Ice??? What ice?

Happy Thursday-before-opener!  We trust everyone is fine.  Gruper, Murray and I have been busy gearing up for our first week of action.  We’re expecting our first arrivals this afternoon–Sandra, Eldon and Wilma:)  Mike and Dawn could be here tonight or tomorrow, depending on Mike’s “drive.”  Everyone else is due tomorrow night or Sat. morning. 

When we awoke Tues. we still had a couple of large “icebergs” on 1st Lake. Fortunately, the day brought lots of wind and even some thunderstorms. Here’s what we started with:


The smoky look is above ice:


As the windy day progressed the ice started moving toward shore:



The storms were dark, noisy and rainy. It would get very nice between them, and the sky was gorgeous more than once that day:


Once the ice began hitting the shore and stacking up it became very apparent why Gruper can’t put the docks in until all the ice is gone:


Wednesday morning was much calmer. All that remained of the icebergs was LOTS of broken black ice:


The sun’s been out ever since. We’re patiently (?) waiting for the last of the chunks to melt. As soon as they do, Gruper can focus on putting the docks in place. Of course we need a perfectly calm day for that to happen. Today would have been PERFECT if not for the ice in the way of the dock stations. I’ll close with what I awoke to this morning. I call it “reflection perfection”


One Response to “Ice??? What ice?”

  1. Says:

    Looks like all will be “comin’ up roses.”  Yippee!  Have a great opening week . . . .

    Love, Pat

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