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2nd Wind

July 26, 2015

That’s right…we’ve gotten our 2nd wind and can hopefully finish strong for the 2015 (our 12th) season!  We have lots more bodies here for this week so we need to be on our toes.

Last week was vewy, vewy quiet (use your best Elmer Fudd voice).  Tom and Carol returned with their grandsons for a fun time.  I hope Carol will send me some photos from the week.  They fished a lot.  Carol, Andrew and I berry picked, and the boys and I went paddle boarding!  It was quite fun and I didn’t fall!  Note to Carol:  I have the Mickey Mouse blanket in case anyone is looking for it.  Tom can pick it up in September:)

The mayflies are done; however, the weather continued to be a dynamic.  We had more big rains and storms.  Miss Freya spent a lot of time in the basement (she’s a Frey-dy cat).  We’ve had enough rain that the lake level is really decent now and should hold for the rest of the reason.  We wish we’d just get some gentle add-day rains instead of these hard-driving storms.  Poor Gruper spends a lot of time fixing his drainage berms in the driveway. Speaking of whom…Gruper and Murray finished the overhang on the Bear’s Den’s roof.  We’re still waiting for another bid for the roof, so continue to send us positive energy please.

I believe I mentioned blueberries:)  I have my first gallon in the freezer and will pick again today with Bob and various members of his family!  Because of the rain, we have big, fat blueberries this year!  I’ll get a couple of pics for you today.

Tony, Linda and Jack were here two weeks agol


This family sure enjoys themselves during their visit.  It’s funny ’cause Tony likes to fish for smallies (I posted him with a couple on our Conservation Awards Page, you may recall), Jack likes to fish for northern, and Linda prefers perch fishing but apparently also serves as guide:


Jack and Tony both caught some northern:

jacksnicenorthern tonynorthern

and Linda took a break from guiding to enjoy potluck:


Their week was loaded with weather extremes!  They fished in the rain at some point nearly every day.  You can see the differences in their scenery photos:  beautiful,




storms a’brewin


Anyone who has fished up this way knows just how fast the rain or a storm can be upon you!  Ergo the line…always take your rain gear. Is it just me, or does the cloud on the left resemble a fish?


Here’s a family loonier than mine:

loon family

Here’s a nice shot of the pets (we still can’t agree on sign placement by the way): pets

I like gulls when they’re out there and not here in Camp:

gull rock

How many shades of green are there (that’s probably why it’s my favorite color)?


I loved this photo of returning to the dock:


and will close with this beautiful silhouette sunset:)


A Good Week and Another Good Photo Fest!

July 19, 2015

Greetings and thanks for tuning in! We just wrapped up another small week at Camp.  We had great guests who were good sports.  The weather continued to be a factor in our comfort level.  It was honestly as humid as home, and please remember we do not have air con up here!  The humidity always gives way to big electrical storms, and this week was no exception.  Big winds, big rain, and we feel powerless…oh, that’s right…we were powerless!  Power went out mid-afternoon on Sunday and did not come back on until 1:10 a.m.  It was soooooo hot:(  Everyone survived, though, and no one complained (except maybe me).  Gruper can sleep through anything.  Between the doorbell, the phone ringing with Hydro updates and my overly active mind, I had a horrible night’s sleep.  The voice in my head around 11:30 p.m.: “It’s been several hours since Gruper iced the minnows.  Those babies cost a lot of money.  It’d be a shame to just let them die.  You should go outside and ice them again…”  So I did.  I was mean come Monday; this buzzard had nothin’ on me: mybuzzard

Gruper and I were able to road trip to Red Lake this week!  Granted, it was work-related but at least we got out together and even had lunch in Ear Falls!  Between Red Lake and Ear Falls a nice wolf crossed the road:


That was all we saw for wildlife–at least I had my camera along this time.  Remember a few years back when I had frogs in my window well?  Well, I have them again!  This one likes to play Where’s Waldo: myfrog

I think Freya has discovered them as well…I found some entrails around the deck area of our house.  Gross.

The guys began tearing the overhang off of the Bear’s Den.  They’re going to replace icky boards before we get a new roof.  Speaking of new roof, please pray that our next bid comes in a bit more reasonable than the initial… mybdoverhang mybeoverhang2

Dennis and Diana were here a couple of weeks ago.  Dennis has a big bass:


They had some good bird sightings:  mallards,





and a gnarly eagle’s nest complete with family members:



Here’s a pair of them!


