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Weekly Update and Photo Fest!I have

June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday, Everyone!  We hope you are relaxing and making plans for the upcoming 4th weekend (we’ll be working by the way).

June 20-27 was another good week at Tall Pines Camp!  We had some new guests, lots of used guests, and everyone seemed to do quite well fishing.  Mayflies started hatching mid-week.  Folks commented that fishing definitely slowed down but that they were still catching all species.  It appears to have been a small hatch–at least on 1st Lake–and things should return to normal quickly.

Mike and his buddies were new to Camp.  They had a very good week and spoke positively of the entire experience.  They did particularly well in the narrows in front of Waubaskang First Nations and on 2nd Lake.  They were drifting in 6-11′ of water for walleye.  Low-lighting helped as well as staying shallow to mix in with those tasty mayfly larvae.  Water temps are around 70 right now, so watch for the fish to move deeper once the mayflies are done.

Smallies were still on their nests which made them easy to find.  Getting them to bite on the other hand…  Several guests reported seeing smallies and lake trout in the water but not being able to get them to take the bait!

I’ve added several new fish to the Conservation Awards page!  Kevin and Bill from a couple of weeks ago contributed 1 walleye and 2 smallies; Ron added a nice 24″ walleye; and Jay and John each contributed a 36+” northern!  I’ll keep adding them as I get pics.  I know Alan has a bass and a walleye as well:)

Jay and Bill returned, bringing their buddy John along for the first time.  They had a good week!  Bill and John caught these beautiful walleye



and John caught this nice northern as well as his 36+


Jay thought our pet geese were nice (we don’t but I liked the picture)


We know you guys will be back again!  (A special note to John:  please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as I type and for a long, long time to come).

Well, Ron and Bob were back again!  They stayed a couple of weeks and fished hard.  Rumor has it they lived on bacon for two solid weeks.  I hate to rat them out, but I care enough about them to let their wives know the ugly truth.  Ron will be astonished that I told on them:


Gruper will be enlightened that we women stick together and have as tight a bond as guys

divine steve

So, Bob and Ron caught some fish:






Not all were big:


Not all were walleye:



and not all were naked:


That should be a Tall Pines Camp hat, Bob!  I find it infuriating that Bob never takes a bad picture!  I find it very endearing that he’s a great friend.  I love this pic he took of Ron:


See you guys in the fall!  I am certain you’ll eat better with Karna and Ann around:)  Here are a couple of nice sunsets from your camera, Bob (except I turned them right-side-up):



and a pic of me working like a crazy woman:


Yes, that’s a sweatshirt!  Our temps have been very mild–around 70 for highs.  Mornings are a bit cooler but pleasant.  My lupines don’t seem to mind:


I’m sure Kevin and Aaron think I’ve forgotten all about their pics.  No, they know I’d never forget!  Here are some nice scenery pics from them:

kandascenery2 kandascenery

and some reflections for me:

kandareflect2 kandareflect

and some sunsets for all of us:

kandareflectsunset2 kandareflectsunset

I have many more of their photos to share….so stay tuned!

This week’s potluck weather was way better than last!  I did roast pork, and we had a great combo of good, healthy sides as well as decadent desserts!  My plate was salads and desserts (no room on the plate for pork)!

We are a bit quieter at Camp this week which is fine by us.  I plan to start staining cabins, and Steve and Murray have some work to do on Cabin 2.  I also plan for Gruper and I to go fishing (don’t tell him).

The June birthday extravaganza continues in our family.  The 22nd was niece Wendy’s, the 24th was sister-in-law Tina’s, the 26th was great-niece Mya’s, and today is niece Emily’s!  Great-niece Mya turned 5 and celebrated by taking her sister Emma for a spin:


Hope your week is a good one!

Happy Father’s Day!

June 22, 2015

We’d like to wish a big, fat Happy Father’s Day to everyone who qualifies!  We have a lot of dads in Camp this week, as well as some father/son groups.  Hopefully they’ll have a super week with good weather, good fishing and good memories.

Last week was another good one at Tall Pines Camp!  We saw Conservation Award-sized fish in all species except northern.  Tony, Brenda and Bill released 24″ or greater walleyes; John and Kevin released 18″ or greater smallies (John had two!); and Scott and Stephanie released 12″ or greater perch.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone(?)  Many of you owe me pics–please don’t forget:)  I have an icon on my desk entitled “Sandy’s Large Mouth…”


I must have meant Sandy’s largemouth bass!  Yes, she caught that on Wabaskang.  It’s a nice one, too!

Dave and Brenda were new to Tall Pines Camp but not to Wabaskang.  They stayed in Cabin 4 and loved it!  They are experienced anglers who particularly enjoy lake trout fishing:


Brenda has caught one greater than 40″ on this lake!  Dave caught a nice one as well.  Here he is with other varieties:



I mentioned that they loved Cabin 4.  Here’s a nice shot of their view:


Lydia returned with her Grammy and Papaw this year.  I wasn’t sure she’d come back after breaking her arm last year but she did.  I had gathered some rocks and Gorilla Glue for inuk-shuk making, and Lydia volunteered to be my guinea pig:

phyllis and lydia

She went a little crazy after the successful first one, pumping those babies out like crazy:



The weather was mostly fantastic last week!  It was actually a bit cool most days.  We had a HUGE turnout for potluck and it rained cats, dogs and turkeys:


We managed to gobble up almost two of them!  I had a gazillion carrots, so I made copper pennies:

copper pennies

and I had my first 100%-all-mine picking of my rhubarb (thank you, John and Marie) so I made rhubarb dream bars (I’ll get even, Sal, for you sharing that recipe):

rhubarb bars

It began to blow and rain, and we had bodies everywhere:


I held court in my outside office:


We’ve had several quick-but-hard rains here today.  At least it’s better than our Iowa home is doing right now.  Those folks have had lots of big rain.  Here’s a shot of a creek Sal and I walk past on a regular basis:


She’s at her banks.  They need no more rain for a while.

