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Time for a Foto Fest!

August 29, 2018


Well, my birthday was Monday and I received the best present EVER–RAIN!!!  We had the most rain we’ve seen all season.  It was enough to perhaps make moving the docks a bit easier on Gruper.  We still need more but at least we got some:)  It had been a good month since we’d had more than a tiny sprinkle.  Thank you, God!

Last week was a good one at Tall Pines Camp!  We had a nearly mirror image of last year’s group.  We love it when all of our guests know each other.  We had one new group, and everyone else was well used.  Fishing was good and continues to improve.  1st and 2nd Lakes were producing walleye in their typical “fall” spots.  Depths started at 13ish’ and began deepening to about 18′ as the week progressed.  I added Jim and Bruce’s nice walleye to our Big Fish page.  I think I’ll put them here too (publisher’s prerogative):

Kraig is here bear hunting…cross your fingers for him.  We have one new batch this week (again), and everyone else is used.  Bucket reports indicate a lot of success on both eater walleye and keeper northern!

Curtis and Maggie returned a few weeks ago with their married Katrina in tow.  It scares me to think of Katrina married (and Sean engaged), as we first met these kiddos when they were pre-teens!  Katrina was a bit loon-y on this trip;)


They enjoyed watching the mergansers as well.  They’re doing that gathering thing they do…

This family always gets off to a slow start fishing.  Then they gather steam and end up just fine!



Thanks for the berry picking, reminiscing, and promise of another trip!

Fred and Bonnie were here several weeks ago with a large chunk of Fred’s tribe!


Bonnie gets crazy with the camera and knows it takes we a few weeks to sort the fodder:)  We’ll start with the kids and grandkids.  Miss Addison does it all in the boat!


Nice catch;)

That poor girl is the only female in a sea of males…brothers and cousins.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave are responsible for THREE of the boys…


All of the kiddos were looking forward to tubing!


Uh oh…where’s Rylan????


In a tree with Declan, of course…

Or hanging on the dock with Dad while Uncle Dave does an Irish jig…


They did see some rain during their visit…



Fred and Bonnie stayed two weeks this year.  That gave them ample time to enjoy the family and a second week to be retired!



I LOVE this picture:


Rain often brings rainbows!

Bonnie caught the merganser gathering too


It took me a while to figure out this one…duck butts!


Is it my imagination, or do these clouds look like kissing fish???


Just like this rock always looks like a fish (or a big nose)


They had their share of beautiful days:


Check out this glitter before and after the smoky hazes we’ve been getting:

More good scenery shots:

Check out these reflections!

Personal fave…


We’ve got sunset shots–going, going, gone!

And my favorite shot of all;)


Until next time…

The Adventures of Keegan & Declan

August 19, 2018

Hi there!  It’s beginning to feel a bit like fall here.  We’ve still had not one drop of rain but the ditches and fishing are looking more fallish every day.  I’ve added two walleye–Jeff’s 23″ and his wife Sue’s 25″–and one northern–Clark’s 36″–to our Big Fish page!  There were plenty of eaters as well last week.  Walleye were holding at 13-18′, with most being caught in 2nd and 3rd Lakes.  Our guests are still able to get everywhere they want to go, but the lake is about the lowest we’ve ever seen.

Potluck was small but delicious last week!  I whipped up some venison and wild rice stuffed peppers:


and another one of these evil blueberry zucchini cakes with lemon buttercream icing:


We had a very social group who enjoyed each other’s company.  They gathered for another “social hour” on Thursday!

This week’s group is all used except for newbie Brian’s threesome.  We think they’re off to a good start!

A few weeks ago, Keegan and Declan brought their mum and dad to Tall Pines Camp!  They are busy little anglers who found lots to do at Camp!  Of course they caught fish:



Sometimes they let their folks in on the fun:




They enjoyed all things boy!





They made friends (kids always find other kids)!  Hi, Rylan!


One morning the boys found a mysterious bottle washed ashore!


Its contents were odd:  a map and a key…


The grabbed their parents and headed to the island!  Using the map, they located the “X.”

Time to dig!

The found a treasure chest LOADED with loot!  They couldn’t wait to show their new friends!


We think if they play their cards right, the boys’ parents might get to come back…


and bring friends of their own!


Maybe Ryan will clean their fish…


and they’ll all sit on the grass and watch beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset!





Today marks the 8th anniversary of when we lost Mackenzie.  Special thoughts to my seester Rebecca, niece Jamie, and everyone else who still feels this loss like it happened yesterday.

Until next time…

A Great Week!