Speaking of nests, this empty one was in the overhang of the Bear’s Den.  Murray scrambled up there and got it for me.  I’ll find a just-right place for it:


Back to Dennis and Diana’s pics!  They always get some good scenery shots: dengotscenery dengotrock2

and at least one good sunset:




and Amy


returned with their kids last week!  This family travels as a pack and makes the most of their time together.  Amy really likes to catch perch!  I shared the previous week’s guests’ tips:  troll using a harness.  Success!  They caught perch and walleye here on 1st Lake as well as out and about on Wabaskang!

fish2mixedbag fish1 fishkissing

Kissing fish???  That wasn’t all the kissing that was going on around Camp!  Devin pulled a Jimmy Houston: devinkissingfish2

Devin was on-board to learn how to clean fish this year!  Chuck provided the instruction:


Dominik also helped his brother (nice hat, Devin):


and Devin was so grateful, he kissed him:


and soon Devin was entrusted with the bounty!  That’s the problem, though, Devin:  you just added a skill to your set and will be expected to do it!  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!


Shannon comes along to look pretty:


and provide fashion guidance (a girl after my own heart):


Oh, and apparently she provides the fish for the boys to clean:


and paints Chuck’s toenails:


Dominik is tired.



Was it from catching fish?


Was it from hanging with his mom?


No, he was tired because he was getting older!  He turned 16 on Wednesday (please pardon Amy’s shirt…).  He was bummed about having to wait five more days to get his license but handled it like a trooper! amygreenbay


They make quite a wake in the lake:


Oops!  That’s from the boat!  Here’s one from the kids:


I like these diving-reflection shots:


Looks like warrior pose, Shannon!


We’ll see you all again next year!


Updates and Another Photo Fest!I

July 12, 2015

Happy Sunday to you!  We are having another fairly quiet week so I’ll have time to give you a good blog entry!  Get this:  I actually took a nap yesterday–yesterday was SATURDAY and I took a nap!  It was timed perfectly, and I awoke before guests arrived.  Absolutely lovely.

Last week’s weather was a mixture.  We were downright chilly early in the week, nasty rainy for a couple of days, then hot and humid by Friday.  Temps have been 80ish, with no hope of a breeze.  The humidity isn’t like home but it is still sticky, and the only air conditioning is in the vehicles.  We’re due for rain today which should bring things back to normal.

So, the weather wasn’t the only thing against us.  The mayfly hatch keeps dragging on.  It’s not a blanket of them…more like a slow, steady trickle for well over a week now.  Camp was small and everyone got fish–mostly right here on 1st Lake for the walleye–but it was tough work.  Perch seemed to be the best bet.  Curt and Jacob were here last year (Jacob was the perch-fishing machine).  They returned this year with a bigger group and did well on perch again.  They did comment that it wasn’t the same type of fishing as last year, e.g., they found tons of perch in Mud Lake last year and not nearly as many or as large this year.  They caught the bulk of their perch on 1st Lake and even shared their locations and strategies with Jon and his group.


There were definitely some piggies caught!

Gruper and I made our monthly trip to Dryden on Tuesday.  We hadn’t recycled for about 5 weeks and had filled many boxes with our household recycling.  Freya was tickled to see the boxes emptied:


One morning during the week was thick with fog.  It took longer to lift than usual and even grounded the geese:


I attended sign-making class Thursday afternoon.  We had been wanting a way to gently let people know about our pet northerns.  If we forget to tell newbies, we look out the window in time to watch them drop a hook among them.  I decided to create a practical sign:

no fishing

While I was busy making a functional sign, Murray was busy on a project too!  We had purchased some solid-surface stuff that I thought might make a good countertop in our more rustic cabins.  We decided to start with Cabin 4:



I LOVE it!  We will wait and see how the glue stuff holds over winter.  If it holds well, Cabin 2 is next:)

I baked Twix cookies to celebrate:


I also baked a nice apple/blueberry crisp for potluck.  I am into my last bag of 2014’s blueberries.  Get this:  while I was at sign-making class, a woman from Vermilion Bay casually says, “I had time to pick a few blueberries this morning.”  All casual…just like that.  EXCUSE ME:  I don’t even start scouting for another week or so and she’s out picking them all willy-nilly!  Enough of that.  I’ll have a blueberry report next week.

We were a small potluck, so I made a yummy chicken/stuffing crockpotty thing.  I made two large crocks and was glad ’cause there wasn’t much left.  I also made carrots almondine ’cause I had, like, a ton of carrots again.

I just took a break from blogging to take a walk before it gets too sticky (too late, by the way).  Anyway, in the first mile I picked up a wounded friend:

moth 1

It walked over 3 miles with me!  I brought it back to Camp.  I can’t tell if it’s a dragon fly or a moth(?)

moth 2

The wings are very dragon flyish but its face is definitely more mothy.  I’ve never seen such beautiful wings!  I placed it on a dahlia and hope it can survive.