The rains we’ve been getting haven’t been too bad at all–just enough to keep things pretty:


I hung this geranium upside down in a paper bag all winter.  I remembered my mom used to do that and had one live, like, 13 years.  Here’s how mine’s doing so far:


I believe it will bloom!

Murray spotted this baby bird on the lawn this week.  Lydia found its sibling as well.  They were finches and the parents knew where they were.  I would like to think they got them returned safely to the nest, as they were gone the following morning.


Speaking of nests, here’s one of several bass nesting near our shoreline–it’s kind of a Where’s Waldo pic:

bass nest

The Schneider group was here a few weeks back.  They sent some nice pics from their shore lunch experience:



schneider shore lunch

Hopefully they’ll be back for many more shore lunches!

Rachel used her vast photo collection from Camp trips and my love of reflections to create a lovely gift for me (thank you so much!):


I have lots of sunset photos from last week (thanks Stephanie and Brenda)!  I’ll close with them for today:)

stephsunset3 stephsunset2

stephsunset1 stephssunset5 stephssunset4


Actually, I’ll close with Scott’s starry night…very cool and I’m never awake to see this!

scotts starry night

A Shot in the Arm

June 14, 2015


Kevin showed Annie how to clean a northern:


They did very well for their first time on Wabaskang.  Rumor has it they are returning next year.  We enjoyed a bit of down time Friday night before they headed home.  Sherry and Mimzy/Boo enjoyed the nice evening:


And the girls declared the trip a rousing success!


Fishing was good again last week!  I’ve added Scott’s 27.5″ walleye to our Conservation Awards page.  Linda released a 24″ walleye; Jack released a 18″ smallie; and  Grant released a 19″ smallie (pictures, please).  Also, I added Rick’s 37″ northern from last week to the Conservation Awards page.  Folks were reporting lots of 14-16″ walleye throughout the week.  Perch were still up for the picking as well.  Smallies have moved onto their beds for spawning.  We can see about a half-dozen nests from our shore.  I’ll try to get a pic on a glass-lake day. This week is off to a good start.  John fished for a short bit on 2nd Lake yesterday and released a 23″ and 24″ walleye!

Most reports are that walleye are in 8-10′ of water, but some folks are reporting them a bit deeper.  Aaron released a beautiful 23″er on Friday:

aarons23walleye Yes, Kevin and Aaron returned again!  They allowed me to dump their camera card.  I’ll try to use a few of their pics for the next few entries.  They enjoy fishing and exploring the lake.  Here are a couple more fishing pics:

aaronssmallie kevinsnicenorthern

A pair of turtles enjoyed a nap:

turtles Maybe one of them was the one we saved Thursday evening???  One was crossing the road (unlike my seester Rebecca, we didn’t run over it), and Annie picked it up and got it safely to the shoulder. The guys had incredible moth action on their cabin!  I had never seen one like this: moth1 Check out the secret this huge one had hiding under its wings–what a beautiful color:


These pelicans can keep on going:

darned pelicans

Can you see the loon on her precarious nest?

loon nest

This shot shows that things are not always black and white:


Most original shot of the season thus far:  an underwater loon!!


I took a well-deserved and long-overdue kitchen day Wednesday!  I made a giant venison loaf for potluck’s entrée.  The boys caught and cleaned a perfect 27″ northern, Debbie donated a gazillion limes and served as creative consultant via telephone, and I created a fantastic batch of ceviche!


When life hands you a ton of carrots, you make maple carrot cake:


We pick at it like buzzards

my buzzard

and this is what remains:


Linda made a yummy apple/pecan dish in cast iron.  It was very good:


Although Freya remains unimpressed


I appreciate your allowing me to reflect on an excellent week:)

boys reflection

An Even Better Week!

June 7, 2015

Week #3 was incredible!  I believe we ended up adding 13 big fish to the Conservation Awards page (  3 bass 18″ or greater, 2 northern 36″ or greater (including Brett’s 42″ hog), 1 perch 12″ or greater, and 7 walleye 24″ or greater!  I’m still waiting on a couple of smallie pics as well.  We know it’s tough returning those big perch, so THANK YOU, William!

One of the big walleye belonged to Jayden.  It was his first trip here and he says he’s coming back next year!  Here’s a photo of his first walleye:


Perch were being caught all over the place last week!  I heard tale of some 14″ and greater.  Assembly lines were created in the fish-cleaning facility to get those tasty treats packaged for home.  Skip had a good basket of them going, and when he went to add another here’s what he found:


The otter wanted to steal a snack and ended up drowning:(  I believe gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins(?)  Gruper has completed the necessary paperwork, and we may end up with a stuffed otter in one of the cabins.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that…

I posted a picture of Jim’s big northern against a measuring tape on Facebook earlier in the week.  Here’s a nice walleye against the tape before being returned:


Mike Schneider added a fish or two to the big fish page.  Here he is with a nice slot northern.  Many of them were caught last week:


The Martins had more than one moose sighting during their stay.  Here’s a nice one:


In other news, potluck was a hit!  We had Carolina pulled pork.  I had a ton of rhubarb (thank you) and made rhubarb upside down cake and rhubarb ice cream:

ice cream

It wasn’t as ice-creamy as I like–more like sorbet–but it had good flavor.  It was a fun experiment.  Freya was not impressed:


We had some great sunsets throughout the week!  Here are a few of my shots:




Those Schneiders have a better one though:  Sunset with a Friend


See you next week!