August 12, 2018

Hi there.  We just finished a very nice week!  Walleye are back in the swing of things which makes for happy campers!  We had nearly all used guests last week with two exceptions:  Bentley who is almost 1 year old (and our second Bentley in one season!) and Pam whose hubby and daughter finally succeeded in getting her to join them.

We continue to really need rain.  We had a couple of showers last week but not enough to help the lake level.  Luckily our guests were catching walleye on 1st and 2nd lakes.  They were able to reach all of the lakes, but weeds and grass made it cumbersome.  Hopefully we’ll get some much needed rain this week.

Last week’s anglers were finding walleye around 13′.  Minnows seemed to be the bait of choice, though some folks were using crawlers as well.

Pam, Katie and I attended an acrylics class at Helen’s.  There were seven of us in all, and I’m the only weirdo who brought a rolling pin to paint!  It had belonged to Gruper’s mum, and Matriarch Pat said I needed to do something with it…



I think Jenn and Brayton had some creative time on their hands this week(?)  I found a plate of fish and bear-shaped cookies in their fridge after they left!  I used to think I’d have time on Saturdays to provide fresh cookies for all of my guests…


Sure made for a delicious pre-breakfast treat!

Brett, Karen and the kids returned to Camp two weeks ago!  They are a great family who thoroughly enjoys their week away from busy schedules.  This was their sixth trip to Tall Pines Camp!  Fishing is the number one item on Brett and Trent’s agendas (agendi?)!


While Trent has apparently outgrown the blueberry picking, he’s still a wonderful big brother who will hang with his sister…


Yes, you;)


Karen and Tricia have multiple items on their to-do lists…

I’m super grateful for the blueberry item!  Tricia is a crafty one!  Now I know who added Inuk-shuks to my planter!!! Thank you!


She made a great friend in Addison (and together they created the time capsule alluded to in last week’s entry and found this week by Brayton!):


All this adventure makes a growing girl tired!


Tricia usually befriends our ducks.  Lacking them this year, she instead found a nice crawdad:


She’ll touch just about anything…


Her mom…notsomuch!


However, Karen takes lots of beautiful pics while she’s here!


And allows me to take the best pic each year:)  Here’s her lovely family during their first visit in 2012


and this year!


Thanks for sharing your time away with us!  See you next year!


Thank Goodness for Blog Fodder

August 5, 2018

Hi there and happy August!  I’m outside in the office as I work on this entry.  It is a mild day temp-wise, and we’ve had a bit of rain off and on since last night.  We continue to do rain dances; the lake is as low as we care to see it.  We’re supposed to get more rain throughout today and are crossing our fingers.

Life is returning to normal!  We had a nice crew in last week–nearly all used guests–and we saw terrific improvement in both fishing and weather.  Fred’s annual visit included most of the usual suspects.  This year three of his kids and six of his grandkids visited along with a couple of outlaws.  The guys were excited to collect fish for a decent fish fry:


They were able to collect perfect eaters:)  Bruce released a beautiful 20″er:


and added a nice 18″ bass to the Big Fish page!  Thanks, Bruce:)

Everyone switches off kids throughout the week–sort of a yours, mine, ours arrangement.  Steve had one of his and a couple of spares one day:


His son Rylan caught his first-ever walleye!  Check out his face!

At some point Dave and Karen were able to get away with NONE of their three kiddos!



Five of Fred’s six grandkids at Camp last week were boys.  All but Liam had their version of shore lunch on the dock:


What’s a girl to do?  Addison waited until she could read quietly:)


Not that she doesn’t get out and fish


or make a great friend and create a time capsule (that has been placed somewhere in Camp)

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jean have no kiddos.  Why…because Jean teaches kindergarten;)  They love their nieces and nephews and this nice “Flat Stanley” type of classroom mascot:


Jean always gets some beautiful scenery shots.  Here’s a plane coming in,


a couple of trees for Gruper to get out and trim,

a Where’s Waldo (I count three frogs…do you?),


and some simply lovely shots of our world

I really liked this one…beautiful!


We had some awesome sunsets as well last week.  Jean caught this one!

Projects continue around Camp.  Mark made a nice new lakeside door for the Bear’s Den, and Darlene continues putting a fresh coat on anything she can!  I was kitcheny this week.  Potluck’s entree was meatsloaf


I made a blueberry zucchini layer cake with lemon zest buttercream for dessert


Yesterday I made a crustless blueberry/raspberry pie for dessert with our friends Ryan and Bridget:)  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t good!


I have been promised blog fodder from two other parties!!!!  That should get me back on track with entries.  Have a FABULOUS week!