Opening Week

Well, week one is officially underway.  We have 35 guests in camp.   They have been good sports about the weather.  Sunday was beautiful–fairly warm, bright blue sky, lots of sunshine.  Tuesday was pretty good as well.  The other days have been cool/cold, rainy/sleety, windy, etc.  Hopefully spring will be here soon.  We’ve had a couple of nights below freezing, so everyone is on “trickle alert” to keep their water from freezing.  Lots of rain today. 

Some of you have asked about the fishing thus far.  I’ve heard talk of a 27″ walleye released Saturday evening (thank you, Aaron).  We’ve heard of a 34″ lake trout and some large smallmouth bass released as well.  A saw a 40″ northern being saved for trophy and heard of a 14″ perch that made a nice dinner.  Folks are talking about a very soft walleye bite.  Sandi caught (and released) a 33″ northern with a pink pole and 4″ test:)  Anyway, we’ll continue to post our Conservation Program fish on the website (  The first week’s fish will probably appear early next week. 

Adam’s doing a great job on the dock.  This week is good practice for the crazy weeks. 

We have a couple of huge deer living on the driveway–I’ll try to get a photo but they’re quick.  I’m still trying to find the right USB cable to steal some great photos from another camera.  Maybe I’ll pick one up tomorrow in Dryden…yes, I’m off to the big city again.

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