There are flowers all over the place right now!  My geranium still has no blooms but tons of foliage.  The rose outside Cabin 11 opened this week:


I bought a new rose in Dryden and need to find a just right place to put it.  My mom always liked to buy dianthus because they sell as annuals but volunteer and come back every year.  Here’s a perfect example.  I planted nothing new in this planter this year and it is full of dianthus:


Becky and Alan are up for photo fest this week!  I raided their camera before they left:)  These two people know how to vacation!  Alan takes trips to kill things:

beckysalshuntingtrip beckysalshuntingtrip2

They love beautiful scenery all year round:

beckysfall beckysalaskanwharf

Rumor has it that Becky is a gold digger:


She has her hands full here:


Funny…she’s making the same face while holding up a Wabaskang red horse!


She and sister-in-law Sherry caught a limit or two of perfect eaters during their visit:


Sherry’s husband Larry helps hold the fish for photo ops, though:


Alan was in charge of shore lunch preparation:


He also had a chance to fish:

beckysalwithwalleye beckysalwithbass

Plus he had a big walleye on the Conservation Awards page!  Becky doesn’t do so bad herself:

beckyswalleye beckyspiggies

Look at those piggies!  She caught a crappie, too!

beckysmixedbag walleyeandcrappie

Another turtle sighting!


I’d rather have turkeys than geese:


But I’ll keep this eagle around:


This photo from Becky’s camera of our loggers has me befuddled.  That looks like Cabin 1 but can’t be…


’cause this is what remains of Cabin 1:


Coming next week:  blueberry report!!!!

Coming next year:  Becky and Alan:)


July 5

July 5, 2015

Greetings!  We hope you are still enjoying time with family and friends in celebration of July 4!  This is a less-busy time of year for us, so we are enjoying the weekend for different reasons!  Niece Anna celebrated her birthday on Canada Day (July 1)!

We have been very hazy here as a result of so many fires.  Most of the fires are far, far away, but the smoke gets carried to us and is visible.  It’s been raining on and off since last night, which has helped clear the air.  My sinuses don’t know if it’s the smoke, the rain, or what…but they have not been happy!

We began staining cabins last week.  5 & 6 are pretty much done but we ran out of stain so are at a stand still.  What did I do with the down time from painting;

white board

That’s right, I took a watercolor class (nothing like irony, I say).  I made several items; I kept these three: watercolors

This week we will make wooden signs!  I can’t wait, as I have a perfect one in mind for Camp.

Fishing was a little tough last week.  The mayflies kept showing their ugly heads which presented challenges throughout the week.  Folks caught fish, but the problem was that they were scattered, i.e., they’d catch 1-2 in one spot, then have to move to find another 1-2, etc.  Wes was new to us and released a 25″ walleye!  I forgot to give him his Conservation Award and also did not get his picture.  Wes, I hope you follow the blog… Doug was new and released a 23.5″ walleye!  I was going to allow him to squeeze the tail to make it 24″ and forgot (again)!!!   I did add Alan’s 24″ walleye from the week prior to our page, though.

Mark and Sandy were here a few weeks ago.  They have several traditions, usually accompanied by Dan and Kari.  This year they had to go it alone, though.  Following potluck they take a moose drive.  What’s that up ahead on the left? marksmooseintheroad

By golly, it’s a moose!


If the dump’s open, they swing in to check for bears.  Well, looky there, a bear!


They spotted a loon nest while fishing (probably for perch) one day:


Check out my lupines by the Lake:


They are going crazy!  My geranium still hasn’t bloomed but I think it wants to.  I have roses ready to open near Cabin 11 and will post when it’s official.

Aaron and Kevin’s pics are up for a photo fest!  These guys are heavy on tradition!  For instance, they make similar stops along the way to Camp:

cheese heads

They have several traditions involving beers, e.g., prize beers, 1st night beers, beer beers…as well as special glasses from which to partake:


These guys enjoy their food, too!  You may recall that they served Aaron’s incredible ribs at last year’s potluck.  Here are some incredible brat-type things:

brat things

Am I crazy, or are these giant steaks kissing?

kissing steaks

Is Aaron crazy…?


I hope they didn’t fillet this moth!


Kevin is a very patient man.  It takes A LOT of patience to deal with Aaron.  Here, Kevin patiently unweaves a walleye from the net:


These guys catch a lot of fish:

aaronsfishcounter kevinsniceeye walleyeeaters

Maybe while they’re fishing at Big Nose:


or in front of Mud Lake:


I wonder if they catch them on bright, sunshiny days…

sunshine day

I know they don’t catch them at the Whiskeyjack:


or while hanging out with Murray:


or while enjoying a sunset from their porch like good friends should:


What I do know is that they’ll be back next year, to carry on more traditions! Some of my good friends got together Thursday and thought of me!  Happy belated bday, Sal!  See you and Pat in August!!