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Checking In

September 28, 2017

Hi there!  As you can see we’re still here.  We have our last guests in Camp this week.  Every year it happens:  I realize everyone I’ve waited to see during the season has come and gone already.  It’s the oddest feeling.  We start as Gruper and Andrea and we finish as Gruper and Andrea.

Mark’s last day was Saturday.  We appreciate his dedication to seeing us through the season.  Once the docks were adjoined we could really see the difference between those that had been pressure-washed and those that hadn’t, so Mark’s parting responsibility was to make them all beautiful!  You can see the contrast waaaay out there where he’s working:


Speaking of contrasts, you know what I love about ours here!  Oh, those contrasts!  This pic came from the boat trailer yard.  I used my i-pad because I just can’t bring myself to use the punishment camera.  Please continue to pray that my real camera can be saved once I’m home.


We had been on a string of gray days until yesterday.  It was a picture-perfect day up here!  Gruper and I went for a drive/walk.  He brought home two grouse (I didn’t even see any!).  I thoroughly enjoyed the colors and contrasts the entire time.  Maybe I’ll take the i-pad along for the next adventure.

The gray days made it hard for me to be perky.  I spent a bit of time in kitchen therapy;)  I saw this magazine cover featuring a blueberry galette with a to-die-for pecan crust and decided to give it a whirl:


OK…enough about me.  Well, a bit more about me…we went fishing last week.  I brought in a lovely 16″ walleye to feed my own self.  That was the biggest for our outing (one point for me).  We started at a spot on 3rd Lake.  Gruper dropped his jig, bounced once, and caught a walleye (a small one, but the first one no less).  That was it for that spot so we moved around a bit.  Once we got to 2nd Lake things picked up for us.  He caught a nice under-the-slot northern but I chose not to beg or barter for its meat.  We both caught some perch(?) and some smaller walleye.  It was our longest outing this season.

Big walleye continued into the last couple of weeks.  I know I shared one of Bob’s big ones on the last entry, but here’s another:

His passenger Bob did pretty darned well himself!

Ron had a decent catch as well:


Mallah caught this beauty, held by her man Jon (I may have shared this last time–I’m getting old and losing track):


I have a couple more floating around somewhere and will put them on the next entry.

Mallah and Jon were minding their own business driving home when they saw this dude:


That bear reminds me that Tom sent a couple of great guy pics!  He, Joey and George had a lot of fun during their stay!



Tom did not get a bear this year:(  Kraig sent a photo from his hunt that I didn’t have!


Frank and his crew (some used, some new) returned for their annual fall fun!  The highlight of Frank’s trip usually has something to do with shore lunch;)  He truly goes all-out!

This year they had uninvited guests:

After the huge meal it’s time for boat dancing (I think):


Then more fishing just for the heck of it!


Until it’s time to sit back on the deck, have a cocktail, and catch a lovely sunset!


I’d like to mention here that while Frank was in Canada, his wife Brenda was in Texas as a Red Cross volunteer (her first deployment).  As soon as the guys returned home, Frank’s buddy Bender and his wife Annette headed to Florida–mostly in The Keys–and remain there through this week.  God Bless any and all volunteers during these crises.

Bender was especially excited about this year’s trip to Tall Pines Camp!  He was joined by two brothers, a nephew AND his dad Richard!  Looks like he knows what he’s doing!


So, I’ve still got Nemar’s pictures to share which means at least one more blog entry before we call it a season!  Here’s a nice eggplant-hued sunset from Bob:


and here’s one I took last night after our grouse drive/walk:


reflection perfection;)


It Happens Sooooo Fast…

September 14, 2017

Hey there!  It seems like we were just arriving for our 14th season and here it is down to the last couple of weeks already!  Time truly flies when you live in six-month increments.  Until today our weather has been gorgeous all week.  Today feels more fall-like:  it’s quite cool, overcast and a bit damp.  We continue to wish for rain; the lake is about as low as we’ve ever seen.

The best thing about this week has been the fishing!  Gruper and I went out last Sunday due to a planned power outage.  Gruper caught first, and then it was all ME!  I caught a nice number of walleye, the biggest of which was 18.5″ and beautiful!  She is back in the lake but we did keep a couple of eaters for me (so he could have cow).  Nemar is back for their annual two weeks, and they are back with a vengeance!  Marji has released many, many walleye over 18″ and, well, Neal has been a good guide;)  Bob and Bob hooked up for fishing due to unfortunate circumstances, and Bob released this beautiful 24″ walleye a couple of days ago:


Josh was here last week and released this nice ‘eye:


His buddy Brandon scored a nice piggy perch as well!


I have been baking up a storm this week–and giving it away to avoid consumption (not the disease, the act of taking in).  I’ve always wanted to try a slab pie…here’s a peach/raspberry creation:


I also did the best recipe of a peach/blueberry cobbler/crumble type thing and a funky apple bread with icing (it acted more like bread pudding).  All items received rave reviews!  I’ve got to back off the baking for now, though, as it’s hard to not dig in.

Nearly all boats are pulled and serviced, save for about six.  I’ve closed up four cabins and will do a couple more in the coming week.  Mark will be with us for another week and is staining, etc.

We first met Colton and Andrea at a sports show:)  At that time they were just another nice couple of kids looking for an adventure.  They came to visit a few weeks ago with big news!


