Saturday, April 25

We went for a drive to Ear Falls yesterday.  There was a HUGE bull moose on the side of the road.  His spikes were quite long and very big around.  He was most impressive!  He was the first I’ve seen although Steve says we drove right between two on the way up.  I did not see them(?)  Either he’s hallucinating or I’m oblivious–a scary thought since I was driving.


This evening an eagle flew into a tree right in front of Cabin 5.  I took this photo from my living room (you can see the screen marks).  It was probably fishing since the big hole is almost to our cabin now.

Not much else to report today.  We’re still unpacking, organizing, resting up.  Steve has gotten the trash truck and the Toyota both running–they both start right up each spring (knock on wood).  Old war horses!

2 Responses to “Saturday, April 25”

  1. Bob and Joyce Says:

    This is wonderful that you take the time to give us camp information via the blog. A year is a long time to have to wait to find info on Tall Pines and what is going on in this beautiful area. We love coming up to fish and spend time with friends and view wildlife in the natural and beautiful surroundings. We now feel we will be current on what is happening. Loved the picture of the eagle and we always take plenty of pictures when we visit. We are seeing more eagles every winter in Iowa, too. They are beautiful birds. Good luck getting ready for your guests and we will see you this fall. Take care!!

  2. Rachel in Illinois Says:

    We still haven’t been fortunate enough to see a Bull Moose when we’ve visited, but have seen a Cow and a couple of Calves. Maybe one of these years we’ll get a look at a Bull!

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