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August LaRoy Grupe, aka “Gus”

August 24, 2011

I’ve been keeping a secret.  Actually, a few people knew–my sister and a few of you.  A stray boy wandered into another camp and they thought of me.  Initially I thought it was too soon.  I agreed to go meet him a couple of times.  I picked him up yesterday and brought him here.  We’ll see if he gets comfortable and wants to stay:


It’s Been A Beary Exciting Week!

August 22, 2011

Check this out:  I’m blogging and it’s been fewer than seven days since my last post!  That’s because there’s been some excitement around here and we want to share it.

First, though, a fishing report.  Fall fishing is ON!  Everyone in Camp is finding fish:)  2nd and 3rd Lakes are both producing well.  We have several newcomers and they’re doing great.  Leon and Mary came for perch and by gosh they’re finding jumbos!  Mike’s group in Cabin 3 brought in a bunch of nice eater walleye their first day on the Lake!  They were going northern hunting today–no report yet.  All of our oldtimers are doing fine.  They seem to know where to find what they’re looking for.  Ron said he tossed back about 20 walleye yesterday afternoon but brought in a couple of nice eater northerns for Karna to pickle.  Walleye have moved out a bit:  16-23′ seems to be their latest hangout.

Oh, Gruper and I went fishing Friday morning for a short bit.  We wanted to try a few fall spots ourselves.  We did quite well in little time.  My hubby caught first, biggest, and most; however, we both did quite well.  I won variety ’cause I did catch one small bass.  Everything else we saw was walleye.  I used minnows; Steve used leeches.  We switched up to 1/4 oz. jigs due to depth and wind.  Our magic depth of the day was 19′.  I used a yellow/orangish combo.  Steve stuck with his grape/yellow.

This came out of someone’s live well (aka dead well).  We’ll call it The Last Supper.

Steve’s bear baits continued to see action throughout last week.  We were excited for our hunters.  Here’s a woodpecker and some other “little” pests:

Not all the visitors were so small:

Wow.  Those are some bears!  Our first hunters arrived on Friday.  Another arrived on Saturday.  Kraig began hunting Saturday afternoon and wheeled in just a few hours later with his trophy!  He was super excited because this year he took it with a bow:)  We were ALL very pumped!  Here are a few photos.

WARNING:  Some of these photos contain graphic content and are not suitable for all audiences!!!

They’d no sooner finished skinning Kraig’s bear Saturday morning when Bob pulled in with his trophy!  Here are some photos of his bear.  Again, these photos are a bit graphic.

The guy helping them with the bears is Wooge.  He looks harmless enough:

Take a closer look.  Stranger danger…

that's a saw...and he knows how to use it

Special note to Mr. Horak:  I LOVED your essay.  Now you understand why I didn’t reply in more length.  Between berries and bears…and besides, we’ll see you very shortly:)

The Week Got Away From Me!

August 17, 2011

Happy Wednesday.  Forgive me for posting THREE DAYS later than usual.  I don’t know where the time goes.

Oops!  Yes, I’ve been picking a bit more during this past week.  It really is part of the Customer Service Representative part of my title:)  What started out to be a bleak year for the berries has changed into an average year.  We’ve had a bit more rain in the area overall, so maybe that’s helped them grow up a bit. 

We had a ton of rain yesterday!  It was needed so we’re not complaining.  It poured off and on all day.  Gruper was out fishing during one deluge.  I was out picking–at least we could hop into the car until it let up a bit.  The Lake had been dropping visibly so we’re glad for every drop we get.

Last week’s fishing was good overall.  I believe everyone went home with their desired limits.  Jim and Amanda’s crew had their usual good time.  I’ve added Amanda’s 37.5″ northern to the Conservation Awards page of our website (  As usual, this group did not disappoint with the photos!  The saw a total of 9 meese (plural of moose) this year!  Here are some great moose shots from Amanda’s camera:

Unbelievable footage of that mama and baby!  Good job, you guys:)  They enjoyed fishing together as well.  There’s more trash-talking going on between their three boats than at an NBA game!

