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Rain, Rain, Go AWAY

July 28, 2010

Happy Wednesday to you. 

Holy cow, the rain!  Our Iowa home has been getting a ton, and we know that the Milwaukee area has been awful as well.  We’re experiencing our own deluge here as well.  The lake continues to rise; I’m certain it’s the highest I’ve seen in seven years.  We had a HUGE downpour that started last Thurs. around 3:00 p.m. and lasted about 12 hours.  I awoke Friday just certain that our boats would be sunk.  Thank goodness they weren’t, but boy were they sitting low. 

It took about 15 min. per boat to pump them!  We had another big rain (and hail) last night.  The boats needed to be pumped again but they weren’t quite as bad. 

Before I continue, we want to give a big shout-out to Pat M.  She and Bob arrived Sat. for their annual two-week adventure.  Well, Pat’s gallbladder decided to wage war on her, and she and Bob drove back to Kansas Sunday (straight through!).  Pat’s nasty gallbladder was removed from her Tues. and she is due to return home today.  With any luck, we’ll still see them next week some time.  It’s hard to keep Pat down and even harder to keep her from fishing!  Heal well, Pat, and listen to your doctor!!!

We had had a couple of warm days (80ish).  Today is cooler, overcast and windy…great day for walleye slaying!  Our guests are doing pretty well all around on fish.  Our friends in the Bear’s Den got into some big smallmouth Monday and Tuesday.  They’re out fishing with Steve today.  I hope they know they’ll be soaking wet and tossed about!  George and Betty are back for their second year and continue to find walleye, northern and perch like they’ve lived here all their lives!  Qwent and company in Cabin 3 seem to be doing just fine for their first trip here.  Greg and Laura are also first-timers who seem to be enjoying the whole Canadian experience.  Laura and I caught our limit of blueberries yesterday;)

Last week ended nicely.  Bruce and Debbie seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves.  Bruce is due back up with the guys this weekend–what a trooper!  I grabbed their camera for blog fodder:

Meditating? Woodstock? Nope, blueberry picking:)

 It’s really a lovely crop this year.  Debbie picks like a crazy woman!  I can’t believe she found time to take photos!

A biker at heart...

Debbie, another woman of taste when it comes to footwear.

I believe this photo will be used at sports shows.

Beautiful! No surprise given all the rain we've had...

They said he just stopped and posed for them!

Have you ever been too afraid to ask…

I’ll close with a nice sunset photo from a couple of evenings ago.

A Note From Stinky, etc.

July 20, 2010

My belly does NOT look like that.

Hi there.  I just thought I’d tell you about my big week before Mom gets started on fishing, weather and all that other stuff.  First, I had my very first trip to the dump!  I wanted to ride along and boy was it neat!  All the great smells were very exciting.  Then Mom showed me the bears!! I blew my coat all over the place and my tail got HUGE.  I wasn’t so crazy about that part.

We had that pesky baby squirrel here at Camp, Nuts.  Well, Kyle, Aunt Becky and Mom thought it would be cool to see what I’d do with the baby.  I was fine with it being near me.  I even smelled him.  Then he tried to get milk from me(!)  Enough already.  I was done.  Kyle took the squirrel home to Ear Falls last weekend to give it freedom.  Fine by me.

Lastly, when Mom returned from her walk in the rain yesterday I was waiting by the window well that faces the Bear’s Den.  I wanted to show her something:

Where's Waldo?

There were a bunch of frogs and toads in there!  There were 8 yesterday and 10 today!  They’ve made their own little terrarium I guess.  Anyway, I’m glad someone finally paid attention and looked in there.  That’s about it for my big week.  Thanks for listening.

OK.  Now on with the business at hand.  Last week was a little tough on our anglers.  Holy cow was it windy for two straight days.  Curtis and his kids went out both days and did well, especially Friday.  Sean had one of his best fishing days ever at Camp!  I was so impressed that Sean and Katrina would go out–it was very nasty.  That family makes the most of their week, though:)  Maggie had to do a bit of work, but everyone still found time to fish, play cards, pick blueberries(!) and just hang.  It’s so nice to see a family that really wants to be together and get away from it all.

