A Quick Note

Hi there.

I know,  it’s been ages since I’ve posted.  We’ve been doing our sports shows–thanks to those of you who have ventured out to visit–battling the cold weather of dear old Iowa, and I’ve been teaching a bunch!  We head out to Milwaukee Wednesday for a five-day show.  We’ll wrap up the show season the following weekend in Eau Claire.   Hopefully I’ll be able to do a good long catch-up at that time.

I wanted to let you know that we lost Bob Allen a few weeks ago.  He had been battling lung cancer since August.  We were looking so forward to his and Barb’s second trip last year when they realized  something wasn’t right with him.  They had even purchased a new boat as their 1st wedding anniversary gift!  Yes, that’s right, Bob and Barb are the couple who wed in Kenora in Sept. of 2011.

I’ve spoken with Barb via e-mail, and she is doing as well as can be expected.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Rest in peace, Bob.  I hear the fish are really, really big up there!

One Response to “A Quick Note”

  1. Bob and Joyce Says:

    We were at camp the week Bob and Barb went to Kenora to get married. I enjoyed visiting with him. Our sympathy to Barb and our thoughts and prayers are with her through this difficult time.

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