Jim’s report is that they had luck on 3rd Lake, in North Bay and in 2nd Lake.  They were finding walleye starting at 14′.  Other guests reported the same depths:  14-17′. 

Amanda didn’t disappoint with the sunset photos this year, either.  I’ll say, though, that it was easy pickin’s last week.  We’ve had a string of phenomenal skies for a few weeks now.

I wonder if Josh and Steph are talking about their move to California?

Wayne and Shirley’s 2nd trip of the season (thank you) was very good.  They always do pretty well on fish.  This trip they caught a little moose action on the Lake:

They also caught a good sunset:

Gruper’s been a bear-baiting fool!  Things are going well at all bait sites except for trail cam malfunctions!  He’s been really frustrated but I’ve asked him to persevere so we can get some good photos.  Here are a couple:

That baby scampered up the tree…wonder why?

Ohhhhh, that’s why.  Hopefully I’ll have some more photos on the next post.  We could even have bear hunter photos by then. 

This Friday, Aug. 19, will mark the one-year anniversary of the loss of our niece Mackenzie.  I know it won’t bring closure but I hope it brings the ability for our family–especially Rebecca, Jayme, Mackayla and myself–to move forward, focus on the present and future, and embrace the memories.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please.

I’ll close with a super shot I took one morning last week:

and a question for contemplation

Why did the grouse cross the road?

I know, it’s Monday…

August 8, 2011

Eek.  I just ran out of time last night and decided to wait until today for a new entry.  Forgive me:)

Last week was good.  We weren’t a very busy Camp but we were a good group.  I added one new photo to the Conservation Awards page of our website (  Young Derek released a nice, 37″ northern.  Their group also had some nice wildlife photos that I’ll share in a minute.

Bob and Pat began their two-week stay in fine fashion.  They never have problems finding fish.  I know they brought in a couple of nice walleye from Keynote.  They are trollers and have had fun exploring new spots this year.  I guess that happens when you’ve been here so many times–you get a bit more adventuresome.

Andy, Becky (not me and my sister, but a couple new to Camp) brought their grandson Noah.  They had fun fishing.  Becky picked berries with me one day while Gruper fished with the guys.  They left with words of praise and a promise to return.

Ron G. and company returned this year.  They had fine fishing and we visited the dump again.  We also took a moose drive, to no avail.  We did see a pack of wolves, though.  Creepy. 

Wayne and Shirley are back for their second trip this year.  They brought in some big, fat smallies one day, and I’ve seen a variety of other species from them.  They always seem to do fine.

Weather’s been everywhere from mild to warm.  We were near 90 yesterday.  We’ve had a bit of rain but could still use a lot more.  There was a huge storm in Ear Falls today.  I got hailed on and at some times could not see the road.  When I returned to Camp, we hadn’t received anything!  We’ll continue dancing.

This week’s Camp is nearly full!  We have people everywhere.  Almost everyone is a repeat offender.  Any new folks are here with old folks.  We like that–our existing guests growing our herd!  Anyway, Max is a fish-cleaning fool this week!

Gruper’s begun bear baiting.  I had some photos for you, but my computer lost them and I had deleted them from his trail cam cards already:(  I had a good wolf, a good moose and a good bear.  Bummer.  I’ll learn not to delete them until I’ve seen them in my folders.  Anyway, Gruper was also face-to-face with a real live wolf this morning.  I guess we’ll have to load him up with hornet spray or something(?) 

OK.  Let’s get on with some photos from last week.  I think we pretty much caught up with what I’d received.  I know this week’s group has promised me a good photo of a swimming bear–stay tuned for that…probably next week. 

Greg, Derek, Troy and Ron saw these deer last week:

Of course I loved this photo:

These guys like big northern.  Besides Derek’s 37, they caught a couple in the slot. 

They enjoyed the eagle show on the lake.  We’ve had a lot of activity in the past few weeks.

Well, time to get to work.  I’ll close with a couple of sunsets from my camera: