people.  We also have a new family who has fished Wabaskang but has never stayed with us.  I think it’s going to be a great week for fishing, judging by just yesterday and today!  Reports are that things seem to be ahead of schedule–patterns, depths, etc. 

Illinois Bob comes ’bout every year and always brings a great group of guys.  Today the guys headed up to 5th Lake.  They had a great time!  Bob and Al, an octogenarian who has visited several times, got into some slot northerns today and had a blast!

The guys seemed to be having a meeting of the minds during lunch:

I liked this photo Bob took of the falls out:

Bob and co. are honestly a super nice group of guys who seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  Bob’s brother Roger is conspicuous by his absence this year.  Hopefully, he’ll make it next year (and bring the pies for potluck).

Brett has returned to us for the first time in a few years.  He grew up fishing Wabaskang with his dad Lee, who passed away a few years back.  This is Brett’s first trip since losing his dad.  He was impressed with the walleye he saw Sat. afternoon and believes conservation efforts are paying off.  He said the fish are bigger, fuller and seem to be more plentiful than his last couple of visits.  More music to our ears!

Well, I’ve about caught up with the news around here.  I think we’ll have excellent fishing reports this week!  Let’s close with some photos left from Matt, Justin, and Sandra last week:

Until next week…or next year: