Week 2

Our 2nd week guests have arrived home safely.  We had a nice batch of folks…about 30 total.  I sent about 15-16 new Conservation Award Program photos to our website.  They should be uploaded by mid-week.  The water’s still cold–48-50 degrees.  Folks were still able to catch lakers shallow.  We saw some nice walleye and northern released, and most folks did pretty well on all species.

The guys in Cabin 3 have been coming for a long time–long before we took over.  They’re a pretty funny group.  This year there were two new guys with them:  Gary (Dave) and Todd.  Todd is a double amputee with a twisted sense of humor.  Early in their stay he commented about my “Welcome” booklet in the cabin.  I let folks know that if they’ve forgotten anything to ask me before they go purchase whatever it is; I often have extras of things around here someplace.  Todd asked if I had any socks he could borrow.  I was trying to get more details when he reminded me that he has no feet.  Cute.  After I told him that he was no longer my favorite in the group, he asked if he had put his foot in his mouth…

Terry is their group organizer.  His e-mail handle/nickname is Mr. Toad.  He’s been following the blog religiously (thank you, Toad) and loved the entry where I had a shot of “pussy willow” followed by an entry of “pussy cat” (my girl Shasta).  Toad, this one’s for you:

Toad (that we rescued from the lake)

Toad (that we rescued from the lake)

Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad

Cabin 3 has a hummingbird feeder on the window.  We noticed this uninvited guest in the feeder, though it didn’t stop the hummingbird one bit!


We had some new arrivals this week.  Their folks paraded them by.  They won’t let them get close yet, but before long we’ll be wishing they lived elsewhere:)

Yeah, they're cute now but wait until they're pooping everywhere!

Yeah, they're cute now but wait until they're pooping everywhere!

Well, if you’ve been watching the weather you know we’re still not fully into spring around here.  We’ve had a couple of frosts in the last week.  I can’t plant anything!  My plants are staying in the house until I know we’re done with the arctic blasts.  I have rhubarb (thank you so much, John and Marie) that I want to get in, but I’m scared for it:(

Anyway, I digress.  Last Wednesday turned out to be a pretty nice day.  We declared a “social hour” for those interested.  Potluck doesn’t start until this week–it will probably snow–so we just gathered for a cocktail and snacks.

social hour

Paul and Eldon pimping my schwag!

Paul and Eldon pimping my schwag!

It really was a lovely evening.

It really was a lovely evening.

Two people conspicuous by their absence from our social hour:  Billy Martin and Moose Macht.  We miss you guys!  We wish you both improved health and hope to see you at Tall Pines Camp in 2010!!!

I’ll post some nature photos taken by guests later this week.

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