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Just Touching Base

October 12, 2014

Hello!  I am blogging from my sofa in Iowa.  I arrived home safely Tuesday midday.  The trip home was ROUGH:  Freya the Cat screamed and had intermittent rages most of the trip despite my slipping her a mickey both days; I knew I was coming down with something before I had even crossed the border; and a dear friend ended up passing Monday evening while I was en route.  All in all, I was miserable by the time I pulled into our driveway:(  I am most proud that I did not kill my cat because I really wanted to.

I have an infected parotid gland (think mumps without the viral component).  It was so painful!  I feel almost new again thanks to some killer antibiotics and a couple of days of rest (didn’t feel like doing anything else).

My friend Linda Ketelsen lost her battle with brain cancer Monday evening.  She has since been laid to rest and is whole and healthy again in Heaven.  I will miss her so much.  My biggest regret is that she didn’t get to visit Camp in August as planned.  I am most thankful that she experienced no physical pain throughout the six months she knowingly lived with this disease.

My buddy Gruper remains in Canada for about another week.  When I left Monday it was snowing and blowing pretty hard.  He said that those conditions continued until about Wed., at which time the snow was done but the temps and wind were still awful.  He was really unable to accomplish much around Camp.  His good news Tues. was that he could try getting around without that fashionable air cast/boot on his left foot.  He’s been doing well without it and has been hunting grouse in between trying to shut things down.

We were able to go fishing once more before I left.  I took some pictures of our fall up there.  I often refer to the beauty being more in the contrasts than in the colors themselves.  Here are some examples:

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Not much red to speak of but I’m getting plenty here right now!  It was so beautiful that day that I was able to go ultra light on the footwear:


One of the greatest things about our lifestyle is that we get two springs and two falls!  Here’s a pic I took on my way to Ear Falls a couple of days before I left:


Once I was home and recovered I could begin making plans for the short amount of time before I’m teaching full time and going a little nuts!  Sal and I have managed to walk just over 13 miiles in three days (this body needs it).  Mackayla and I joined my oldest brother’s family at a local pumpkin patch yesterday.  It was great fun with LOTS for the kiddos to do!  Here are all four great-nieces sitting in a giant chair:


Alysha enjoyed the pony rides.  She is 4 and in preschool.


Mya is also 4 and in preschool.  She and Alysha are 13 days apart and best friends/cousins!


Emma turned 1 in August.  She is Mya’s baby sister and sooooo good natured!


Their dad is our nephew Danny.  He is just one of the kids:


Mackayla is now 7 going on 30 and in 2nd grade.  She is so tall (obviously not from our genes).  She has always loved to jump, so imagine her excitement when the pumpkin patch had a giant jumping pillow!

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We played in the corn bin:


I’ve also been able to see the handsome Mr. Gavin (7 months).  He is crawling to beat the band and remembers me from the delivery room (I’m just sure of it).  I failed to get a cool pic of him, though.  Alas, great-nephew Jack is far, far away on Whidbey Island, Washington:(  He is 2 and I catch glimpses of him on facebook.

That’s about it for now, folks.  I spend a day with my very pregnant teacher tomorrow, should have Tuesday to myself, and then begin my long-term assignment with a full-day field trip to the Wapsi Environmental Center.  Baptism by fire has always been my preferred mode of operation;)  Until next time…