Yup!  They are officially engaged:)  We loved their “save the date” tackle box!  I love Andrea’s taste in footwear:


and Colton’s willingness to pitch in!



Looks like he does a good job with the cooking!


and the guiding


Andrea must be the “catcher”

even if they’re not all keepers…


OK…in all fairness Colton released this HUGE bass


and caught plenty of keepers as well;)

Someone was also a trapper!


They could have used Miss Freya up there for a week (she occasionally leaves me a little love)!


As always, I enjoy seeing our slice of Heaven through new guests’ eyes.  Andrea started on the way up:

She had taken many pictures around Camp.  I liked her looks at the lake:

Out on the lake she found loons,


duck butts (for my seester, who LOVES duck butts),


and great eagle shots

including two in a tree (look closely)


and a great one of an eagle at the water’s edge!


She saw a different kind of bird taking flight as well.

This shot shows how quiet our falls are right now due to lack of rain…


and this shot captured the lake on a winnnndy day!


I enjoyed these scenery shots (p.s. to my guys:  I think Big Nose and Pygmy Headhunter are the same…)


Check out this postage stamp reflection…I just loved it!


Andrea and/or Colton took a lot of nice sun and moon pictures!  Check out this pink series:

and these:

The moon…

and a perfect sunset!


Thanks so much, you two, for a great week!  You guys caught on so fast and fit right in with our great guests!  The best part is getting to see you up here again before you’re married!  Thanks for re-booking!

Now listen:  I’m about out o’ fodder.  Marji usually has a bit for me and I’ll try to take some nice fall photos with my punishment camera, but please understand that we are winding down for quality blog entries:)  I do promise to touch base at least once more before heading home.

Take care.

Guest Blogger Time!

September 4, 2017

Happy September, All.  Andrea here.  We just finished a fairly quiet week with one cabin of used guests and one cabin of new guests!  Fall weather has begun and–just as most of the season has been–the temps are beautiful.  The mornings really smell like autumn and the colors are beginning to hit our driveway.

I’ve been able to begin closing a couple of cabins.  Gruper and Mark have pulled and winterized a few boats and motors.  We still have about three weeks of a half-full Camp on the horizon but little signs of winding down are appearing.  Mark has been pressure-washing the main dock and it looks like new!


We have Tom bear hunting this week–cross your fingers for him!  He has taken a few bears with us so is a seasoned professional:)  Bob and Ron are here for a couple of weeks as are Neal and Marji.  We have some nice newbies in Camp and they have been seen cleaning walleye–always a good thing!  We hear that the walleye are deeper now:  20-30′.  I loaded up George with some heavier jigs this morning, promising that he’d get the big one this week!

Chrissy and family returned a few weeks back.  She tied into a nice bass, and her husband Jim released a beautiful walleye.  I added these to our Big Fish page:



Nice!  Check out these two pics as well.  I think they’ll find their way to a sports show…



Beautiful, Chrissy!  Thanks for sharing and see you all next year!

Howard and Diane visited a couple of weeks ago.  Check out her big bass!


Hilarious!  She always enjoys the “local” scenery


and Howard enjoys napping while we pick berries;)


Diane is a converted dirty picker!  Her initial outing several years ago yielded lots of berries but also lots of leaves, debris, etc.  She is now an immaculate picker.  Another soul saved.  See, Jim, there is hope…

Speaking of Jim, it’s time to bring in our guest blogger…


Hi, it’s me Hanna again!  This will be my fourth blog for Tall Pines Camp, and I still hold the honor of being the only guest blogger ever!  The only difference is that this year I didn’t make the trip–I stayed home to keep an eye on Nick.  I think I know the drill well enough, though, to still do a good job:)

Jim and Mary enjoyed some good fishing:


Just kidding!  They did catch some eaters!




Mary loves nature.  She always find some good flowers and plants to shoot:

I’ll bet Andrea likes these flowers the best.  The first is an orchid-like flower down by the boat ramp:


This one looks like a mini-sunflower:


The waterlily shots were probably a hit, too:

Check out the reflection in this photo–incredible:


Mary also finds beauty in stuff people walk by every day…

or drive by every day.

Her keen sense of curiosity makes Mary wonder what lives here…


She tried to mess with Andrea with this “Where’s Waldo” shot:


Jim humored her while fishing long enough to let her get some good bird photos:

Andrea’s favorite will be this incredible shot of a blue heron:


She might even think that shot is contest-worthy…

Jim takes Mary berry-picking when evening comes


They had a cool mist one morning during their stay

I’ve been there enough to know what the sunsets are like!

Compare Andrea’s opening shot of the “fresh” docks to Mary’s shot a couple of weeks ago:

What a difference a little pressure-washing makes, eh?

Mary likes to capture reflections for Andrea ’cause she’s nice like that!




Andrea already made this one the Camp’s facebook background (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario).


So….last year when we got home from Canada, we took on a new roomie–Omar:


Since I had to stay home and watch Nick, Jim and Mary took Omar to Canada for his first birthday:


He’s not yet as savvy as I and has a lot to learn about the ways of the world.  He saw his first walleye:


and learned about the Canadian winds!


He discovered that even on vacation you have to work


but you also get to rest a bit when the work is done:


He thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I’m glad he got to go–it gave me a week of rest and relaxation!

Andrea will be back next week:)