Our other guests were all new (except Stuart who hadn’t been here in ages).  We had a nice group looking for smallies and big northerns.  They found both species, just not the sizes they’d hoped for.  Cabin 3’s group got into some nice perch which pleased them.  Our Kansas guys had a blast and even used our guy Kyle as a guide.

This week has been quite rainy thus far.  It rains for a quick spell, then clears and is pretty, then just pours, then clears, etc.  It has done this for three days.  Our guests have gotten wet several times.  They are having a good time, though.  Our newbies from Indiana are getting the hang of things.  Here’s one of their young members after fishing with Steve today:

We had a planned power outage on Sunday.  I picked berries (!) in the morning and fished in the afternoon–pretty good day in my opinion.  Steve and I hit a spot between 2nd and 3rd Lakes.  We did well.  We probably released a dozen or so eater-sized walleyes in less than two hours.  We both had on 1/8 jigs and minnows.  I was casting out and bottom-bouncing back; Steve was vertical jigging most of the time.  We were in 16-20′ of water, which is exactly what Curtis had reported for depth as well. 

We continue to have goose problems.  During one of the downpours I noticed that they all faced the storm and the breasts of the younger ones bubbled out.  I know it sounds weird but here’s a photo:

It was more pronounced on the younger geese.  After the storm passed, their chests returned to normal.  We really have too many of these pooping machines…

I forgot to share this cool photo with you.  The Evers guys come every year in June.  Dad has caught some big northerns along the way.  Here’s a cool photo of one trying to take his walleye off the line:

Check out this incredible sunset from two nights ago:

silver sunsets are cool

Our friend Eric remembered to share some of his photos with us.  Take a look:

He always finds big smallies!

See what I mean?

OK, walleye too.

Son Trevor seems to have the knack.

Buddy Sam also seems to know the score.

Your father-in-law might not wanna' come back if you don't share your secrets with him!

These guys find time to do lots of stuff besides fish:




Thank you kindly:)

But what these guys do BEST….

is EAT! Behold the walleye baconator sandwich!

Those Kansas boys sure like their big beef!

Well, that’s probably enough for now.  We should be getting some photos from Curtis, et. al this week (hint, hint).  In the meantime, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing…

News & Photo Fest

July 10, 2010

Hi there!  Thanks for tuning in again.

Meet Kyle and Nuts.  Kyle’s the guy on the right.  He’s been here full-time for three entire weeks now!  He enjoys the work, and we enjoy him.  He’s a Co-op student from Red Lake High School who lives in Ear Falls.  It’s so nice to have a local guy!  He lives here at Camp during the week, then goes home for the weekend.  Nuts is an orphan squirrel who thinks Kyle is his mom (imprinting I guess).  While Kyle is a very picky eater, Nuts is a bit more adventuresome.

Last week was quite slow here at Camp.  We were able to work on a few projects and we even went fishing one day!  I added a couple of big fish that folks remembered to e-mail me to the website (  We had lots of rain (again) and a bit of wind on a couple of days.  The Lake is as high as I’ve ever seen.  We fished on Thurs., and the Lake was rocking and rolling!  We hit 2nd, 3rd and 5th Lakes.  3rd and 5th were very, very rough.  I was thinking about taking a Dramamine;)  Overall, I caught the first fish; Steve caught the first walleye.  I caught the biggest fish; Steve caught the biggest walleye.  We both caught a lot of fish, but I’d have to say Steve caught the most.  We were using 1/8 oz. jigs.  I probably should have gone to 1/4 for a more confident connection with the bottom but I’m bullheaded.  We brought back two perfect eaters for Rebecca and me to enjoy.  It was quite sunny when we departed, so I opted for the Canadian Birkenstock look:

