Almost There

’twas the Monday before opener

and all through the Camp…

Greetings and belated Mother’s Day wishes to all you mothers out there!  We hope your weather was as lovely as ours!  Yes, I’m serious!!!  We had two glorious days of sunshine and blue skies.  It rained all day today but that helped sink some of the black ice, so I’ll not complain.

I’ve got some lake shots from the last few days.  Here are the lake and shoreline on May 9:



May 10 (Sat.) was so beautiful that Gruper couldn’t take it any more!  He decided to begin breaking ice in the weak spots…



It is honestly helpful, as evidenced by this shoreline pic from yesterday:
???????????????????????????????Here he is “boating” today:
The railing is repaired by the fish cleaning facility:
Hey, what’s going on here? Gruper picked up a passenger…
IT’S MURRAY!!!! Our first-ever return employee (repeat offender???)!!!
Anyway, it was colder and rainier today, and even more water has opened. We can clearly see open water coming from the narrows:) All of this points to our making opener again in 2014!!! I may need to put on some real shoes and do a happy dance!

2 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. Bob Says:

    Thanks for the updates and welcome back Murray!! Good luck with opener.
    Question: Where did Steve put the boat in?

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