I thought the weather would improve and I’d be able to show you my freshly painted toes; however, it was just cool enough that I kept my toes undercover.  Plus, Steve likes to fish that rough water and I was trying to stay dry for the waves crashing over the back!  I’ve always said that his idea of perfect fishing is full rain gear, bailing with one hand, jigging with the other, and it’s not even raining!  Anyway, here are my toes:

Lee & Cindy have continued to do quite well fishing.  They catch walleye at high noon on a hot, cloud-free day…go figure.  Here are some of their fishing photos as well as some of their scenery pics:

Good thing Cindy's along...

Guess I spoke too soon!

Golf anyone? Time out for 9 holes in Ear Falls.

Ducks on a dock

A golden eye in hiding

frisky little otter

Isn't she beautiful?!

This would have been my favorite if not for the next photo...


I think I mentioned that my brother and his family visited from Nebraska week before last.  Some of you met Anna (Da Niece) last year when she stayed for six weeks.  She turned 17 this year while here!  That makes me feel old…  Anyway, here she is with her aunts:

We all had a nice visit.  Here’s my bro and sister-in-law Victoria with two of their three children (Jake, a Navy man, is on a boat in the Persian Golf):

They brought Victoria’s parents, Marvin & Janet:

Here are three of us five kids:

We still have too many geese but it’s getting better.  We’re seeing a few ducks around now that the geese are fewer.

Steve caught Eldon hanging out right in front of our house again.  I think he misses Sandra and Eldon.

I know we talk about getting fish replicas instead of skin mounts quite a bit.  We’ll even pay the price difference for a replica.  Two years ago Roger Hartter released a 27″ walleye and took it upon himself to order the replica (not at all surprising if you know Roger).  The table mount was delivered here and I took photos because it was awesome.  Well, that was my camera that malfunctioned and still holds a number of nice photos.  Roger was here a couple of weeks ago and promised to send me one of his pics.  A man of his word, here it is:

The lake-bottom base was unbelievably realistic.

That fish is still swimming because of Roger’s conservative nature:)  Thanks, Rog!

Wow, I’ve been on here quite a while!  I told you it would be a photo fest.  Let’s close with a few of Nancy’s wildlife shots.  The last one will knock your socks off (bet you don’t have orange toes).

See his reflection?

I called this one Perky Loon.

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2010

We hope everyone has spent their holiday doing whatever they want.  We’re very quiet this week, so we’re being lazy:)  Ahhhhh.

We had two mayfly hatches this week which affected the walleye fishing.  We’ve also had wacky weather…very cold mornings (40’s) and LOTS of rain.  Folks were working hard to find the elusive walleye.  Mike & Dawn made it look easy the first few days, then began having to work as well.  Perch were on big-time, though, which kept our guys in Cabin 7 very happy.  Big northerns were the bargain of the week, though!  Our guys in Cabin 6 had two big releases, and Michelle in Cabin 3 had a big, fat 38″er.  View some of those photos on our website.

Scott & Paul from two weeks ago sent some nice photos.  They had some big fish releases they didn’t tell me about!  Here are some of their other photos:

They entitled this one "Mixed Bag."

They found some of those "piggy" perch.

Scott and his buddy Grady.

I mentioned our friends Mike & Dawn earlier.  Mike had quite the event-filled week!  He got a big hook in his hand on Tuesday.  I drove him to the clinic in Ear Falls and they fixed him right up!  He and Steve went on a fly-out Thurs.  Here are a few photos from their excursion:

What the heck????

I'm always amazed by the amount of water.

They went on a similar excursion last year.  I had all the photos on my camera that froze.  I have a lot of good stuff still trapped inside that camera.  Anyway, I’m glad Mike was able to come up with good shots this year as well.  He and Dawn also got a couple of good skies:

Well, I have more photos to share from my brother’s visit last week.  However, I think I’ll wait and get them all together with some more of Nancy’s nature photos.  See you soon!